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  1. I just wanna say I am sorry upfront for needing to vent here and right now. I have to express myself some way, some how. Today I have reached my limit. WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!! Here's a little back round info, my surgery is scheduled for July 11. That's just around the corner for me. Everything up to this point has been so hard for me. Normally I can walk away from things and deal with situations or make the best of things. My husband is currently going through training and will not be able to be here for me during the surgery. Which is fine, but I have a child that needs to be taken care of. Well I have asked my mom is help step up and be here for us. Which she agreed to months ago and said she was willing to support for my child and myself. I was happy until last week when she told me shes is bringing some random guy with her. That this has turned into a vacation for her. She is pissed that she has to take my child to school for three days (too early because she said she needs her beauty sleep) and that I have asked her to visit me in the hospital at least to see if I am okay. And she went on to say how shes meeting up with some other guy she met online here while she is suppose to be caring for my child!!!! She expects me to buy a TOMTOM for my car so she can go site seeing and do her thing with whomever. I am disappointed, hurt, and just upset. I know this long and its like I am doing a pity party here. I am sorry but I needed somewhere to go after getting into it with her on the phone (again).
  2. Manda

    Needing somewhere to be free

    As of recent I have been taking a lot of reality life problems. Its sad because before surgery I would cope different and now I am having to face the music. You know what I mean. I can't run to my fridge and I can't rely on friends like I use to. I am having to be alone in things and I feel horrible. I can't talk to anyone about what I am going through and have never felt so alone about too many things at once. I mean, I have personally gone thru hell and back. But I dealt with those issues differently. I think I might need more, perhaps therapy haha. I'd hate to do that all over again. My husband will be doing things for work so I won't see him for a very long time. My sister is super sick. She might have Leukemia. Plus I have my own problems with raising my child without any family involment. If I haven't felt alone, I am feeling it now. And the worse part is no one has bother to see how I have been. I feel forgotten. I will return to this later, I am starting to get sleepy....
  3. Its been too long..how's everyone???

  4. Hey guys. Sorry I have super busy. Things are moving smoothly. I am just avoiding my mom more and more. I saw her now a month being post op and all she could say was it doesn't look like I have lost much weight. Blah blah and how she can't believe I put my body thru what I did. It did hurt a little bit because everyone I have seen lately says you can see the weight loss. You can see it in my face and tummy area. I guess I never thought my mom would be this way. I was proud of myself because I lost 17 pounds with a total of 40 pounds loss and down two sizes... Ehh. I guess you win some you lose some :/
  5. Welcome Hun, I too found this website so helpful, informative, and supportive!!! Welcome to the site and good luck
  6. Well last time I was venting about my mom and stress. But as of yesterday I had my surgery. Everything is looking great but I am in a little bit of pain under my ribs. Other that I an so happy I did it. I really am. Thank you for all the Prayers, God has truly heard them.
  7. Thank you.. I feel welcomed and feel so much better about being here in this place of my life. It's so exciting!!!
  8. Losers bench???? I don't know what that is
  9. I have to be on liquids the next two weeks. I am excited and nervous... I also need to relieve the pressure... Bring on the farts haha
  10. Lol true... I don't have one. But I am feeling better now that I am able to drink and have jello
  11. Manda

    Lactose Intolerance

    Jackie you are in SD?! Sweet!!!!
  12. Alright as most know my crazy surgery is on July 11th this Monday!!!!! Can't sleep because of it haha I feel like a kid again. Just waiting for Santa on Christmas eve... You know what I am talking about. anywho I was reading over my paperwork and it said to bring a robe and PJs. What kind of PJs????? Do I bring pants or gown or what? Yeah kinda confused so what did you guys wear for day two after surgery?
  13. Manda

    I need PJs

    I am going to wear my over sized pj pants and some shirt lol... I just wanna be prepared. I guess I am just nervous. I feel like it's still not happening
  14. Manda

    Approved for Surgery July 11

    I haven't been able to sleep the last two nights!!! It sucks!!! I want it to be Monday already lol
  15. With lots of prayers and faith, things have finally turned around for my surgery date :)

  16. I have good news!!! I started crying when I was told my husband's command is giving him time off for my surgery. My prayers have been answered!!!! Thank you everyone for believing in me and having some support for me. Great I am going to cry again. I am so happy and relieved.
  17. Well I haven one else because I hardly know anyone here. All I can do is pray my husband can come home for those three days I need him. After this surgery I don't think I want much to do with her anymore. It's sad but I can't depend on her to be my mom anymore. I will keep you guys posted on how everything goes. It's now or never...
  18. Disappointed in people, no values, no morals

  19. Manda

    Lactose Intolerance

    Mother's market? Nah, but will google it haha. I would have blue berry yogurt but I am very allergic to blue berries
  20. Manda

    Lactose Intolerance

    I am in the same boat with you. I do okay with yogurt but nothing else haha. The thing with cottage cheese is I found it at Ralph's and when I went back they stopped selling it. I thought it was weird. But I would check with Ralph's if you have one. I am in San Diego, so it might be different for you. I will keep looking and keep you posted
  21. Manda

    Lactose Intolerance

    Lactaid makes cottage cheese
  22. Hello everyone! My name is Manda. New to the site. I just wanted to say hi and hoping to make some new friends. My husband is in the military and going through surgery with hardly any support but with motivation. I am 24 and have had no such luck at support groups. But I would love to talk to people who are in all walks of like. My surgery date is July 11th!!!!!
  23. Manda


    Let me just say thank you everyone! I feel so much better joining now It's great to finally meet some lovely people and I look forward to getting to know you all.