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  1. Fluffy Grandma

    Favorite non scale victory

    I love clothes shopping now. It’s been a long time since I fit in every piece of clothing I bring into the fitting room. It’s no longer about what I can get on, but simply what I like! At a size 10/12, (from a 22/24) I can shop at pretty much any clothing store I want.
  2. Fluffy Grandma

    Abnormal EKG

    Exactly! Mine was abnormal so they did an echocardiogram/stress test. Other than a slight murmur it was all good. WLS surgery went on as planned.
  3. Fluffy Grandma

    Not allowed to lose or gain pre-op?

    I was at that same place last year. It’s like walking a tightrope!! Very stressful!
  4. Ditto on the collagen peptides. My nails were tearing like a newborn at 5/6 months. Between my water, vitamins, extra biotin and this stuff they’ve come back nice and strong. I started taking it because my face was looking lined and dry. Adding the collagen has really helped with that too. There’s only so much you can do but every little bit helps.
  5. That is weird. I shaved my legs the previous day vs that morning because I didn’t know if the stuff they give you to shower with would burn. But four days? That doesn’t make sense to me
  6. Fluffy Grandma

    Hit the elusive 169# !

    I hit 169.4 today!! I’ve not been under 170 lbs since the early nineties. That was using Phen-Fen, which was banned. Since then no matter what diet I’ve done, I get to 172 and no further. I would then get discouraged and gain it all back, plus some. I’ve been bouncing around 171/172 for weeks now. Totally skipped 170 and weighed in at 169.4.!!! This makes my goal feel so much more attainable 😁
  7. Fluffy Grandma

    I'm 60. Anyone else over 50 doing RNY?

    I’m 59 yrs old. I had RNY six months ago and I’m 71 lbs down. My DH is 64 and had it done this past spring. He’s down over 100 lbs. We’re both doing very well with no unexpected issues.
  8. Fluffy Grandma

    Hit the elusive 169# !

    My starting weight was 241. Then 224 at gastric bypass surgery in August. That nbr of 170 has been like a springboard every time I lose weight. I get that far and then right back up I go so this was so encouraging. I’ve heard that alot of yoyo dieters have a certain setpoint that they just can’t seem to get past. This was mine.
  9. Fluffy Grandma

    Serving size-3 months post op

    At 3 months I could eat between 1/2 and 3/4 cup of food per meal.
  10. I had a surgery date before insurance approval. I thought it odd but that’s how they do it. I’m pretty sure they know by experience who’s going to be approved.
  11. Fluffy Grandma

    Gastric or Sleeve which is better?

    I have to say that my decision was made by the fact that I had horrible GERD already so I wasn’t going to risk that being possibly even worse with the sleeve. Combine that with the number of people going back to have the sleeve to bypass conversion and my decision was made. My Dr. gave me all the pros and cons of both surgeries and gave me a recommendation, but ultimately the decision was mine.
  12. Fluffy Grandma


    Shopping in regular sizes! My Mom wanted to go shopping at Dressbarn. I wasn’t really looking for anything as I have a mountain of clothes to go through first. While she was in the plus size side of the store, I figured I’d wander over to the “regular” side of the store. Great sales this week so what the heck! I found a really pretty crocheted top with 3/4 sleeves on clearance in an XL. I figured I’d fit in it soon anyway so I bought it. When I got home I decided to try it on and see how far I had to go before It fit. Holy krap, it fit!! I started pulling the XL’s out of my closet and most of them fit. That was two days ago and I’m still smiling.
  13. Fluffy Grandma


    I have the same mutation. I take 1000 mcg of L-5 MTHF lozenges. The brand is Seeking Health. I buy them from Amazon.
  14. Fluffy Grandma

    Day 4 since my surgery

    I just discovered Ocean Spray Diet 5 ! I like the Cran-Blackberry. 5 calories, 1 gm sugar. Sweetened with sucralose. Lots of flavors. Didn’t care for the cran-mango though...
  15. Fluffy Grandma

    Medical Alert ID

    I have a tag on my keychain with the doctors information as well as a “Nomination” type bracelet with the appropriate medical ID links on it. No BLIND NG tube, NO NSAIDS.
  16. Fluffy Grandma

    Is your weight loss surgeon morbidly obese?

    At the Bariatric practice I go to everyone seems to be of average weight. There are a couple office staff that are on the chunky side but nobody obese that I’ve seen. The 3 surgeons are fit and fabulous. That said, I have seen cardiologists that should lose some lbs and hairdressers with frizzy fried hair.
  17. I was told that once you have your insurance approval, it doesn’t matter. I sweat bullets til my approval. Once that came through I was free to lose some weight. I have Medicare BCBS. I had my bypass in August and am doing great.
  18. Fluffy Grandma

    Surgery today!

    Good luck!! You’ve got this!!
  19. Fluffy Grandma

    So Who do You Look Like?

    If you’re talking celebrities, I’ve been told Cybill Shepard. Other than that, I hear alot of “you look just like my sister, cousin, niece” kind of stuff.
  20. Fluffy Grandma

    Onederland! (Barely)

    RNY 8/13/2018. Onederland!! The scale had been flickering this at me for days but just wouldn’t settle on it. I Haven’t been here in awhile. Next goal is 180.
  21. Fluffy Grandma

    Onederland! (Barely)

    Congratulations to you! Ya know what? As long as that nbr on the scale is heading downward, I’m not going to worry about how fast. I’ve lost weight fast quite a few times and it came back even faster.
  22. Fluffy Grandma

    Onederland! (Barely)

    Surgery weight was 224.
  23. Fluffy Grandma

    Anticoagulant injections

    I had to do 20 days of Lovenox. Husband had to do 10.
  24. Fluffy Grandma

    Milestone hit! 100lbs down!! Wooohooo!

    Excellent achievement! Congratulations!
  25. Fluffy Grandma


    I went through the same. Initial BMI was 41. I was told don’t gain anything, but don’t lose either. It was very stressful. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield in NY. I lost a few lbs but not too much. It took forever for them to approve me but they did. That little bit of weight loss showed I was trying. It’s better than gaining!

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