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  1. Was just wondering where everyone was from?
  2. jemma

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Weight before surgery- 321 lbs Date of surgery 3/6/12 Current weight 217.0 Total weight loss- 104lbs
  3. Well I haven't posted anything in quite a while. But here's my story I guess. I have always been over weight as long as a can remember. Life hasn't always been so easy as most of u can agree. But I got my surgery on march 6. My highest weight was 321. The day of my surgery I was 300. Post op was a little rough for me. My husband is in a wheelchair so doing things around the house was hard and lets just say being home was very stressfull to say the least. There was no one to go walk with or go to the gym and for some reason i really dont like doing things alone )Food wise At first my husband was very supportive emotionally which was great. But then When I started on soft foods everything went down Hill. I live in the country so the nearest gym is 30mins away and is really crappy Lol. My husband yells about how much food I waste cause I buy something and can't finish it before it goes bad. Which I can't help that stores don't have pouch friendly sized portions lol not to Mention lately I can't stand the taste of pretty much any food. I feel like I went from being fat and eating everything I'll say lol to being fat and anorexic. I don't have the motivation to go To the gym or pretty much do anything. Complications from surgery I got an ulcer cause I started smoking again cause I was stressed and now I can't seem to quit. And both of my Legs are numb I went to the doctor and she said well just wait to u go to the surgeon and they can figure it out well that's not for months ain't helping me now. I tried to be positive and reward my self for the weight ive lost and went and got a new tattoo but of course it got infected just my luck. I've just become soooo depressed I don't know what to do with my self and of course in not losing any weight cause I'm barely eating at all if I do eat anythig. I am starting to Regret this surgery it's making my life harder then it already was not sure what to do Anymore I just want to scream and cry! I've only lost 45lb since surgery and 66 all together but yet I can't be happy thanks for Listening
  4. jemma


    I can soooo relate I've been breaking out Sooo bad on my face since surgery and nothing I Do helps
  5. jemma


    Tonight I made mashed califlower instead of mashed potatoes OMG was it good. My pouchie is being grouchy though a lot of gas good thing gas ex is good tasting lol soooo worth it anyone else try mashed califlower?
  6. jemma


    I quit smoking with chaotic before surgery and stayed smoke free till about a month after surgery and made the mistake of starting again im now almost 3 months out and I'm still smoking I've gotten an ulcer which at first was very painful to say the least. I've tried using chantix again but it doesn't work now. Just burns the heck out of my pouch. I felt much better when i was smoke free.
  7. jemma


    I never felt hungry or full. I'm a little over 2 months out and I do feel hungry but after a few bites I feel like I'm very very full. I would say best advice for her would be to make sure she is measuring all her food.
  8. March 11.2012 6 days after surgery 300lbs May 19.2012 down to 264
  9. Know we all go threw stalls buuuut I have been stuck at the same weight for over a month. anyone got any advice to help start losing again I'm only 2 months out I talked to the PA at my surgeons office and she said a stall should never last more then 2 weeks so Monday I'll call the Nut but I figured I'd ask people who might have been threw it first. Please help!
  10. So here goes I'm about 2 months out I've lost 46 lbs (21 of it before surgery) so that's only about 25lbs since surgery. I can't seem to really eat anything. I've tried a million different protien shakes and all of them make me sick. I can't stand the taste of Tuna or cottage cheese anymore it now makes me sick I know I'm only Getting a very low amount of protien in I started back to work and am working alot so no time for exercise by the time I get home clean and make my husband dinner it's time for bed. I just don't know what to do I'm getting so depressed not sure what to do with myself anymore I am thankful for the weight I've lost so far but am Regretting gettin the surgery now everything I eat I throw back up except for yogurt. I feel like I'm bulimic. I just wanna scream!!!!
  11. jemma

    Pain In Stomach

    Did u call the doctor I've heard of people getting obstructions in their bowels. Maybe take a laxative
  12. jemma

    Pain In Stomach

    I've been having the Mae problems . I called my doctor this am she told me it might be the beging of an ulcer and told me to take my Prilosec twice Adam instead of once and if it doesn't go away in a month to call her cause it might be my gallbladder she didn't seem very concerned at all.. To bad I am very concerned lol
  13. jemma

    Feeling Like A Failure

    Don't worry so much everyone is different and loose at different Paces. I've had some stalls already to I had my surgery march 6 I've only lost 10lbs since surgery. U have to make sure u get ur water as ur protien in. That's the most important. I've been walking a couple Miles a day that seems to help A little. I've talked to alot of people who have been threw this and their is advice is always calm down Just stick with protien and ur water and u will do fine
  14. jemma


    I have pcos too. Extremely bad. I'm only a couple weeks post op I've lost 30lbs so far (since my pre-op diet) it's been slow coming off. But I will keep u informed about any changes
  15. When do u go back to ur doctor? I would just make sure with them cause I talk to a girl on another forum and she ended up with internal bleeding just to be on e safe side u know
  16. jemma

    Pre-Op Newbie

    Welcome and congrats I got my surgery on march 6
  17. Finding myself becoming more and more depressed I haven't lost any weight since my doctors appointment on the 14th. I am trying to do my best with the diet. I know I'm nt taking in the proper water but I'm getting better. So far the only thing that makes me sick is whey protien shakes. Go figure the one thing I need my pouch don't like, and. I broke down and ate a oatmeal raisin cookie and nothing happen. I don't know I just feel like I'm not going to succeed with anything. In guess I just need a pick me up or something to keep me on track. I live in the middle of no where and have really nothing to do woe is me:(
  18. jemma

    15 Days Post Op

    No I haven't been taking pictures. My clothes still for the same and my husband says I still look the same so I don't know and it sure does make it worse that everytime we go anywhere he stops and gets fast food
  19. I would ask ur surgeon about that because my surgeon makes everyone take 5 weeks off no matter what job u have.
  20. jemma


    My surgeon blood tested me the morning of surgery. I used chantix to quit i have been smoke free since February and I actually feel good about it.
  21. jemma

    15 Days Post Op

    I've been walking i still have a lot of pain in my lower abdomen. I just need some motivation I think. Good luck in the morning
  22. jemma


    Hello I'm new to the forum. Glad I found this app. Well I had gastric bypass march 6,2012 . So I'm about 10 days post-op still have a good bit of pain on the sides of my abdomen. I've lost 30 lbs from my heaviest since I started the pre-op diet on February 18. I don't seem to have lost any inches though which sucks. The hardest part for me is drinking All the water. I never was a big drinker but I'm trying. Well I wish everyone the best of luck on the weight loss journeys
  23. jemma

    Pre Op Help

    I hear ya there I'm 28 5'4 and well now I'm down to 290 but I was 321 when I started the pre-op. I do think it should be ur. Choice in the end just make sure u do everything the doctor says and prove them wrong

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