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    First day on Mushy

    I've had tuna (4oz.) with Home made roasted peppers chopped up about the size of a pea...then took about 6 croutons cut them in half.. and would have the tuna with roasted pepper on top with a piece of the crouton..and it does not bother me. and i hear about liquids and mushy foods not being able to stay down, I'm not getting it can there be something wrong w/ my band? I feel like i can eat solids too i took a bite of my wife's pizza right after i finished my tuna and nothing..mind you I was banded 10 days ago.. in other words i don't feel like i have to blend anything.:frown:.
  2. commishnyse


    I had the band and the Dr's said I was a perfect candidate because of my weight. I think lot's of it has to do w/ how overweight you are. It is said that you can lose more w/ the bypass but like the other post said it's a much more evasive procedure and long term the band be removed. good luck with your decision..
  3. commishnyse

    When does the food intolerance start?

    Do you drink and eat at the same time? I heard that makes the food go down easier, but it's also cheating. I was told to eat first and drink about 30 minutes after..

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