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  1. trasib

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    I start pureed foods today. Finally. :). That chicken salad sounds amazing!! Having a very off day today- stuck indoors again due to weather and I am going stir crazy.
  2. trasib

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    Drinking is a little rough. Not sure if it’s the gas pains or the new stomach being all salty, but I’m trying to get some liquid Tylenol down with a little water and it isn’t feeling great
  3. trasib

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    Surgery date - yesterday!! Rough night last night with a lot of pain that ended up being due to the gas they pump in you. No one here let’s you sleep either. ;). I’m about 14 hours post op now and feeling pretty good- 7 walks under my belt, keeping water down and I am dreaming of jello. ;)
  4. i had some mild heartburn pre Gastric sleeve back in 2015. Nothing I would ever classify as terrible - I and my doctor attributed it to a side effect of carrying so much extra weight. Fast forward to today. I have major GERD, all the makings of Barretts, a healthy hernia I've named Herbert and reflux levels off the charts. I am going in for a revision from sleeve to RNY on Wednesday. My surgeon (same for both procedures) wishes he had gone with his gut and ordered the EGD before surgery last time as his method may have changed. I dont blame him one bit, however, and we're both pretty sure it came about as a result of the sleeve- both are known complications, unfortunately Whatever you decide is best for you - I wish you all the luck in the world!
  5. Good luck to you tomorrow - I'll be watching for your updates Someone else said it here but please - let them know about your anxiety and they will help you with some - I think they said "Happy Juice". My first surgery was an emergency procedure about 10 years ago and I was a wreck. They anticipate nerves and WILL help you through it. Remember to breathe! We're all behind you!!
  6. trasib

    January surgeries?!

    love adding the crystal light to protein shakes! Also found a LOT of options for sugar free puddings and flavorings through Abundant Life foods. Their blue raspberry is crazy good. I'm curious as to if anyone has any experience or opinions when it comes to herbalife products. I used their protein powders in the past to maintain, and like their flavors/textures so much better than other options I have found, but also worry that maybe its not the best for the WLS side.
  7. trasib

    January surgeries?!

    aah! Ok. Thanks!
  8. trasib

    January surgeries?!

    13 days to go for me. Starting all liquids tomorrow. That should be interesting... :)
  9. trasib

    January surgeries?!

    Wanda McK- my surgery twin! :).
  10. trasib

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    Congrats and good luck Alexandro!!
  11. trasib

    January surgeries?!

    January 16th here - I was hoping for a December date, but thanks to my insurance requiring a specific hospital, January it is. Ironically, I start the presurgical diet on New Years Day - quite the new years resolution!

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