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    New YouTube Show - Bariatric Strong

    Hey there @NurseMichael! Just watched the video, liked and subscribed - really enjoyed it. Love your energy and passion, and while I don't know how much I can get out of it at this point in time (only one month post-op), I know it won't be long at all until whatever I learn will be so valuable. Thank you for doing this, what a great service to the bariatric community! P.S. Is it bad that I burst out laughing when your mic fell over? 😂 I'm so glad you didn't edit that out, it made the video even better!
  2. Down 31 pounds in my first month! OK, so a month and two days, but I'm counting it anyway. 😆

    At this point, I'm doing well overall. According to surgeons' instructions, I'm on soft foods for another week-ish. I'm so ready for solids - the soft foods can be such "sliders" and I have to be extra, extra careful.

    For example, my refried beans + dollop of plain Greek yogurt + tomatillo salsa verde became a problem. I never felt satisfied and felt I could have easily had a much bigger serving. Then, far worse was when I made homemade hummus - holy cow it is SO GOOD, but again - felt like I could have downed a quart, no problem. 😂

    It's (for me at least) extremely challenging to "eat mindfully" when the food is that soft. I mean for crying out loud, there's nothing to "chew on"! 😂

    So, couple of days ago - I committed to no more refried beans and no more hummus. Farewell my delicious friends. Going to focus on chicken and tuna and eggs for the time being (ground up til mushy, of course). 

    I'm hoping that once I get the go-ahead to introduce solids I will be able to feel the restriction. Because honestly? I'm only a month in, and I feel NO restriction. It's frustrating, but not the end of the world. Willpower was never my problem. But I'm so looking forward to that feeling I hear a lot on here when people say "Oh I ate half an egg and was SO STUFFED." This has....not been my experience. 😕

    Really hoping that's because my foods are so mushy/soft right now. We shall see. 

    Regardless, I'm 100 percent committed. I hear over and over how this tool is the most powerful for about a year, maybe/possibly a wee bit more. I will not sabotage that for the world. 

    So - doing my happy dance at 31 pounds down - I'm in a "weight decade" I haven't seen in a very long time. And it only gets better from here! :)

    1. Bastian


      Fantastic! Well done on the beans and hummus restriction, :D :141_dancer:

    2. CrowLuv


      Thanks y'all, I really appreciate the encouragement! :)

  3. Had gastric bypass last month and I've been doing really well recovery wise. Warning - there is some TMI in this post, but I really need help... Background info: My BMs since surgery have been regular but...flaky? Not liquid diarrhea, but just - kinda powdery. Didn't think much of it since I figured well, I've been eating so much less and, blah blah. But then, the past couple of days I could "feel" the constipation was oncoming (I've had it my whole life, I know the feeling). I took some stool softeners, no bueno. Fast forward to last night - I was on the toilet all night off and on, crying out in pain, almost passing out and nauseated and feeling like I was gonna puke. I could "feel" this rock hard huge BM was right there at the edge, and even having to urinate was hell bc it would put pressure on it and I could feel it trying to come out but, it was NOT gonna come out. By 4am, I was close to having husband take me to urgent care bc I knew it was "impacted" in there. I tried a couple of enemas, as hellish as that was - absolutely no help. Finally later this morning I managed to pass the monster-brick-hard BM (TMI - this involved my awkward digital breakup attempts, also hell) that has probably been in there this whole time I thought the "flaky" BM's were "normal." 😨 And I felt relief, but then next time I tried to go to the bathroom, a couple of hours ago, I can tell there's more, and it hurts. 😰 Oh and I did call the doctor (first thing this morning) and he said to take Milk of Magnesia and drink lots of water. Done. But research on this wonderful site has given me all other kinds of good advice regarding routines and products, etc. etc. - . I will be using it. Where I need guidance/advice: So, I'm in the "soft/mushy" foods phase of the post-op regimen. I've been continuing with at least 1 Premier Protein shake a day, sometimes two - to help get in enough protein (it's so hard to reach my daily goal!). Then for dinner I've been having one of the following: Mushed up lowfat cottage cheese - OR - hard boiled egg blended up in my mini-blender with a tiny dollop of lite mayo and mustard - OR - also using my mini-blender, ground up moistened chicken breast with a tiny bit of lite mayo and celery salt (my version of "chicken salad" lol) - OR - watered down and mushed up refried beans with a bit of green salsa. I'm also meeting/ exceeding my 64oz fluid requirement daily (mostly water, some herbal teas) - and in fact usually surpass that. Are there any soft foods phase "meals" y'all can recommend that can - along with the other stuff like MOM, Colace, etc. - help prevent constipation or at least not actively contribute to it? Are my foods listed above not "ideal"? I'm going by doctor's list of recommendations - but admittedly only sticking to a very few of the choices. I try to keep things simple basically. I've had constipation issues my whole life, even as a young child - and nothing is more terrifying to me honestly - I even had to have a hemorrhoidectomy last year it got so bad - and if this crap continues (ha ha, get it) I know I'll be headed down that road again, which is a nightmare I never wish to repeat. 😩 ANY advice on what other soft foods that could help with avoiding constipation I should start including in my diet would be really helpful, thanks so much in advance!
  4. CrowLuv

