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  1. My dh was banded by Dr. David Kim on Monday August 17. I have been so impressed by Dr. Kim and his staff. I found him to be very professional and yet very personable all at the same time.
  2. You have one sweet mom. I'm glad it was good, it is amazing how so much of our preception of food is how it looks. I quess what I mean is that it makes sense that delicious meal should taste good blended, but then thinking about it all mushy kind of freaks me out. I suppose getting past that, putting things in the blender is a great idea.
  3. WifetoJ

    BCBS worries

    We have BCBS and they were quick to approve dh, but he has several severe other health issues (type 2 diabetes, and another major long term medical issue). My best friend had to eat her way up to make her insurance approve her. I know this isn't for everyone, and I'm not recommending it, but she was so tired of being overweight her entire life. She gained 20 pounds so her insurance would finally pay. Hers has been two years and she looks fabulous. I hope you slide by. Hang in there.
  4. WifetoJ

    August Bios

    Hi everyone! What an interesting and diverse group we have. I'm Elsie and am married to dh J. He doesn't like the internet so I joined for him, because he needs moral support. I read all your interesting stories and tell him about y'all. He actually sat and read some of this site on his own, wow! DH was banded Aug 17 2009. We are in the DFW metroplex of Texas. Glad to be here!
  5. sandibly, you look great! Way to go!
  6. DH was banded on Monday, August 17th. He is still in alot of pain. He is working, I don't know how. I have to drive him around as he is still on the pain meds. For a guy who wouldn't take a tylenol for pain, he counts down to his next time he can take a pain killer. I see from his grimacing face when he stands up that he is definitely in pain. I hope his pain subsides soon. Someone mentioned they felt agitated for a couple of days, I'm glad you posted that. I noticed that dh usual easy going personality was not so easy going:ohmy:
  7. Yes, do tell! I'm interested in this also.
  8. Very interesting! I am learning so much these boards. Sally, your surgeon sounds very good. I can't see them suggesting something that would make your recovery harder. I'm thinking it must work well, they wouldn't want a bunch of cranky patients. I will look forward to your update. I hope your surgery and your recovery go very well and very uneventful.
  9. I'm to new here, but I will be reading responses with interest. In all my readings for my dh, I have not seen where the liquid diet was not used. Maybe you have some other health issues? Wishing you the best.
  10. Hi all, I am joining this wonderful group after stumbling upon it tonight. I have learned so much already! I am joining (hope this is okay) even though I am not the one having the surgery...it is my husband. He is scheduled for August 17, but he is not the type to spend much time on the internet unless it is work related, so I thought I would join for him and learn, learn, learn everything I can here. Thanks for letting me join:biggrin:
  11. My DH is scheduled for August 17th.... I am feeling really nervous but trying not to show that to him. He wants the surgery, and I want to be supportive!:thumbup:

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