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  1. lessismore1001

    Mini to RNY

    Hey, Has anyone here converted from a mini to an RNY?
  2. So I had my mini 3yrs ago. About 6-7 weeks ago I had some chicken salad and filled up way too quickly. That night severe pain. After that I could not even look at food for 4 days (unheard of). I could drink. Since then pain on and off but feeling really unwell. Sometimes the feeling of eating too many green apples - kinda acidic. Sometimes just upset abdomen and discomfort. I am just not feeling right at all. I spoke to the surgeon today and he said I need a gastroscopy but told him I had one 2mths ago and was normal so sending him. I am also to have an Upper GI swallow. I asked him if it can seriously be a complication 3yrs later and he said yes. Anyone else??
  3. lessismore1001

    Foul flatulence and stools

    i Haven't been in here for a long time but wanted to respond to this post. Firstly, I am no angel in the eating department but have found that the more fat I eat, the more I fart and they stink. When I keep the fat in my day lower, it is 100% more controlled. Fat also has a tremendous effect on poo. It tends to pass right thru so the more fat you eat, the more runny and stinky the poo. Don't get me wrong. The poo smell is revolting but I find the better I eat, say with a lot of vegetables in the day, I'm in a much better position. I eat dairy but too much makes me extremely gassy. So if I want an ice cream or frozen yogurt, I'll follow the first spoon with a chaser of lactaid tablet!
  4. Am still deciding on my surgery and had never really considered (or known much about) DS till I came here. So, do most of you choose DS because its much harder to put on weight later? Do you go into the surgery knowing that most likely you will have this foul smelling poo and horrible stinky fart problem I am reading about? This part scares the crap out of me. What do you think are the pros/cons vs RNY. Both are such big decisions....
  5. So for the last few days I have had some real discomfort. I can eat and drink but fill up sooner (not so terrible). I have some real tenderness on the upper left abdomen and feel bloated. Not constipated. I am seeing my doc later in the week but wondering if anyone has any ideas?
  6. lessismore1001

    discomfort and pain 15 months later

    No answers. It took about 4 days but the pain subsided and disappeared. 2nd time its happened.
  7. lessismore1001

    discomfort and pain 15 months later

    nothing to do with food. have been eating really well and nothing in my diet changed. definitely something mechanical methinks, especially with the tenderness.
  8. lessismore1001

    discomfort and pain 15 months later

    Ugh was very afraid of an answer like this one Fluffy. Thanks for that....OMG by the way WOW....you've done so so well. Congratulations!! I am sure you look ahhhhmazing! Go you! (have messaged my doc....here's hoping its nothing dramatic)
  9. lessismore1001

    Pain and tenderness

    So I am 1 year from surgery. Yesterday I felt a bit off. I have some pain and tenderness in the upper left area of my belly under the ribs. I am not constipated and although not so hungry can keep food down no problems (so know it's not a blockage). Any ideas? It's not so sore moving around but hurts when prodding around. Ideas?
  10. lessismore1001


    I actually just posted about this. Can you guys who used Saxenda after surgery tell me how you went? Kept it off? Was it good? Am desperate to get rid of last 30 pounds
  11. Hello, I had a revision from Lap-band to Mini-bypass exactly 1 year ago. It wasn't the greatest success. I lost about 47 pounds but still have 33 to go. My doc and dietitian are both happy as they said this is average for revision, age etc. I am not happy at all. I have seen several people have success with the injection Saxenda. I was wondering if anyone had any drug help to lose the last of the weight. I still have a hefty amount to go and its not moving. Yes I have some hurdles incl Thyroid and some other issues but really, really want to progress further. I was never happy with the revision. I wish I had done RNY. I NEVER had the full button. I can eat any amount without issue which I was so disappointed in. Obviously, I really don't try and take advantage of this but have a very good appetite. Did anyone go this route with success?
  12. lessismore1001

    Mini vs RNY

    Anyone regret not doing RNY instead of Mini?
  13. lessismore1001

    30g protein bars

    Anyone discover a delicious tasting protein bar with 30g protein and under 220 calories..?? Can't look at shakes anymore and need something to bump up my protein some days. I know I can use unflavored powder but looking for an alternative and something a bit delicious.
  14. Has anyone heard of or used Devrom. It's an internal deodorant? Success stories? I am sooo hoping someone says yes - I am getting desperate.
  15. lessismore1001

    is this a stinky gas cure/help?

    do you take beano at every meal because it doesn't work just taking it whenever. The only dairy I had today was a cappuccino and small cereal - leaving most of the milk and OMG today has been vile. Honestly, I just don't want to leave home...that bad
  16. lessismore1001

    30g protein bars

    I bought on Vitacost.com = box of 12 $24.99 I saw them at Target for a box of 4 for $7.99
  17. lessismore1001

    30g protein bars

    Ok so am going to answer my own question.. I don't mind Quest bars, I've been using them for years but am so sick of them. So, I have taken one for the team and been testing. I have found a winner - ONE bars are 20g protein, around 200-220 calories, have some fat and are delicious! The fat plus protein are really satisfying. The different flavors are great. Go forth and try..
  18. lessismore1001


    How long did your hairless actually go on for? My hair is SO think I am freaking out. I mean I can see my scalp. I already take it all.. Biotin 10000 and Viviscal. Been taking since long before the surgery.
  19. lessismore1001

    Protein water

    Suggestions for best tasting protein water either full bottles or concentrate?
  20. lessismore1001

    restarting pilates

    Of course I will seek doctors advice, but wondering from pain/comfort experience, when do you think I could restart Pilates (core stability work) after RNY?
  21. lessismore1001

    September bypass buddies??

    weaning off coffee... (till we can be re-united again). The countdown is real people, 9 days to go. Totally terrified.
  22. lessismore1001

    What are slider foods?

    From all the things I've read and watched - cottage is a really popular RNY food to eat. The way I see it...if 4oz of cottage cheese fills you up, then it's done its job and hasn't 'slid' through.
  23. lessismore1001

    September bypass buddies??

    Me!!!! September 13...can't wait!
  24. lessismore1001

    Poop and age

    I have just had a conversation with a 2 yr middle aged sleever. She told me her Gastric Surgeon steered her towards sleeve because she said as you get much older with the bypass you sometimes can’t hold the poop and often when you’re eating it literally goes straight through you. Anyone heard or experienced this?
  25. lessismore1001

    Clear Fluids

    What did you drink during the clear fluids stage?

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