    Food and TV

    I can SO relate to this. My husband and I (married 24 years now) developed the awful habit in recent years (as our kids grew older) of "Netflix and EAT," lol. So mindless eating while enjoying a good show has been a deeply ingrained habit of mine for far too long. That's a great idea about putting an end time on when to eat. I'm going to start doing that as well. Anyway - sorry to say I share that same struggle - but we got this. 👊
  5. Thank you so much - and yes, today is much better. It's obvious to me now that all those "flaky" bm's were just traveling around the monster one lol. I know, gross - but at least now I know better, and can take all this wonderful advice here and do my best to prevent it from happening again (at least at that level).
  6. Thank you all so much for the suggestions and advice, I really appreciate it!
  7. So I just started my soft foods phase two days ago, so far so good....and then... Last night, I had a waaaay too realistic dream (nightmare!) that I woke up to the smell of pizza, and next thing I knew I had eaten two slices of supreme-everything-on-it pizza, then suddenly it dawned on me - just as I was eating the last bite - that I had just had my WLS! I felt horrified that I had actually forgotten! I panicked, felt sheer terror, was freaking out, crying, hysterical, the works! It was legit terrifying but when I woke up and realized it was just a nightmare, I felt so relieved, and then I burst out laughing because holy crap my nightmare wasn't about monsters or the usual scary stuff - but ABOUT PIZZA. 😂 Has anyone else had any "oops forgot I had WLS surgery and just ate something I shouldn't" dreams? Maybe it's just me and I'm a total weirdo, but still, I'm laughing about it at least, lol. 😆
  8. CrowLuv

    Scary but kinda hilarious dream I had last night

    Oh no don't give my brain any new ideas - LOL! 😂
  9. CrowLuv

    Stage 3

    This sounds delish, I love deviled eggs. Gonna add this to my "list"
  10. CrowLuv

    Stage 3

    Woo hoo! A new milestone! My first soft foods day was Thursday. I had about 2oz of lowfat cottage cheese and it was divine lol. So weird that it felt like "enough" -- bc I love cottage cheese and used to just eat a big bowl of it. It's very exciting to realize that after just a few bites, I actually feel not just satiated, but not "yearning" for more, if that makes sense? It's a totally new feeling for me. I'd recommend you set a timer 30 minutes after your last fluid before you eat, then after eating set a timer for another 30 minutes before you have liquids again. Rinse and repeat. Best of luck!!!
  11. Congrats! And...same here. I just started my soft foods on Thursday, and then last night - just for a moment, but still - I forgot about the "30 minutes before and after" and had a sip of tea right before I started my little bit of Cream of Wheat. I immediately was like "D'OH!" but it was okay I guess bc it had only been a little sip. Still, it kinda scared me. What I'm doing now is starting my phone timer 30 minutes before I know I should eat, to stop drinking. Then when done eating I set my phone timer for another 30 minutes to let me know I can drink liquids again. Hope that helps!
  12. YAYYYY you are done with the surgery! I remember "meeting" you here just the weekend before it, and wow time flies, huh? So happy for you!
  13. Welcome! Cheers to a fresh start in life and a new you!
  14. ughhh, so sorry! Chin up, it will be over before you (we) know it!
  15. Wheee!!!! So glad you are feeling pretty good - same! We are gonna have so much fun and learn so much on this journey. I know it won't all be a piece of cake (pun intended lol), and I know I've got so much head work to do re: my relationship with food which has gotten SO hostile through the years...but I'm so eager and ready for that, and I'm so so happy to be here with my shiny new reset button hit and the fresh start I've needed for sooo long. Shockingly, I am not yet tired of liquids yet! I think it's prob bc of that 24 hour headache from hell that prolonged my "I can't look at food, much less want it" post-surgery feeling. Also I re-discovered the delicious comfort of sipping on warm beef broth and it makes me so happy lol. I can't stand the super sweet protein shakes so this is my salvation right now. I found myself hungry - true hunger - for the very first time since surgery today. But it was a friendly hunger - not that scary "oh no what do I do/what do I eat" kind that has dominated my life for so long...not sure if that makes any sense?
  16. CrowLuv

