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  1. Im scheduled for vsg on July 21st, I am currently on my 10 liquid liver shrinking diet. My sciatic nerve pain is horribly painful & costing me sleep. Would I be allowed to get a cortisone shot this close to my surgery date? My situation is a little different, I am a veteran & my wls will be performed by a VA surgeon about 350 miles away. Separate from the VA, I also have private insurance & would be using a local provider that has given me a cortisone shot about 9 months ago. I just want to make sure it's safe & wouldn't hinder my wls date.
  2. Omg, I can relate to your post! I always hated when people would say you have such a pretty face or you're pretty for your size! Arghhh, I always took it as you don't get to choose parts & pieces of me to like, my body is a 1 package deal!
  3. Just wanted to update my situation incase it will help others. Of course no sciatica pain while in hosp under morphine. 6 days after I was home it was so painful I couldn't sleep, my pcp said getting a cortisone shot this early could hinder the incisions from healing & if all healed well I could possibly get the shot 4 wks out. In the meantime he prescribed a muscle relaxer & pain pill more potent that tramadol. But I can't take the pain meds, makes me nauseous, I never did do well with pain meds. It still acts up but is tolerable to get a short nites sleep.
  4. I appreciate you posting this. I am 10 days post vsg & feel the exact same thing! Please keep us updated!
  5. Hcat


    I am on Bupropion , but unfortunately my mail order subscription didn't arrive before my surgery(maybe covid19 delay or just lost in mail). I've went without a few days before surgery & now it's 6 days after surgery. I plan to call my prescribing dr asap tomorrow & ask what she wants me to do & if my dose will need lowered & how to take since vsg. By the way olivian19xx I am from Southern Indiana, not far from O'boro. Almost went with Dr Ravi Alapati, but instead used my VA care. Heard good results from Dr Alapati's surgeries.
  6. Home from Jesse Brown VA Medical Ctr in Chicago,  surgery was on 7/21, they kept me in ICU the entire time. First 2 days were rough on me, my breathing was shallow & my heartrate was lower than they liked. Day 3 was easier, but they kept me 1 more day, day four (today) made the over 350mi ride home, over 6hrs. Stopped a few times to walk, go to the bathroom(#1). Still on clear liquid diet, boy those sugar free popsicles sure taste good. Crushed ice has been my fav too. I am sipping on water, broth, sf Gatorade &  sf jello as instructed.  Holding a pillow on my tummy helped along with walking, they sent me home wearing a binder, that was a godsend along with a pillow, it softened the seatbelt and rough spots in the road.  Doing ok,  Boy, was my trip home miserable, my husband b*****d at me for every & anything, said this surgery was elective & is bogus, said he was disgusted with me & wanted to divorce me. He also loaded up on a dbl qtr pounder, fries & soda infront of me, I had no desire for his food, thank god, but that wasn't nice of him! This journey has really made me determined to stand up for my self when I recover. We've been together for 34yrs, since we were 17yo,  but his words & actions today hurt the most.  I know I have to stand strong & do what is best for me, even without his support. 

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    2. BriarRose


      Do this for you.

      However, you might want to have your own bank account and credit in your own name and build yourself up emotionally, financially, medically and move from your strengths to another strength. An unsupportive family is tough. That is going to be hard. But you have come this far. You are going to make it !!!

      Could be that he is terrified for you, and for himself.

      Take small steps and celebrate your recovery and new outlook on life !

    3. Hcat


      Thanks to all, I usually don't air my dirty laundry but needed the support at a time when I am not receiving it at home. He's always been an a**h*** to me. I do have my own bank acct & income & medical care, through the years I've tried to put safety plans aside for myself. I also own my home, my name only, clear & free. I guess if I am smart I'd beat him to filing divorce. It's just so much to digest & years wasted. It really hurt when I couldn't get ahold of him to come pick me up from the hosp during discharge, later he screamed & cursed me that he wasn't ready. He knew that day would come, he should've been ready, but no, he wanted to drink the night before & sleep it off when I was being discharged. I am just glad I am home. I am determined to do what is best for my surgery & health.

    4. It's time.

      It's time.

      Get healthy, make a plan then kick that ass out of your house.

