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  1. I was actually surprised when my surgery/Nut group kept telling me "don't worry about calories, just worry about volume". It's a very proactive university based operations, which seems to be on the very cutting edge of the craft. So far it is working incredibly well. As such, here is the Post 6 week to 3 month plan: Diet plan: Three structured meals a day (B,L,D) A meal consists of: 2-3 oz protien (weigh after cooking) 1-2oz cooked or raw veg. * Portion size will gradually increase over time, but remember to stop eating when you feel content or satisfied, do not overfill. Remember to eat slowly chew well to allow yourself to feel full, before you take the next bite. Protein: there are no restrictions, but wait 3 months before having steak. Eat a variety of protiens. Protien will be the focus of your diet. Vegetables: eat at every meal. Limit starchy veg, like corn, peas, potatoes, Pasta. Etc.. Drink 2 Protein Shakes per day to maintain minimum 60-80 grams Protein. Combined Fluid total of at least 64 oz daily, no caffeine, carbs, sugar, alcohol . Do not skip meals. Eat just enough, and slow enough to feel full. Do Not drink anything from 30 minute prior, to 30 minutes after each meal. Very important! Do not chew gum (For the rest of your life) Take your Vitamins and minerals. So that's it in a nutshell. No calories defined, and I asked several times. They kept saying that if I follow the percentages (Basically 2/1 Protein over veg, with very limited starch) and eat till full, without drinking, it's a slam dunk. So far, a lb per day like clockwork. luck!
  2. Fatboyslim1

    TPN anyone.?

    Why? What happened?
  3. Fatboyslim1

    Gastric sleeve

    This is the kind of absurd post that give WLS a bad rap.
  4. Fatboyslim1

    86 lbs down

    How come you posted a pic of your daughter ?
  5. Fatboyslim1

    Blindsided by an anxiety crisis

    perhaps you need to think about new types of food, that are different than what you have eaten all your life. Think of food as an exciting adventure in taste, texture, spice, hot, etc..,. Not just sweet and savory. The other morning for breakfast I had a tomato sliced up in a bowl,large sea salt crystals for crunch, a can of sardines ( in water). on top with a bit of balsamic vinegar and some capers. 200 calories. way, way outside of my typical breakfast, but very good and now I want it again. Sure it's easy to eat a bowl of cereal, but how ordinary ( and fattening). There are so many great things to cook / prepare that are not carb loaded crap. Experience new stuff. It's not really that expensive, because now the portions are smal
  6. Fatboyslim1

    Calories after VSG

    600 is a good number for a couple of months. Crush off as much weight as you can in the first couple of months. You have a whole (now extended) lifetime to eat reasonable meals.
  7. Isn't the real question: how much have you been eating per day? Water, no water. Who cares. It's calories that matter. You can stop drinking and see if it makes you feel full, but really at this point it's just you choosing how much you want to consume. there are a million excuses, and I have used many in life as we'll. But at some point in life you have to take control of you life, or all is eventually lost. WLS is a great tool to help people make change.
  8. 1/2 lb per day is great. Don't know what your goal is, but in another 43 days you will be @ 76kg. Seems pretty good to me.
  9. Fatboyslim1


    Great job! I saw that you were struggling in the early days, but you fought through it. Great!
  10. Fatboyslim1


    I also regret my delay. Should have done it a few years ago. Crazy improvement
  11. Fatboyslim1

    Discouraged and need advice

    While I usually disagree with much of what you push, I am a proponent of the controlled drinking alternative to alcohol addiction. But where we disagree is that for WLS, controlled drinking runs parallel. With controlled drinking, one can potentially survive the addiction, but while doing so be vividly aware that they are still drinking (and becoming intoxicated). With WLS there is a bunch of bizarre and completely wrong "advise" out there that when, what and how much someone eats (or doesn't eat) does not somehow correlate directly to weight. The controlled drink argument under that same scenario would be" I control my drinking, but I don't become intoxicated". the AMA should fund a study to determine the correlation between short and long post WLS surgery failure with people reading bad advise on Bariatric forums.
  12. Fatboyslim1

    Discouraged and need advice

    It's like going to an AA meeting and confusing those people who are actually struggling with addiction that sometimes slip up, with individuals who sit there drunk and say "hi, my name is Ed and I no longer drink, but I'm still drunk".
  13. Fatboyslim1

    Discouraged and need advice

    Your misplaced "it ain't what you eat diatribe" does far more harm than good. I understand the concept that some people just want to be comforted, but that isn't always the case. There are people on here that want real answers based on real science, not placating with voodoo.
  14. Fatboyslim1

    Discouraged and need advice

    It will be virtually impossible to help this individual, If they think at its ok to drink copious amounts of sugar loaded energy drinks intended to keep athletes operating at peak performance. best to move on to people who are serious about losing weight
  15. Fatboyslim1

    How do you know if you stretched your sleeve

    And whatever you do, stay away from the poutine.
  16. Fatboyslim1

    How do you know if you stretched your sleeve

    It really doesn't matter if you have stretched your sleeve or not. The size of your sleeve doesn't make you gain or lose weight. What and how much you eat is the only thing you have to think about. just eat the same amount you did a year ago. It's that simple. Honestly the "Stretched Sleeve" idea is just an excuse for reverting to old bad eating habits. Which of course many people do. you can do this, you've proven it. Don't fail now because of some technicality.
  17. Fatboyslim1

    How do you know if you stretched your sleeve

    Stop eating so much. The small pouch is a short term tool to learn new habits.
  18. Up your protein to 75-90 and find a new nutritionist.
  19. Fatboyslim1

    Weight loss slow down

    Sometimes life is hard, and you have to push through things, even if it is a struggle. You will be much better off in the end if you maintain good nutrition during the next several months.
  20. Fatboyslim1

    Weight loss slow down

    The reason you are virtually required to drink protien shakes is because your new digestive system is still in the healing stage and not yet fully functioning. There is no way you are absorbing much protien from a piece of chicken at this stage. You might as we be eating cardboard from a nutritional sense. The Protien shakes/supplements are not a "treat" they are a virtual necessity to get your body into a digestive rhythm. Best of luck moving forward and hopefully your nutritionist can help you out. I will end with your original quote on one of these threads where I think you were questioning if your doctor may have actually done your surgery wrong. This kind of strangeness, coupled with the protien shake issue is just too strange for normal discourse. Best of luck.
  21. Fatboyslim1

    Weight loss slow down

    This one is too strange. Just drink some protien shakes and move on. The idea that you can eat grilled chicken, peanut butter and tuna salad, but not a protien shake is above my pay grade. Good luck with your journey.
  22. Fatboyslim1

    3 month stall question

    My opinion, it's just you (and your new body) trying to reach equilibrium with a maintenance diet that stabilizes your weight. I assume you are eating more calories and a more diversified food mix than you we at say week 4?
  23. Fatboyslim1

    Weight loss slow down

    I'm going to go out on a limb here. I don't think you should be eating grilled chicken, peanut butter, tuna and egg salad with mayo added, etc.. 20 days after surgery. you really need to consume 2 or 3 protien shakes per day to print your system into balance.
  24. Seriously, you should ask your surgeon(s) about drug treatment. I remember my group telling me there are cases where even after WLS, they prescribe drugs to eliminate cravings. you are obviously addicted to the sugar/carb - opioid effect and will probably require drug intervention to fix it. Or not and just blow up again, and your life will be exactally as you started. luck!
  25. Here is a good calculator:. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/in-depth/calorie-calculator/itt-20402304 i have calculated my requirement and then cut that in half to give me my basic daily need. For me that's about 900 er day.

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