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  1. misery4499

    Banded today! 11-10-10

    I was banded 10-11-10 and had that same shoulder pain. Mine came almost 3 days post op and lasted just that 3 days. That was the main problem I had, that and getting comfortable. Nothing the Percoset couldn't handle. The heating pad was a godsend and if you don't have one, Go out and get one ! GL on your journey!
  2. misery4499

    Pre-op, wondering if I need this?

    The thing you need to remember is the band is not a cure all but merely a tool. You will still have cravings, those never go away. You just need to make the decision and say I am not going to eat that. I have had my band for a month now and have lost 29 lbs WOOT! but still my band has not been adjusted yet, just there. For me there is no restriction (YET) but just simply knowing it it there is a major help. My first fill is after Thanksgiving so will let you know how it goes. Good luck in your decision you will make the right choice for yourself cause only you can!
  3. misery4499

    Help!! can't eat a bite

    :frown:Geesh I wish I had this problem. I just got my band on oct 11 and haven't lost but 2 or 3 pounds. I seem to loose 2 then gain one. What is goin on I don't really even feel full after eating. Instead of having a full satisfied feeling I am just stoping myself which is VERY hard. I have the fear of overeating and stretching my band b4 it even works. I can not wait to get a fill because I am fearing I should have gone the gastric bypass route. Feeling so depressed that the weight is not comming off the way I had hoped. You guys have been so succsessful loosing the weight and I seem to be at a stand still. So soon after surgery even. Am I a lost cause :thumbup:?
  4. misery4499

    Can someone explain the process?

    Every surgeon and every circumstance are different. I had to follow a monitored diet from a nutritionist (surgeons rule), attend 2 support group meetings, a battery of test from psychological tests, ekg, chest xrays sleep apnea test, blood tests. Some people need to loose weight before surgery depending on your BMI to make sure it is a safe procedure. Luckily I did not need to. You should not want to speed the process it really is for your own good to make sure u can stick to the diet and are in top notch health before your surgery. So really everyone is different hope this helps, and good luck!
  5. I am one week post op and have lost 12 lbs after surgery. Unfortunatly I weigh myself sometimes twice a day and just found out I have gained 2 pounds back. How is this possible? I ate almost nothing and am gaining weight back! I feel like a failure and am wishing I had the Bypass done instead. Is this normal to go up and down so soon after surgery?? HELP (cry in desperation)
  6. I was banded 10/11 and I feel very run down. I am not hungry and not able to get the protein shakes down, just makes me feel ill. I have a hard time w/ anesthesia so am finally fighting that feeling off. I too have a pain on my left side other than that no pain at all. Just can't wait to get to eat solids and get all the nutrition in that I need, I am also having severe headaches, anyone else?
  7. misery4499

    Drinking from a straw?

    After Surgery they do not want you to drink through a straw because you swallow air, which will expand your stomach. The same is so w/ soda and gum they are to be avoided. Hope this was helpfull
  8. Some Dr.s want you to do a 1 or 2 week liquid protein diet. Mine was 2 weeks. All drs are diff, for instance mine never said a 2 day clear liquid, just nothing after midnight. Helps shrink you liver for the surgery and gets your mind, and stomach prepaired for the lack of substance in it. But mostly its to loose weight b4 surgery to shrink your liver. I wouldn't worry your DR. knows what they are doing.
  9. This was all really helpfull I wish I would of discussed more about being sick from anesthesia. All 3 of my surgerys I awoke very ill. I repeatedly vomited for hours, was not pretty. My Surgery is in 2 days (Mon 11th) I am a mixture of emotions Happy, scared, nervous, anxious, excited, I can go on but am sure you can relate. I will be sure when I go in for my surgery in the am to tell them all of my worries about being sick. Gas-x have heard many people say they used it but my Dr. has not mentioned it yet. I am sure all this will come the day of surgery. Good luck!!
  10. Oh you guys are scareing me I am having surgery in 5 days and I do not like hearing horror stories. I hope you are feeling better do tell how you are feeling now. Nervous and need to be set at ease :<
  11. misery4499

    October 2010 Bandsters!!

    Congrats! I am also on the 14 day liquid diet only I am allowed 4 shakes, yogurt, pudding, jello, and soup nothing else 4 times a day (equaling 2 cups a day) I am also 10 pounds down preop w/ 10 more days to go. It is very hard alls I can think about is chewing something. But everytime I get the urge to cheat and eat I just keep thinking about the finish line, and the cute lil spanks I picked out lol. Good luck you will do awsome!!!
  12. misery4499

    October 2010 Bandsters!!

    Yay congrats everyone I too got my date of Oct. 11 been on my liquid diet for 3 days now, only 12 more to go! I am sooo excited I can hardly contain myself but in the same moment a lil nervous and scared.
  13. misery4499

    2 weeks until Banding

    I too am getting banded in two weeks. My date is Oct. 11th. I started my 2 week liquid diet which consists of nothing but liquids, cream soups, jello, and pudding. So far so good haven't been really hungry but the caffeine withdrawls are killing me, leaving me feeling week and tired. I do not understand how people are getting surgery so fast while I went through a year long process of testing and a strict diet followed by a nutrionist? Is it just diff Drs. do things diff? Anyway good luck!

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