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  1. So I have a question. I've already stocked up on the one a day chewable bariatric vitamins (which the surgery coordinator told me not to take till they clear me to do so after surgery). I also stocked up on Calcium Citrate powder and on B12 and Biotin liquid. I know they say not to take the vitamins right off the bat, but if I start taking the biotin and the B12 liquid right after surgery would this be an issue. **I got the biotin because I do not want to lose my hair and have it thin out. I have very fine and silky hair as it is, if it starts falling out I'll look like a have barely any hair.
  2. Spitfireash

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    I stocked up on Gatorade Zero, cup of soup (lentil, cream of mushroom and tomato basil) and protein drinks.
  3. Except for 6 people in my family, every single person that has heard I am going to has WLS has told me not to do it, I'll regret it, suggested numerous other diets or exercises I should try instead. I'll be honest, I have had to live in this body for the past 10 years and I've been miserable in it, all these people telling me how it's a bad idea are the same ones that have commented on how I've gained weight. I have just come to the point where I chalk it down to ignorance, they do not understand my struggle and journey and they might be a little jealous. Only one of my friends has said to me, "If my insurance would cover it, I would definitely like to do it too!" Don't worry about what people say, you do what is right for you.
  4. Spitfireash

    R.I.P. Boobs

    All of you are scaring the crap out of me. I'm only a 36D and now I am having nightmarish visions of how I'm going to be possibly non-existent booby-wise after they let me have the sleeve! Mine aren't the perkiest to begin with thanks to breast feeding, so now I'm petrified that I'm going to have the ugliest, most deflated girls ever!
  5. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Hang in there. I am sorry that you are feeling so terrible. I pray things start looking up and you feel better soon.
  6. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    I have heard nada! so i'm still sitting tight.
  7. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Thanks for the encouragement. I've been hounding them now and they're in the process of getting papers submitted. I am so excited for you getting approved. Let me know how your journey goes.💕
  8. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Keep at it my friend. If you need to let it out, don't hesitate to reach out. I completely understand what you are saying. The doctor initially said try to lose some weight but then it was actually my nutritionist that reminded me not to do that, because then insurance will deny it. I am so irritated, I finally got a hold of the surgery coordinator yesterday and she tells me, "well, the govt. ban has not been lifted yet and we wont know until Feb 1st if it is so don't start your liquid diet until I call you." That's fine and dandy, but they still haven't submitted my paperwork for approval, and told me I'm scheduled for the 8th Feb which now might not happen if the ban isn't lifted. I just feel like I've been strung along and I'm sick of it.
  9. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Glad to hear it's not just me.
  10. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Let's hope so. Also, did you all have a hard time getting the surgery coordinator to call back and answer questions? My surgeon's coordinator sucks at calling back and answering the phone it seems. I'm almost at the point where I look for another surgeon.
  11. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    This is all very interesting to me. I had my final appointment with the surgeon. I did not meet the anesthesiologist they said he/she would call me. They also did not do any blood work on me or give any EKG's etc. Just told me what diet to follow, provided those instructions (pre and post op) in written printouts and sent me on my way. Now I'm nervous!
  12. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Surgeon told me to let the anesthesiologist know to give me a anti-nausea shot before the surgery.
  13. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    I am barely over the BMI requirement as well. The surgeon's office told me that the weight that they log for you on the day of the Pre-Op appointment (physical/final visit) is the weight that gets sent to the insurance. Then it doesn't matter how much weight you lose or if you are under BMI because you are already approved. It sounded weird to me but that is what I got told.
  14. Spitfireash

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Due to Covid, I have been rescheduled to Feb 8th as well. I am hoping it does not get moved again!
  15. Hi! I was wondering if there are any Sleevers of Pakistan / Indian or Middle Eastern origin on here? I am wondering about foods from that part of the world and how it reacts once we are cleared for normal food. Can anyone share their experience?
  16. Spitfireash

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    Thanks for sharing that info. I was oblivious to the existence of it.
  17. Spitfireash

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    I love this. Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering about pain meds too. I've been thinking maybe children's liquid tylenol? The tips you have shared are really good and I certainly am grateful to those of you that do share with us. I am scheduled for the 19th. Started my liquid diet today. I love your tip about the coffee, that's going to be really handy for me.
  18. So I have a few questions for those of you that have already had the surgery or have the knowledge. These are just questions which are zipping through my mind constantly. 1. Scarring. What kinds of scars to expect and the location of the scars. 2.How long does it take for the incisions to heal? How many incisions are there normally? 3. Excess skin. Is there a lot of excess skin after weight loss? Is there a way to avoid it? 4. Exercise. What kinds of exercise besides walking is good for post-op 5. When they say liquid diet pre-op, is it all liquids or only Clear Liquids?
  19. Spitfireash

    Questions From a Pre-Op Patient

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it.
  20. Spitfireash

    I DID IT’nnn

    Please share your liquid diet details. I am scheduled for surgery in Jan and would like to be prepared. Thank you for sharing about the heating pad too. I have terrible gas as it is, I don't know what to expect after surgery!
  21. Spitfireash

    Vibration plate

    Ooh I'm happy you shared this. I've been considering getting one. Can you please share which one you have and what you've done with it when you got results previously?
  22. I'm so sorry that you're having to go through that. That really does suck. Just hang in there and stick with the healthy eating. Hopefully Jan will be here before we know it. It took 6 phone calls and numerous messages to the surgeon's office for me to get the date finalized. They finally admitted that my file was lost in the process of COVID and a scheduler change in their office!😣 Sometimes it wears me out and gives me serious anxiety all these hoops to jump through to try to get healthier.
  23. Spitfireash

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    I am going to have to go on the 2 week liquid only diet pre-op.
  24. minimamaz00m, Right now they are saying that they will. The surgeon said it should be easy to get it covered as a scenario where the skin surgery is needed as a result of the sleeve surgery. Let's hope they really do cover it when it comes down to it. Worst case scenario, I have a relative overseas who is a general surgeon so if they wont cover it I'll have to take a trip overseas and get it done there which will be way cheaper and I know I'll still be in good hands!
  25. Yes. I started this journey in February. I went through the required steps, then had the insurance tell me I had to have 6 mandatory sessions over a 6 month period with a nutritionist. Well, right after I started my sessions COVID hit. So even though I completed all of my requirements in September, I was not able to get a date for my surgery until 2 days ago, I am now scheduled for surgery in January. Hang in there, at least we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Since my insurance is covering my surgery, I deliberately scheduled it for Jan. This way I only pay the deductible once in the case of needing to have a second surgery down the road to remove excess skin. I'm eating fairly healthy and just trying to keep in good spirits till January arrives.

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