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  1. I had that as well, mine was HORRIBLE my dr said it was possible when they closed up they put a stitch around a nerve, after 4 more days, it was better. hang in there
  2. I burp like a MAN! Its horrible!! lol and I have gas constantly and never did like this in my life!! Doesnt matter what I eat or drink I burp! Its crazy!!!
  3. Stephanie*


    I have a sweet tooth as well! I simply can not bring it in the house or I will eat it, I have no self control. I will "talk myself into it, saying to myself, well you have been doing so well, you deserve it, or look at all the fat free sugar free you eat, this isnt a big deal, but I have to tell myself I am only fooling myself. I am new to the band BUT still very tempted rules or not lol However to fill my sweet tooth (sounds gross I know but its good) I take one spoonfull of peanutbutter and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, I melt the peanut butter and then ass the cottage cheese mix it up and its soooo good. Hang in there one day at a time, its a battle you will win!
  4. So surgery was thursday and all went well. I felt great in the hospital. I get home, and cant seem to get much in. I was told 60 grms of protein, yea thats not happeing. Even when I drink water I feel so bloated and uncomfortable, takes forever for that to pass. I have gas like crazy, and then the worst, the port pain. I am wondering what I did to myself. I bent down earlier and it hurt so bad it took my breath away, I almost passed out, it feels like fishing wire is ripping thu my stomach on the right side where the port is. When I turn, strech, bend, anything, I feel it pull, what is really going on in there? Did I make a mistake? :scared2:
  5. Hey! Good to hear from you! I am so glad you are doing so well! I am doing much better, I later called my dr to talk about the pain I was having, this severe pulling, the nurse said it sounded like when they were closing up, they did a stitch aroung a nerve and I was feeling it pull on that nerve, it was totally unbearable! But I havent had any of that in 4 days, so all is well. I am starting to be able to eat more and I am ready for a fill LOL
  6. Hello dear, surgery was good, it was a rocky start but I am doing much better! I am ready to be where you are! :)

  7. 1. Being comofrtable in my own skin 2. Not scanning a room to see if I am the only one overweight 3. Wearing naughty nighties for my husband and being proud instead of feeling like a whale thrown in it 4. going to the beach and looking just as good as the silly girls on their beach towels lol even though i have two kids lol 5. Looking my age 6. shopping, actually enjoying it!!
  8. Stephanie*

    six days POST-op appointment

    i think water can be a cause of weight gain, inthe hosptial I of course had nothing for 2 days, I got out and gained 3 pounds, three days later it looked like I actually lost the 3 and then 2 more.
  9. I am so glad I am not alone, I have been searching for removal as well LOL the pulling and bloating feeling is so bad, I can not live this way!! Have you seen your dr yet? I go see mine tomorrow, its suppose to snow here I dont care if I sled there I am going to see him!! LOL
  10. I did get banded, I am very sore today how are u ?

  11. Stephanie*

    The January 15th Band Party!

    I am nervous too I just want it over with. LOL I dont like being put under at all!! However, on my one week liquid pre op, from thursday to today, I have lost ten pounds, its excititng to know its a start of more to come!! How is everyone else doing on their pre op diet if you have one? It has been so hard for me to keep going, some moments I think is this a sick joke, I am STARVING!!! Our day is almost here guys!!!
  12. I am Jan 15th too! I am sooo hungry!!
  13. Im on my preop diet too, I am soooo hungry!! We are getting closer though!!

  14. Stephanie*

    January '09 banders

    :embaressed_smile:guys mine is coming up on the 15th I am getting scared!!
  15. Well guys I finally got a date!! I have been waiting since Oct! Jan 15th is the day! I am super excited to get this started and verrrry nervous as well, saying goodbye to my comfort friend is scary, but so exciting! My husband is deployed and I am super ready to get started for him to come back to a new wife! Anyway had to share my excitment!
  16. Stephanie*

    I got a date!!!

    Thank you, I will tell him and I apprecaite that more than you know.
  17. Stephanie*

    Anyone getting banded in January

    Finally got a date Jan 15th at 1230
  18. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well, conrads again on ur success!!!

  19. I am suppose to be banded in Jan, no date yet, I keep calling them LOL I am ready!! My dh is on deployment and I want to get started asap so I can be a different wife waiting on the peir! LOL You look wonderful congrads to you!

  20. my dr told me he wouldnt do bypass unless the smoker had quit, he said the band wasnt an issue, it was with the bypass that could cause ulcers in the stomach. But I dont know how long it takes for it to leave ur system, I would do a google search.
  21. wow! u rock! 77 lbs in less than 3 months! what are u doing that is working so great i have to know!! Congrads!!

  22. I am a Jan bander!! No date should get it in a week or so, BUT they said Jan for sure, I am getting nervous though and anxious to get it over with already!
  23. ur pics are great u look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing great job!

  24. you are beautiful!! thank u for sharing!
  25. Tylenol only - the others can thin your blood and you dont want that during surgery. Good luck to you!! :lovechoc: