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  1. Carolina Rose

    August 2019 Check In

    I had RNY (gastric bypass) surgery 8/7/19. I’m down 34 pounds so far. Been stalled the last few days but struggling to increase my protein. It’s harder than I thought it would be but I’m learning to go for higher protein foods. Sw 274 Cw 240
  2. Today I was nervous about starting the purée food stage. I dumped in the hospital from drinking too fast and I was afraid of trying something besides full liquids. I had 3 Oz of very thin grits for breakfast. I ate slow... I use a baby spoon to eat. For lunch I had a 5 Oz Greek yogurt. Then I had 3 Oz of unsweetened applesauce. I felt kinda hungry an hour later. So I reviewed my eating plan. I forgot to drink my 2 protein shakes for the day. Ooops. So now that I’ve had that. (Only one shake) I feel like I’ve eaten a full course meal on a holiday. Geesh I don’t want anything else.
  3. I read something regarding this as far as scar tissue from prior operations (hysterectomy) caused the surgery to be sleeve instead of Rny.
  4. Carolina Rose

    1st day on purée food

    I tried ricotta bake today. I think I could only manage 1.5 Oz it felt heavy. I did eat a soft scrambled egg for breakfast very very slowly but I didn’t really like the texture. It felt odd. Finished my day out with Greek yogurt and protein shakes
  5. Carolina Rose

    1st day on purée food

    I eat really slow. It takes about 20 or more minutes
  6. Carolina Rose

    food journal

    I like using Baritastic.
  7. Carolina Rose

    just wanted to introduce myself and say hello

    Congratulations on your journey
  8. Congratulations on your surgery
  9. You look amazing. Congratulations
  10. Carolina Rose

    Surgery postponed

    I’m so sorry your were postponed. I know the feeling. My surgery was originally for the 19th. The next available date would have been sometime in September. But I ended up getting in on cancelled appointment on the 7th. I’m on the bench now. They don’t have scales here in the room. But I feel lighter already. But that be from the non-stop nausea. I’m still in the hospital until the throwing up stops.
  11. I’m currently waiting to go back for RNY surgery. It’s almost time and I’m so nervous waiting but I know it’s going to be over before I realize it. I’m headed to the Losers Bench to join you guys. Keep me in your prayers.
  12. Carolina Rose

    August 7th my surgery day is here!

    If I have any spelling errors please look past them. Blame it on the meds 😂
  13. Carolina Rose

    August 7th my surgery day is here!

    Thank you 😊
  14. Carolina Rose

    August 7th my surgery day is here!

    Ha ha I’m not crying but hitting something with a baseball bat sounds good to me. Oooh the pressure and pain gets intense but the morphine knocks out the pain and lowers the pressure
  15. Carolina Rose

    August 7th my surgery day is here!

    Thank you Peggo for the prayers.
  16. Carolina Rose

    Starting my new Journey

    Good luck 🍀
  17. Hello Bariatric family. Do you weigh your solid/soft food on a scale? Or are you using a volume method and using a measuring cup to measure ounces? It seems one way will be more food than the other. I am pre-op and scheduled for Bypass surgery this Wednesday August 7th. Thanks in advance.
  18. Thank you very much. I just want to make sure I’m measuring this correctly. I saw someone in another forum post they were eating 10 ounces of food 2 months after surgery. I was thinking that’s quite a bit of food compared to what I see everyone else posting their food intake looks like.
  19. Congratulations that is awesome news! I hope to one day join the 100 pound club. My first goal weight is 180-185. Ultimate goal is anywhere in the 160’s.
  20. Thank you. I’m ready and excited
  21. Hi Peggy. The message I replied with was to Chiptress. I have an iPhone so I only know how to respond using an iPhone. But to reply just hold your finger on the message the person typed and a box will pop up that says quote. Select that and then type your message. It lets that person know you’re responding to them.
  22. I’m following you as well. Thank you!! Good luck to you. I’ll definitely update here
  23. My surgeons office called to tell me good and bad news. Bad news is my surgery date for August 19th had to be canceled due to his assistant being on vacation and the scheduler didn’t know. Now for the GOOD NEWS..... My surgery has been moved up to August 7th and I start the liquid diet immediately. Gosh I’m nervously excited. It’s this coming Wednesday. I’m checking my list to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I’m soooooo ready to start the journey.
  24. @becomingtara I’m in Columbia, South Carolina,USA