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If I had the choice to do this all over again, even with the complications, I would. The surgery saved my life, I couldn’t stand to be almost 297.7 pounds. I’m 30 now, and The moment I knew I needed help, something better- truly effective - more than working out and cutting calories, happened about 8 months ago. In the past 8 years I have gained and lost 100 pounds. 70 pounds up, 50 pounds down. 90 pounds up.  100 pounds down  75 up, 25 down and on and on......
I said to my wife, 
This is the short story: 
We passed the middle school I went to, and I remembered all the teasing I endured- beginning in kindergarten from Matt M. and David L. For 3 1/2 years- until I changed schools. Then Cody C. in middle school. I perfectly remember....... As we drove, feeling the bottom part of seatbelt cut into the side of my thigh, the car door press against my other side.... The moment I said, “if I ever reach 300 pounds, I can’t live like that. I won’t keep living- I will be done with life.” at that point I was bouncing up and down 15-20 pounds for the past year, and I was 280lbs. 
My childhood story, 
I was talking with my wife in the car about 8 months ago, 6 months before my surgery journey began, before we researched surgery and made a decision. I remember that EARTH SHATTERING moment, driving down the street from my middle school and thinking about all the times I have been teased for my weight. I was not fat growing up. I was muscular and tall, and developed early. But kids are ruthless. And my mother constantly called herself fat, despite being normal weight, so she began to take me to Weight Watchers when I was 10- she thought it would be a way to combat me being teased to tears every day. Teaching me how to count calories and chew up and spit out my food so that I didn’t swallow all the calories and fat. This all made things so much worse for me. All through middle school and high school I was never “obese” not even “overweight” I marched in the band and drum line, did sports and was very fit. But the “fat complex” and body dystrophia was always present, and soon I developed multiple eating disorders, much more serious and disastrous to my health then spitting up chewed food. Then the weight bouncing began, at 21, along with substance abuse, sober for a while, and then not, sober and not for 4 years.  Almost 4 years ago I got clean and sober, but still gained and lost weight. Finally, 2 of my sober friends got gastric bypass, one of them inspired the other with her success. I started my first DS LOOP consult on October 31st 2018. I jumped through all the hoops and doctor appointments and then March 11th 2019, I had my life changing surgery. It’s now June, and I’ve lost 57lbs. I feel like I have more energy and my back and body have stopped hurting as much.  242 now and feeling amazing!!!
Dr Coirin from https://www.centralcaliforniasurgery.com/provider was attentive, understanding, consistent when I was in the hospital and checked on me twice a day. When there was a complication on the date of my surgery, due to a medication I have been taking for almost 4 years, he tried 2 times to change the anesthesiologist’s mind about canceling my surgery due to a possible problem of my medication mixed with the surgery drugs. He stayed with me while I cried about changing and delaying the surgery because of the Nurse at Central Ca Surgery made a big mistake. Read the story of you like, the moral of the story is check, double check the meds you are taking with the Dr. and the anesthesiologist, t Not just the last pre op appointment. The nurse who originally set up my surgery date and had knowledge of all my meds, failed to research my medication “suboxone”. Completely dropped the ball, instructed me specifically that the suboxone would not be a problem at all.  This nurse cleared me EVEN THOUGH I specifically asked him if there would be a problem with my preference not to take narcotics, as a former addict, 4years sober. The medicine I take blocks the effect of narcotics, which means no pain meds except In LARGE DOSES will work. I decreased the amount of my medication in HALF, so that the drugs used to put me out, and to manage immediate pain would work, if the max amount was doubled, as per the direction of my addiction specialist. Well guess what. When the nurse said he was going to walk out of the room “right now, be right back”  and would call Dr. Coirin, and if needed Dr. Coirin would call the anesthesiologist, to check..... the nurse LIED, he told me that I was cleared for surgery.DR.COIRIN WAS AN ANGEL TO ME!!!! Sooooo come surgery day, nobody knew I was taking suboxone. Not the nurses who checked me in, or medical assistants who prepped me and took my blood, nobody at Central Ca surgery EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON MY CHART..... and when I asked was asked for the BILLIONTH time what meds I was on, the hospital nurse was the first one to say, “I’ve never heard of it, let me check.” Well, Dr. Coirin came in with bad news. The anesthesiologist said he wouldn’t operate on me when I was taking a medication that blocks all the effects of the surgery meds. DR.COIRIN WAS AN ANGEL TO ME!!!! Dr. Coirin called my addiction specialist who informed him that the dosage I was on now, since decreasing my dose, would work for surgery as long as I was able to get 1.5 times the normal surgery pain meds, then I could switch back to my suboxone to manage the pain. I did NOT want narcotics after surgery. DR.COIRIN WAS AN ANGEL TO ME!!!!He tried to convince the anesthesiologist to do the surgery, he came back to speak to me 3 times, and found a solution that would allow me to have the surgery 2 weeks later, and he cut his conference short to do my surgery. Dr. Coirin talked to me while I cried about getting screwed over on the day I had planned, taken off work, and truly and most importantly the day my life would change, give me hope, save my life. Dr. Coirin from Central Ca. PICK HIM!!!!

Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Starting Weight: 287 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery: 297 lbs
Current Weight: 242 lbs
Goal Weight: 175 lbs
Weight Lost: 45 lbs
BMI: 37
Surgery: Duodenal Switch
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 10/31/2018
Surgery Date: 03/11/2019
Hospital Stay: 3 Days
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 1st Letter Approval
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