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  1. AmyNay strong

    Anyone else stalling?

    I am a little over 2 months PO and I have stalled so many times it’s unreal!! I’ll drop like crazy for a week then hit a stall for a week. It drives me crazy because I do the same things all the time.
  2. AmyNay strong

    Fairlife is awesome!

    This is the ones I use. I mix half choc & half vanilla yummmm
  3. AmyNay strong

    Picky eater

    Any picky eaters out there? How are you doing with food selections?
  4. AmyNay strong

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Don't regret it. From what I have seen/read those with pain and right after surgery tend to say they regret it... but in a month will feel differently about it. I am scheduled for 7/24 so I cannot say to much. But I have had other surgeries including 2 C-sections, Gallbladder and shoulder repair. The days after surgery are always bad. Hang in there - this to shall pass and you WILL feel better. Prayers
  5. AmyNay strong

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Hey all - does everyone have to do the bowel prep? My dr has not mentioned it. Good luck to all those having surgery today!
  6. AmyNay strong

    Surgery buddies out there??

    I’m having sleeve on July 24th...
  7. 3 weeks from today is my surgery date!  I am so worried that COVID will continue to get worse and I will be put off again.  Prayers for all with upcoming surgery dates!!  

    I am putting together my preop meal plan today.  Any advice from the POST OP crew?   I only have to do 4 days liquids and 3 days of clear for my 7 days. 


  8. AmyNay strong

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Started my process in Jan... finally got my date for 7/24! I need to get mentally prepared again after my set back-wait from the virus. I’m counting down the days.
  9. AmyNay strong


    Is anyone using BariMelts for vitamins? https://www.barimelts.com/
  10. AmyNay strong


    Good to know! I have a sample pack on the way. I can't wait to try them. Good luck to you
  11. AmyNay strong


    Thanks for asking. It just so happens the dietician at my surgeons office called me this morning about something non related and I asked her. She said they were fine to use.
  12. AmyNay strong

    I’m so nervous!

    I’m in the same boat with you! Someone told me today that it’s likely your taste with change after surgery. Let’s hope it does
  13. AmyNay strong


    Please update me when you do!
  14. AmyNay strong


    Just curious if you like them and if they are worth the $$. And if your surgeon/dietician approved of them.
  15. I had my 1st consult last week. With my insurance I only have to wait 3 months or until I get all my 'pre' work done. I have started my training for after surgery already. I am looking for words of wisdom! So far the hardest part is not drinking with a meal or snack and the waiting 30 minutes.
  16. Thanks! And I am using every tool I can to get as much info as possible. I am a fan of words of wisdom OR lessons learned. I sock it up! Good luck to you
  17. AmyNay strong

    Picky eater

    I am a picky eater - it is a texture thing for me. I am worried that after surgery I will get so burnt out on the same foods.