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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Sharlanay

    TPN Sleeve leak

    I have a leak in my sleeve which has lead to me being on TPN and blood infection. On my 3rd week. Also have a drain in place draining an abscess. I can’t wait to eat again. Anyone else ever experience this?
  2. Sharlanay

    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    Hanging in there. Not as nauseous but not very patient . How are you doing?
  3. Sharlanay

    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    Oh my goodness! I hope and pray that you heal fast! I do have a nurse that comes . The not eating hasn’t bothered me as much as the not drinking and nauseous feelings. They just checked my abscess, getting better but not enough yet. Patience is not my virtue. Keep me posted on you!
  4. Sharlanay

    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    Hello! I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing? I have a leak and am home on TPN. Please post an update.
  5. Go to the ER! Had same issue twice. Blood infection. Don’t mess around!
  6. Sharlanay


    I was sleeved on 7/29/19! I ended up back in the hospital with a ruptured abscess and blood infection. All cleared up now and doing better! SW 290 cw 240 gw 160
  7. Sharlanay

    Peanut butter?

    Are you ever allowed to have peanut butter again?
  8. Would I be allowed to partake of a cheese ball?
  9. Sharlanay

    Major Milestone

  10. Sharlanay


    Brand new to this group. Looking for like minded individuals. I have made the decision but am going through the process of being patient and walking through the steps. Ready for my new life to begin.
  11. Sharlanay


    Just in my first post op week. How long can I go before I can drink out of a straw again?
  12. I’m a week post op and still cannot walk very far due to the incision and I am just plain worn out. I want to be able to get a lot of steps in but don’t seem to have the energy. Any suggestions?
  13. Hello friends! I’m 52 and just had the sleeve on 7/29/19. What other options are there instead of protein shakes?
  14. I want to drink more water than my sippy cup will allow. But air bubbles are killing me! Any suggestions?
  15. So far I haven’t told anyone that I will be going through this. Has anyone else ever done this?
  16. Sharlanay

    Not telling anyone

    Did you ever tell anyone? I’m sure I will get questions.
  17. Sharlanay

    Monday is D-day :)

    I wish you much luck! Mine is on the 29th! So exciting!!!!!!!
  18. I never thought they would finally call. Had some bumps in the roads but finally got the green light. Thank you for letting me share!
  19. everything has been submitted to insurance. How long does it usually take?
  20. Sharlanay

    New Here

    Hellllllloooooooo! I am new also! Just finished up tests and awaiting my schedule date. I’m in Indiana!
  21. Sharlanay

    New Here

    I’m 52 should have my surgery in June. Getting bloodwork done on Friday and first meeting with the nutritionist. I feel very alone, but know that I have to do it for me. Nice to have you along for the journey!
  22. Sharlanay

    June 2019 sleevers

    Happy to say I will be a member of the June sleevers ! I live in Indiana. So excited!
  23. Sharlanay

    Insurance Approval

    After that week how soon were you scheduled? Appreciate the kind reply.
  24. Sharlanay

    Not telling anyone

    Do you have to have someone care for you once you go home?
  25. Sharlanay


    Just had consultation with Surgeon, meet psychologist tomorrow. But I’m ready to go today!🤔🤔🤔🤔