    Before and After Pics

    WHOA that is amazing, you look phenomenal!! CONGRATS!
  17. Thank you so much! I'm feeling very good, considering I had surgery Monday, I'm cautiously optimistic that my healing is now going to be mostly up-up-up! My only "bad" time really was caffeine withdrawal (severe headaches for a day) which was totally my fault bc I just love my coffee and it was the one thing I didn't "wean." But it passed and whew thank God lol. And WOW you are super-close to surgery, hurray!! It'll be over and done before you know it, so excited for you! 🙌 I do have tips already, lol - I have family and close friends who've successfully gone through WLS and also have researched it forever - soooo I made some pre-op purchases that I'm very happy with/have been super helpful. Attached is a picture of LittleSprout baby food containers. Waaay back when my 1st child was a baby (22 years ago, Lord have mercy lol) - I was one of those "eager beaver" moms and I made most of his baby food from scratch (before I get too proud of that, I did not manage that enthusiasm for babies 2 and 3 ha ha). Anyway, prepping for this surgery I realized how much in common the food prep and portions would be to back in the baby days - and it all came back to me. So I ordered the baby food containers off of Amazon - which are SO HELPFUL. Lots of sizes, but I started with 2 oz - they are microwavable, dishwasher and freezer safe, woo hoo! Also I got some silver-sterling toddler sized flatware (a 2-set of spoon, fork, serrated knife - adorable really) that wasn't expensive and doesn't look like "baby gear," and a separate set of measuring spoons and cups just for myself. I haven't used the flatware yet, but it looks nice. I cleared out a portion of our pantry for "my stuff" 😎 So anyway, while of course it is not at all necessary to purchase gadgets and tools and such to be successful - I found it relaxing and reassuring to have just a few things special, just for me - for my journey. And these LittleSprout things are my new best friend lol. Cheaper than the top brands but just as good, so far. SO excited for you that your big day is almost here! Just think, by Christmas we'll be sharing "WHOA time has flown, look at how amazing we are" posts and pics! 😆
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome, Deedee, I really appreciate it!
  19. CrowLuv

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    OK I feel kinda dumb, LOL, but hey, I learn something new every day! Sounds like you found a perfect comfortable "water fit" for yourself, that's awesome!
  20. CrowLuv

    Before and After Pics

    HA I hear ya! I have a close family member who had WLS 10 years ago, lost 100 pounds in record time, and has kept it off - woo hoo! The reason I mention her is that for awhile she was kinda self-conscious and on the fence about extra skin, but she gave it some time and came to total peace with it, for real (believe me, I'd know if she wasn't ha ha) - and she urged me to do the same. Waaay too early for me to even think about that, but thought I'd pass it on to you - with the note that I know every one is different - just wanted to share.
  21. Monday, August 19th, 2019 Gastric Bypass RNY here! Kinda nervous I possibly already posted in here but can't remember due to post-op drug haze ha ha ha. 😆 I've been looking for an active August-surgery-peeps thread - so happy to be here - woot woot!!!
  22. CrowLuv

    Before and After Pics

    Dayum what's the secret to how fabulous your arms look? 😍 And I agree with the "you look like a model" assessment for sure. Nicely done, CONGRATS!
  23. CrowLuv

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    No disapproval here! Just curiosity, and I feel kinda dumb for this lol - but sparkling water is not considered carbonated right? Or is it? I'm a regular room-temp sipper over here. I used to LOVE chugging cold water but gosh darn it I have sensitive teeth now. 😢