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  1. Wow... that says I need a 36 I, lol. No way. I was 35 in on the band and 44 in around the bust, but I have always worn a D or DD depending on my weight. The one I am wearing now fits like a dream and is a DD, I imagine they would just drip to the bottom of an H or I cupsize and leave the top full of air ; ) I also have to bend over and pour them into the bra... I see a breast lift in my future dreams.
  2. I love the top, and it looks great on you!
  3. I didn't really need any extra care or help. My husband wanted to hover/help, but I knew that the more I moved around the sooner I would feel better. I wanted to get up and move around for circulation and to prevent blood clots, and also to work out trapped air.
  4. I think things like eggs, chicken salad, tuna salad, Tilipia or other fish would be easy options for Protein even after the puree stage. You will limited to 2-4 oz per meal/snack.... you should be able to make workable meals until you get implants. Even cooked broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, etc... shouldn't pose a problem.
  5. 1 scoop of the Isopure has the best numbers. I personally like the Syntrax Nectars.
  6. liannatx

    Help needed

    I wasn't allowed Vitamins until 7 days post op, but I still had bad reflux the first week. I took the Omeprazole twice daily and it got rid of it. Did your surgeon put you on a PPI? I would call the office and explain your symptoms and see what they recommend.
  7. You will not be eating big meas of pureed foods you don't like. There is room for choice here. I didn't really puree anything. Progresssing from liquids I added things allowed in the "puree" stage... cottage cheese, tuna and chicken salad, soft scrambled eggs, refried Beans with cheese, etc.. Seriously, at that stage I was only consuming 2 oz anyway. A little egg for Breakfast, a few bites of chicken salad... they were a great break from the shakes and liquids.
  8. I will be thinking about you tomorrow!
  9. liannatx

    Help need breakfast ideas for traveling

    The Syntrax blend really easy with just a spoon, they don't clump or leave floating chunks like some of the mixes do. Yes, the fruit flavors are best mixed with water. Fuzzy Navel is a flavor that I see a lot of people like, tastes like Tang. The Cappucinno is my favorite.
  10. Buy some refried Beans... they are pinto beans already mashed. Nice source of Protein and Fiber. Heat and top with some cheese and salsa... or just grated cheese. Yum! Canned pinto beans are good if you add some seasonings. I like onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapenos... but I am Southern, and love the spicy and highly seasoned foods. Heat refried bean (which are pinto beans) and do a spoonful with some soft scrambled egg and top with cheese.
  11. liannatx

    I can EAT!

    Refried beans with cheese and yogurt were heavenly!
  12. @careya123 Not thick or chalky at all. The fruity flavors are great mixed with Water. The Nectars flavors are like Jolly Ranchers or Starburst. They have 24g Protein with 100 calories and 0 sugar or carbs per serving... worth trying.
  13. liannatx

    Worried about pre-op diet

    Variety is what saved me on the pre-op diet, and the liquid portion of the post op diet. Swanson Mexican tortilla broth, Mio flavored Water, Crystal Lights, Vitamin water Zero, Gatorade G2, Egg Drop Soup, Unsweet teas, flavored hot teas, etc... Syntrax Nectars were what I found to be my favorite Protein drink but the Premier Protein are also good. The first few days are the hardest, but you can do this.
  14. Yes. Search nprcowboy..... he went through the ringer, and is still positive.
  15. liannatx

    OK Ladies, kinda embarrasing question for you all

    My lowest incision is 12 in from my vagina! When they told me to undress and put on the gown, I left my panties on. I asked the nurses that came to wheel me to surgery if I could leave my underwear on.... and they said "No, naked under the gown." I told them good, that I was. I woke after surgery in a fresh hospital gown and my same black panties. Maybe it is a hygiene issue, or something besides surgical, for your surgeon? Seems odd.
  16. liannatx

    Post op day 4

    That is great! You should start feeling daily now... those first days are the toughest.
  17. liannatx

    Protein shake-need help!

    Syntrax Nectars in any of the fruit flavors... and mix it with Water. It has extremely good nutrition stats too: 24 g Protein, 100 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar. It is also whey Protein Isolate, which is what is recommended for us.
  18. liannatx

    All Of Me. Wow.

    Haven't seen it... thanks for the link.
  19. I am a revision. I was banded for 9 years... but it was empty for the last several years due to repeated slips and scar tissue. I am having success with the Sleeve. I am losing slowly, but it is coming off. I have lost 65 lbs, which puts me exactly at 65% to goal. I have no regrets in choosing Sleeve.
  20. liannatx

    Honest Opinions Needed -- photo included

    I also like the black and white one.... in fact, I want it!
  21. liannatx

    Home Gym Equipment

    I love the idea of a fitness walk in the backyard! What exercises are easy to do at the points?
  22. liannatx

    Before/After Photos at Goal

    You ladies look amazing!
  23. liannatx

    My own experience

    Good luck! I was also self-pay. I went across the border to Dr. Alvarez in Piedras Negras. I am very happy I decided to do this, it is life changing. I look forward to you sharing your journey and progress. I lived in Harlingen for 10 years. It is so pretty there in the valley, so green... I miss my palm trees, St Augustine, and beautiful yard lol. I now have West Texas bermuda grass and tumbleweeds : (
  24. liannatx

    I DID IT! I Reached My Goal!

    Well done! You look fantastic and very happy.

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