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    Has anyone found a really great water tracking app?
  2. Rebecca.clark


    I’ve had cdiff earlier this year. Surgery is tomorrow. I’m worried this will trigger a relapse. Is there anyone out there with cdiff preop or post op?
  3. Rebecca.clark


    I have talked at length with my surgeon about this. We have a good plan in place. Cdiff is so horrible that nothing can make the anxiety go away.
  4. I am on this crazy diet for just one week. Every surgeon has their routine. Good luck!
  5. Rebecca.clark

    Pre op starting a liquid diet

    I’m on day 6 of my preop liquid diet. Things I have learned. Liquid in means liquid out. Be aware. Chicken broth makes this even worse! Don’t trust farts You’ll be tempted to cheat. Don’t do it. Find something else to distract you. Plan on hiding from people. It’s too hard to be around food. Stock up before your diet starts. It’s too are to be in the grocery store. Good luck!!!! You can do this!
  6. Congratulations! My surgery date is December 9. I love hearing about the progress of others. Keep us posted.
  7. I started my clear liquids today. I don’t mean to be gross but liquids in means liquids out. Is this ever going to stop????
  8. Rebecca.clark

    December 2019 Sleeves

    December 9 here! Started my clear liquids yesterday!
  9. Rebecca.clark

    Surgery soon

    I’m starting my clear liquids in prep for my sleeve in December 9. Nervous that this week will be horrible.
  10. Rebecca.clark

    Weight Calculators

    Great job!!!!
  11. Rebecca.clark

    Vitamin Patches

    I don’t know about the patches. But I’m glad that someone else has the same surgery date as me