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  1. 1/2 Cheesesteak stuffed bell pepper
  2. Kate142

    Surgery Today 8/19/20

    The anesthesiologist should give you an intravenous med like Valium or something similar to relax you. He should be in shortly after your IV is hooked up.
  3. One month. Insurance approved my surgery in 4 days, but due to COVID i wasn’t scheduled until 2 days after the hospital started allowing elective surgeries.
  4. Kate142


    I felt that way for the first week after surgery. The first month I spent forcing myself to drink water and my protein shake because I had absolutely no desire to eat or drink. The gas pain does get better. I’m 6 weeks post op and am able to eat and drink (separately, 30 minutes apart). I’m on fork tender foods now, and I still get the post op blues when some foods sit very heavy in my pouch. But it’s a learning process that doesn’t come overnight. You’re re-learning your body again and that takes patience and time. Give yourself a break and try to get as much water and protein in as you can.
  5. I weigh daily, I use a bariatric app that I log my weight and measurements in once a week though.
  6. Kate142

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Yes!!!! These new sensations are definitely a learning curve!!
  7. I won’t miss: -weighing more than my husband for the entirety of our relationship. -the feeling of all consuming shame when the nurse reads the numbers on the scale out loud. -avoiding mirrors/reflections at all costs because I could not stand to look at myself from the neck down. -trying on clothes and being terrified of getting stuck in them. -holding my breath so that I can tie my shoes. -sucking my gut in just to button and zip my fat jeans. -skipping family activities because I would be the fattest person there, and most likely unable to participate because of my size. -trying to hide my body from my husband because I was terrified that he’d find me repulsive. -making jokes at my own expense before anyone else could do it. -constantly stressing that I’d “grow” out of my fat clothes.
  8. Kate142

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I had surgery on 7/10/20. The first few days (maybe the entire first week) was horrible. I had so much pain and nausea, it was miserable to try to move and I definitely had second thoughts for a few days. I did force myself to walk several times a day once I was able to get the nausea under control. Three weeks later I’m 30 pounds lighter and I feel amazing. I still struggle getting my fluids in, and my pouch is having a hard time adjusting to puréed foods and softer foods. I just have absolutely no desire to eat food at all—there are no cravings and my stomach protests at the thought of trying to eat. I don’t think the process is the same for any two individuals. I do hope that the patches help you. Once the nause is gone life gets so much better!!