  7. Also be kind to yourself, that is so important! And don't push yourself physically during the liq diet, I did & I regretted it, I felt real weak on day 5 & 6. Take care of you!
  8. I'm still in hosp post OP. I was on 10 day liquid diet, my surgeon told me I could cheat with little bit lean protein, chicken, beef cheese, etc. But only if I felt I had to. That along with my shakes helped so much. I had lean beef day before surgery & nothing was said to me. But always follow your surgeons orders. You got this! Def no judgements here! Keep us posted
  9. Lillimint, so many of us have those thoughts. Keep reminding yourself of the reasons why you chose to do this. I had to reassure myself several times. Earlier today when my knees & back hurt, my husband said well I guess doing anything today is shot, that strengthened my resolve to do this. Remember you got this! You're almost there!
  10. Thank you Amanda0911, thank you for the kind words. Wishing you a safe & fast recovery as well. Please keep us posted on your surgery!
  11. Tomorrow morning is the day! Every one's posts , experiences & questions on these forum's have been very helpful to me while I've agonized over decisions & prepped for my vsg. I just want to make a positive note to everyone about this. Even with having a small corner of people for support, they don't offer the same support or knowledge as the people on this site! That I'm truly grateful for.
  12. Some of the information my surgeon gave me says, post surgery 60-80 grams of protein daily. I was also given a formula to calculate your daily protein needs. Of course your active lifestyle would play a huge factor in determining your daily needs.
  13. Hcat


    Bet he isn't loving all the TOUGH LOVE we've given him! LOL!!!
  14. Hcat


    Holier-than-thou isn't what this forum is about. I've read many posts that has seriously helped me! I think it's great to have a place to reach out to when one has a difficult time, I've read some terrific advice . I've read responses to people that they may not be ready for surgery yet, that they need to work on preparing their selves better, but not running people down in their time of need. My weight has been all over the spectrum, when I was in the military & worked construction I never saw myself becoming obese one day, but it sure happened. We all have faced a lot of hard facts to get to this point. Since you're so good at succeeding, why did you need wls surgery! I wonder how your psych evaluation went prior to surgery, bet you didn't show your ugly side! You know that old saying "I may be fat, but your ugly, I can always lose weight" Well, your judgement is UGLY!
  15. Hcat


    You nailed it!
  16. Hcat

    Morning of mishaps & a happy dance

    Congrats! Keep doing your Hoosier Happy Dance, it's a lot of work & stressing to get to this point. My happy dance was sorta robbed by Covid19 like many others, but I finally have my date & am on day 5 of my 10 day liver shrinking diet!
  17. Thanks so much for all of the tips. I am going to try to tuff it out until after surgery. Surgery is definitely my primary focus. In the meantime I may try a massage therapist , I have one in the family, so maybe that will offer some temporary help. Steroid shots alone didn't affect my appetite, but holy crap the prednisone pack sure did!
  18. The surgeon himself called today & scheduled me for the 21st! I'm excited, nervous & dreading the 10 day liquid diet, although I did feel better when he said I could cheat occasionally with lean chicken, fish, beef or cheese. Now I pray I don't hear my husband complaining the entire time about taking me to Chicago. Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences, it really has helped me a lot!
  19. Hcat

    June 2020 surgeries

    I may have a June date! I'm a nervous wreck! The nurse from the VA Med Ctr called today. They need patients who have completed all of the VA program requirements, pre wgt loss, psychological evaluation, etc & are ready for surgery now, which I have been since Feb. She scheduled a video apt on Fri so she can complete an evaluation & submit it to the surgeon. I am a nervous wreck, I hope the surgeon approves me.
  20. Hcat

    V.A. Clinic Process

    That is fantastic news! Thank you for the optimistic update. Continue to recuperate & keep me posted on your healing & journey forward.
  21. Hcat

    V.A. Clinic Process

    Thanks for keeping me posted. I am happy for you, I can't wait to hear from you post op! I am progressing in the va system, fairly quickly, I expect to hear from the surgeon this wk, then we'll sched a surg date & any last testing that needs completed. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way & can't wait to hear how your post RNY is going!
  22. Hcat

    V.A. Clinic Process

    Bucky0126 & Tamarita - I hope you 2 don't mind me jumping in here. I am a veteran as well, I was reading your posts & I feel better knowing others on here are familiar with the VA system. I am located in IND. I completed the Move prgm & my pcp submitted a referral for wls, Community Care called me the next day to sched with a surgeon of my choice! No outside surgeons would accept the Move prgm & req'd their own 6-9mth wgt loss prgm. Long story short, My Va dietician made some phone calls & I am going to have my wls at Jesse Brown VA Med Ctr in Chicago in 1-2 mths. I am very optimistic this time, because within 30min of speaking to her I was called to sched an apt for my psyc evaluation 3 days later. So the ball in rolling now. Please keep me posted on both your progress & good Luck!