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  1. Good morning beautiful people! I’m scheduled for surgery TOMORROW 8/28 with an arrival of 830. Im excited, nervous and scared. I know this may be a little crazy but can you all who have had the surgery tell what I should expect? From check in, to the preop area, to going into a operating room and then waking up afterwards. I’m scared I’m going to wake up and have an anxiety attack 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I know this is weird but I like to be prepared and it’s my first surgery so I’m a MESS!
  2. Auroragirl4489

    Weight loss in first month

    26lbs the first month. My surgery was 8/28 and as of today I’m 60lbs down. My pouch is very restricted. Actually have to do an endoscopy stretching next month hopefully they can get me in sooner
  3. Hey guys and gals! So as of today I am 6 weeks post op. Per my Nut I can eat all foods at this point. What signs did you know you were full? I can’t tell. I am not eating a lot, it feels as though after a few bites it’s coming back up. Am I doing something wrong? I am still eating softer foods, like chicken (dark meat), tuna, eggs. I just would like for the throwing up to stop.
  4. Auroragirl4489

    Post op 1 week with my menstral cycle.

    I got mine 3 days after surgery soon as I got home. And I was on blood thinners. Cramps plus incision pain OMG! Horrible but you’ll get through it. And hopefully you were sent home with pain killers.
  5. Auroragirl4489

    Anyone regretting this?

    My surgeon actually allowed me to go in during business hours when i got dehydrated instead of going to the ER. Now that I’m further out I can drink more water. Crazy part is my body didn’t like filtered water. Only thing I could keep down was ice faucet water. Which I NEVER drunk before surgery. Now that I’m 7 weeks out I can handle bottled water but i have to add lemon. I still prefer faucet water. It’s weird how everything changes. Take it one day at a time. Best of luck
  6. Auroragirl4489

    How do you know when your full?

    Thank u soooo much I’ll check out the recipes. I haven’t ate a lot of the solids because I’m afraid of what may happening.
  7. Auroragirl4489

    How do you know when your full?

    I’m never interested in food anymore lol I just eat because I know I have to. If i could I’d stick to shakes forever lol. And thank u i will reach out to my dr. He thought i might have a stricture but then said could be still swollen (2 weeks ago) Vomit stopped now it’s back again. I think I’m doing something wrong but I’d rather be safe than sorry
  8. Auroragirl4489

    How do you know when your full?

    Thank you all for responding! I don’t throw up every meal seems to be more at dinner time and i think they maybe when I’m the hungriest. But i notice the burping or gargling. I never thought that was a sign but now I will be more mindful.
  9. Auroragirl4489

    Drain Tube Woes

    Omg it felt weird when he pulled it out (doesn’t hurt) but afterwards it was such a relief!
  10. Auroragirl4489

    Panic attacks over surgery

    I completely understand. I luckily had Xanax to calm my nerves. But my therapist suggested just going over why your having the surgery. Don’t let negative thoughts control you. The pain is temporary and the other part I won’t even mention. You will be fine. Congratulations
  11. Auroragirl4489

    Surgical drain

    I had a drain when I left the hospital I also had RNY. Was taken out at my 1 week postop appt. wasn’t that bad, it’s uncomfortable to sleep with. Taking a shower was challenging for sure! it felt funny when he took it out. It’ll be fine
  12. Auroragirl4489

    Aunt flo is killing me! Any advice?

    This is my second period since surgery and I’m HURTING! First probably not so much since i was in pain killers. I never had cramps or heavy flow this early on in period (day 1). What do you all use for pain? This liquid Tylenol is not helping and is this normal after surgery?
  13. Auroragirl4489

    Pasta and weight stall!!!! :o

    So i lost 18 lbs my first week, my doctor advised me not to be surprised if i only loose 5lbs max at my next weigh in. I ended up loosing 8 at my 3rd week appt. I would be fine with loosing 2/3 pounds a week. Just seeing the scale move in the opposite direction is amazing. Long as you are following the plan you will be fine. Good luck
  14. Auroragirl4489

    Last minute payment

    Most hospitals check with your insurance a day or so before surgery for the most up to date info. Is this your deductible or out of pocket max? I’m sorry this is happening to you.
  15. Auroragirl4489

    Choosing a surgery ...

    You will have an appetite, I’ve had the RNY and am hungry. However my body cannot handle much at this point. I’m very restricted
  16. Auroragirl4489

    Packing for Surgery

    Only thing I used while in the hospital was my chapstick (they provide some but I like the brand I buy) and my charger. What i wore to the hospital which was a slip on dress is what i wore home. I recommend bringing your own heating pad. It took my nurse forever to get one ordered. Good luck with everything
  17. So i had my RNY on 8/28. Met with my nutritionist yesterday and was told tea was fine just watch the sugar. I started drinking Snapple diet peach with only 5 calories. I feel fine. Never been a tea drinker but it taste yummy lol. I think every dr makes up their own rules. You’ll learn what’s best for your body as you go along. Your stomach won’t be shy to let you know! Good luck with everything!
  18. Mine is making me wait til I’m at 1 month post op which is next Tuesday so I think at 6 weeks your good to go
  19. Auroragirl4489


    So I was in so pain probably they first week but had pain pump in hospital the first 24 hours then had to crush oxycodone. I’m the biggest baby ever so lol and the worst of the pain was in the hospital. Tylenol only now if anything hurts. I’m almost 4 weeks out
  20. Auroragirl4489

    October 2nd surgery date!

    Good luck with your surgery. Use your boyfriend’s doubt and show him you can and will. It definitely isn’t an easy journey but so worth it.
  21. Yeah I’m taking 6 weeks as well mine said normally 3 weeks but can offer up to 6 which I took to be safe. I have good and bad days.
  22. Auroragirl4489

    Surgery Tomorrow !

    Congratulations! You got this, and have a speedy recovery
  23. Auroragirl4489


    I’m so sorry to hear that i hope it does get easier
  24. Auroragirl4489

    Surgery/recovery room timeframes

    Lol i don’t remember much either. I know I remember my Dr saying hello in the OR, finding out I was getting a catheter soon as I went to sleep (not happy) and then the anesthesiologist saying I’m about to get sleepy. Next thing I know people kept calling my name. I remember my mom coming to the post op area and I was crying because they only let her stay for a minute. Then the nurse kept saying push your pain button but I was in so much pain and so drugged up to even lift anything lol. I remember the guy in the curtain over being loud AF trying to take his gown off and the nurse kept telling him he can’t do that lol. Next thing I know I woke up in my room crying AGAIN but this time my mom was on the couch.