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  1. Lovingmyselfforever


    Yesterday and today I am wiping orange after I pee/poop. Has anyone experienced this? I am 3 months post op?
  2. Lovingmyselfforever


    They did blood work and urine test. All tests came back normal. I was told to follow up with primary doctor if it continues. I also had a bad cough so got a prescription called Bromfed? I advised dr about not getting anything with NSAIDS...anyone taken this cough syrup?
  3. Lovingmyselfforever


    No changes. I went ahead came to ER. I’m not in any pain.
  4. Lovingmyselfforever

    Tension headache

    What can I take for tension headache?
  5. Lovingmyselfforever


    I am now 4 1/2weeks post op. The first 2 weeks I drank the powder multivitamin lemonade flavor now I can’t stand it. So 3rd week I tried the chewable Bariatric Multivitamin with 45 mg of iron it was awful. So this week I tried capsule Bariatric with 45 mg iron once a day I swallowed it but it felt stuck in my throat then just felt nausea. Just wondering what else to do? I hadn’t tried gummies is that any better?
  6. Day 6 post op only 3 lbs down. I’ve been on full liquids. Thought I would’ve lost more. Is this normal?
  7. Lovingmyselfforever

    Pinching Pain after surgery ?

    I just recently start feeling this. I’m 3 weeks post op. Hurts so bad.
  8. I was able to get 6 weeks off.
  9. Lovingmyselfforever


    Today is 3 days post op. The Fluid going down is uncomfortable when will this stop?
  10. Lovingmyselfforever

    New feelings

    I am 10 days post op. I get that same cramp feeling the last 5 days when I’m in bed.
  11. Lovingmyselfforever

    Blister with fluid

    I noticed this when Bandages were removed at home. I called dr office and sent picture. I was advised to pop so fluid can drained, clean with antibacterial soap and pat dry. Anyone else get this?
  12. Lovingmyselfforever

    Blister with fluid

    Makes sense. I drained the fluid but don't like how it looks now.
  13. Lovingmyselfforever

    Blister with fluid

    This is what it looks like one day later
  14. Lovingmyselfforever

    7 days Post OP

    My surgery was 10/24 I got home yesterday from the hospital and noticed the same left pain in my chest, again today.
  15. Lovingmyselfforever

    Can I color my hair?

    Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I gave a few days off before then. Do you think it’s ok to touch up my color I have lots of grey..lol. Also I get my eyelash extensions refilled every 2 weeks should I get that out the way too?
  16. Lovingmyselfforever

    Pre op Liquid Diet

    So in 5 days I begin all liquids before surgery. Did anyone just buy soup at restaurant and just drink the liquid part. I’m dreading this! Any ideas or suggestions please send my way. Thank you.
  17. I was wondering if anyone that got endoscopy had a chest X-ray? I got mine done in August. When I went last week for my preop appointment the dr said there was aspiration in my lungs. He said before surgery they will do a catscan. Just wondering will this postpone my sleeve surgery...anyone go through this?
  18. Lovingmyselfforever

    My surgery date is coming

    Mine is October 24th and I am so nervous too!!!
  19. Lovingmyselfforever

    Aflac Coverage

    I am so glad to hear that!
  20. Lovingmyselfforever

    Aflac Coverage

    Does anyone have Aflac Short term disability and hospital confinement? Just wondering if anyone that had the sleeve was able to use while in the hospital and off work. My surgery is October 24th and dr will keep me off for 6 weeks.
  21. So I keep reading that many women are very fertile after surgery. Any success stories from women in their 40’s?
  22. Lovingmyselfforever

    Fertile after surgery in 40’s

    Wow that is amazing! I ho Wow that is amazing! I hope I will also get pregnant after sleeve. Thanks for sharing this gives me hope!
  23. Lovingmyselfforever

    Starting weight 225 lbs

    I would like to hear from the people that started this journey at 225lbs or less. I am scared I may loose to much weight.My surgery date is October 24th. I am 5’5 41 years old. Would love to hear your stats before and after sleeve.
  24. Lovingmyselfforever

    Starting weight 225 lbs

    Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your weight loss. I hope you get to 170! How long ago was your surgery?
  25. Lovingmyselfforever

    Starting weight 225 lbs

    Thank you that replied. This makes me feel so much better knowing the info you shared.