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  1. liannatx

    Taking Off Work?

    I was off 6 days. It was do-able with no lifting, but the tiredness is REAL. Your body needs to recover.
  2. Solids or soft pureed on your plan? I started with Tilipia. Did fine with 2 oz. Solids don't seem to take as much as the purees to hit the satisfied point.
  3. I ate chicken salad almost every day at that stage. Canned chicken breast makes it super easy to make also.
  4. liannatx

    I went protein crazy!

    Syntrax Nectars! I liked the Isopure over ice, and really liked the Syntrax Nectars mixed with Water and over ice. I still keep a container of Cappuccino for the random mornings I drink a Protein instead of having some Breakfast.
  5. liannatx

    Nail polish/Acrylic nails

    I kept nails on, I was told I could with a french manicure. I took my toenail polish off.
  6. Egg drop soup! Strain or puree, it was heavenly. Felt like a "real food" treat.
  7. You look fabulous! Very inspirational.
  8. liannatx

    Isopure zero carb flavours

    ​The Peach Mango flavor is the absolute worst in my opinion. Most of the others are good to tolerable for me. With 40 g Protein per bottle, they are also good if you mix half and half with Water and add some Mio or Crystal Light in a flavor that you like. That also lets you split the bottle into two servings of 20g protein and helps with fluids.
  9. ​The regret should pass as you heal and are able to get more fluids and foods down. I hope this happens soon for you. Like most of us (once fully healed) I only regret not doing it sooner!
  10. Wow... that says I need a 36 I, lol. No way. I was 35 in on the band and 44 in around the bust, but I have always worn a D or DD depending on my weight. The one I am wearing now fits like a dream and is a DD, I imagine they would just drip to the bottom of an H or I cupsize and leave the top full of air ; ) I also have to bend over and pour them into the bra... I see a breast lift in my future dreams.
  11. Syntrax Nectars. The fruity flavors mix easily in Water with no clumping. Mixed with water it has 100 calories, 0 carbs, and 24 g of whey isolate Protein.
  12. I love the top, and it looks great on you!
  13. liannatx

    Vacation season...What are your plans?

    Anything with water! Cruise with hubby, neice and nephew in June. Planning an all girl trip to camp out and float a river in June also. We are spoiled girls, so will take a camper or get a room... have to have AC and toilet, lol! Hubby and I will most likely also take a trip to New Braunfels to go tubing or rafting, we do every summer! Will be so much more fun at this size!!!
  14. I didn't really need any extra care or help. My husband wanted to hover/help, but I knew that the more I moved around the sooner I would feel better. I wanted to get up and move around for circulation and to prevent blood clots, and also to work out trapped air.
  15. I think things like eggs, chicken salad, tuna salad, Tilipia or other fish would be easy options for Protein even after the puree stage. You will limited to 2-4 oz per meal/snack.... you should be able to make workable meals until you get implants. Even cooked broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, etc... shouldn't pose a problem.
  16. 1 scoop of the Isopure has the best numbers. I personally like the Syntrax Nectars.
  17. liannatx

    Before & After pics

    Looking great, and happy!
  18. liannatx

    Losing shoe size?

    Yes, I have lost half to a full shoe size. I can wear insoles in most of my shoes and have them still fit, which is actually great as it makes them more comfortable. I only a have a few pair, plus my favorite black boots, that are just flat out too big.
  19. liannatx

    Isopure drinks

    @saasycat@bypassdoll Have you tried the Syntrax Nectars? They are fruity StarBurst like flavors that mix great with Water. More like Kool Aid. 100 calories, 0 carb, 24 g Protein.
  20. liannatx

    Isopure drinks

    Yes, some flavors are good... some aren't. I personally gag on the Peach Mango.
  21. Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt has 80 calories and 12g Protein. Fat free. The Key Lime is really good.
  22. liannatx

    Best Tasting Protien Shake?

    Premier Protein or Syntrax Nectars.
  23. liannatx


    I love pinto beans and refried beans.