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  1. hi I had my surgery in 2009 with Dr Kirshenbaum.... I am wondering who any of you would recommend seeing for fill/unfill if needed and how much they charge?
  2. I was banded oct 09 i have lost 101 lbs
  3. Danyett

    Danyett's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  4. I was banded 10/16/09 I was 269 lbs I am now 168 lbs I have lost 101lbs with 8 lbs to goal
  5. Danyett

    taking crushed pills

    sf pudding works best for me...... I will open a pudding using 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of the pudding, depending on how much I have to take. Almost no after tast pill get suspended in the pudding. then i wrap up the extra and use it next day until gone.... could eat it with a whole sf pudding depending on you calorie goals that day:smile:
  6. Danyett

    Pressure from Others

    yes but don't worry people get bored or lose intrest with your weight loss after awhile, for about 5 months I was asked by someone everyday about my weight, it has been a few weeks now from the last time I was asked
  7. hiya can't believe its so close to a year, I have done well but the last two months have been very hard to lose anything! I work out 3 to 5 days a week but I need to kick it up more at this point to get the scale to move. Still love the band!
  8. If I were her I would get some fluid removed, I had the same problem few months ago and had .3 cc's taken out it helped but everyone is diffrent.
  9. Danyett

    Eating Out???

    I ate at olive garden the other day I had a grilled chicken caesar salad it was very good ate most of the chicken and a little salad:thumbup:
  10. Danyett

    4 days out...

    on clear liquids i made homemade chicken broth soooo good to have something not sweet!
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    From the album: pic

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    How Much Do You Eat???

    I eat 1/4 to a full cup per meal depending on the day and how tight I feel, I eat what I want (that I am able to eat with my restriction level) protein first until i am full then I stop I don't push it. I am unable to eat rice and bread and pasta and few others not because i dont want to or have not tried I am just unable to eat them without pain so I dont...... hope that helps..... before restriction I ate more
  13. I often eat more than 4oz of food. How often do you work out? are you getting all your water? protein first helps me to get full..... some people have to get a full band to have restriction we are all so diffrent. what are you cals. for the day? too much or too little can stall weight loss.
  14. Sent you a message about Dr.K

  15. we have the same doctor..... I am still insearch of protein I like so I usually add bananas or PB to add flavor. for premade ones I do the ones from costco 30 grams protein 160 cals
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    nectar protien samples

    thanks but I got it to work thank you much!
  17. Danyett

    nectar protien samples

    sorry I am at work the computer will not let me msg from here.
  18. Don't give up I felt that way too but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!
  19. Danyett

    nectar protien samples

    I would love any or all you will send me!!!! I need some new protein I can give adress in email or private msg, this is very nice of you!
  20. awesome HDmama it is hard work but it gets easier to make "good" choices! great job!!