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  1. I'm trying to figure out what it will be like post op. Does a full sensation feel like you're just done instead of having food hit your tonsils or tonsil scars in my case? Thanks!
  2. I had my surgery there and was totally happy with the care and compassion I got. My doctor does most of his self pay patients there to keep the cost down. Everyone I ran into was very nice and they have a whole floor of nothing but Bariatrics. I had never heard of the hospital prior to having my surgery there but I would have no problem recommending them to anyone having surgery. They aren't that big so you really feel like you are important to everyone.
  3. Apparently LapBandTalk is wondering where all of it's former members went and why us "old timers" no longer post. So far the first 4 pages, to my surprise have been "I'm doing great, lost my weight and enjoying my new body" type posts. I was the first bust thy bubble with complications. I figured those who had bands prior to VSG would at least enjoy the read if not want to share your story to prevent another poor soul from going through what we have. I did NOT go looking for this thread of LBT, they sent an email out asking where some of the "Old Timers" were and I figured perhaps some of you who used to post there may have changed your email address but would still LOVE the chance to be honest with what the band did to you and your body http://www.lapbandtalk.com/topic/126044-any-old-timers-still-around/page__st__60#entry1584321 is the link. Enjoy!
  4. I had a revision almost 4 months ago to the day (August 26, 2010). All is okay at this point, until today. Tonight I decided to finish my Christmas Shopping and was in the Toy Dept. at my local Target. Suddenly I began to experience pain in the same area where my port was located prior to my surgery. It feels like someone has a knife in my incision and twists it occasionally. I think it's just nerves growing back but don't recall having such a pain after having my two c-sections in fact almost 2 years post op from my last c-section most of my incision is still numb. So with all that, anyone have incision area pain 4 months post-op?
  5. I figured that between the original surgery, having fil and unfills constantly and my port moving around in there for 5 years I would have issues with that area if I had issues with pain at all. So far today no pain. I will probably try some heat on it next time. Did you find any Miracle cure? Merry Christmas! -Carrie
  6. Carrie

    My 3 Months Post Pics

    You will be joining me in ONDerland before we blink again. Isn't great to say goodbye to a number and know you will never see it again?
  7. I'm on Nexium. Have you ever noticed how bad it smells? lol. I used to work for a group of Gastro docs. They pretty much said they were all the same. We had patients taking two of the OTC products or 1 of the RX. So you can go back and forth. I sometimes have to have a gulp of Mylicon even 4 months out!
  8. I'm sorry to say both are common and it's hard to predict which side your body is going to pick prior to surgery. I do however promise that it does get better. I had surgery in August and I often forget I had surgery it just becomes your new way of eating and your new life. The liquid stools are very common when you are on a liquid diet. Trust me I had a bum Lap Band and was on liquids for almost a year! The constipation is also common due to the anesthesia they use during the surgery slowing things down and the pain meds post-op keeping Water from your intestines. The main thing is to do as your doctor says and move around as much as your body can handle at this point. Don't over due, listen to your body and do as you feel, but you must move to get your intestines to move around, expell gas and keep them happy. No matter how much time you spend on the toilet, or don't spend on the toilet (I went 8 days post-op and was scared to death that I was gonna have to call my Surgeon if it didn't happen soon!). Eventually you will find what is normal for you and feel better. I found it very hard to believe but trust me it happens. (((HUGS))) and best of luck to you both!!
  9. I wanted to drop by and wish you a very Happy Holiday Season. Sorry we have been so crazy busy for us to have a cup of chocolate or coffee. I can't wait to meet you and the rest of my WA Sisters!

  10. Carrie

    Doctor is at a Loss to Explain

    Your story sounds like my life as a banded person. If I was to bet $$ your esophagus is weakened from having dead weight aka the band on it. That's what my problem was with the same symptoms you have. I had my sleeve done in August because I had zero Fluid in my band for 2 years and most of the time just drinking Water was a challenge. The best advice I can give you. Get all your medical records and find a doctor in your area who "specializes" in revision surgeries. Unless there is an erosion or something horrible there is no need for two surgeries, one doctor I went to wanted me to have 2 surgeries but he forgot to tell me he had not done a revision and he was hoping that my stomach would return to an unbanded state prior to the Sleeve surgery date. From what I was told this is a common problem with the band and if you do internet searches for Lap Band and Lawyer the lawsuits are starting. I predict that the Lap Band will be off the maerket in the next 2-3 years I sincerely wish you the best of luck!
  11. Carrie

    Let's talk barbque

    All I can say is Thank You so much! I may have to run to the store the night before Thanksgiving in the snow of Washington to get meat and BBQ Sauce. Whenever I eat BBQ out I always have left overs and end up eating it over the next day or two. It's then after eating all that meat and Protein I'll lose 2-3 pounds. I love me some BBQ. My favorite thing is to get a slice of toast and put the meat on top and put the BBQ Sauce on top of that! YUM YUM!
  12. Carrie

    Drinking alcohol after VSG

    I don't drink often at all. I usually get a (as in ONE) drink with dinner. We recently moved cross country and the last time I had my mom watch our kids so we could have dinner alone without the young ones I decided to have 2 fruity girly drinks. Needless to say, I have a new rule now. NO matter how I feel after ONE I will NEVER order a second one. I don't think I have EVER been that messed up in my 33 years on this planet. We went to TGIFridays and I got the something mojito. It has a bunch of fruit juice and booze. It's so smooth you taste the juice, it's awesome. I was finished with the first and the waiter asked if I wanted a second and I was like sure why not I'm not feeling it. Well I was completely in jello zone. We ended up having to get my food to go. Hubby and I spent the rest of "our date" trying to sober me up so that I didn't get into trouble with my mom or the kids! I ultimately had to admit to drinking and my mom (who views drinking as a sin) eventually understood that I didn't know the surgery would make me such a cheap and easy drunk. Luckily our oldest daughter fell asleep watching TV and I fed our baby her bottle in our bed so she had no idea either. But yes, no matter how you feel after one give it about 20 minutes before you consider having a second is my advice.
  13. Carrie

    Leak 5 weeks put

    I don't have any experience with leaks, but I know there are several on here who have suffered with them and in the end they did beautifully. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this now. Please keep everyone on here posted. As I said several have BTDT and even those of us who haven't had leaks care and wish you the best. ((((HUGS)))) edited because I am under the influence of snowed in kids.
  14. Hi Folks!! I am officially a resident of Washington State! Other than the huge snow storm at the moment I love the scenic views and clean air!

  15. Hi Neighbor!! I hope to meet you once the snow melts. Hope you are doing well, we survived the move!

  16. While odd coming from the surgeon himself, you are blessed to have someone warn you to the extent you did. My story is no different than anyone else who had the band. I went through 5 years of hell. The human body is not designed to have that in it. My esophagus is damaged and weakened. The removal rate of Lap bands is very high due to complications. I had all my Fluid removed yet I still stayed constantly dehydrated from not being able to drink water! The Sleeve while scary at first, does everything the band promised only without the side effects. I got my band out and sleeve done on Aug. 26th, the past 3 or so months are the first time since 2005 I've been normal and not vomiting!! I challenge you to go online and find people who were banded 5 years ago and are still happy, successful and not having side effects. For every 1 of those folks there are thousands of us who were put through hell. You have no idea, but you were just given the Golden Ticket, bravo to your doctor for standing up for what is right!
  17. I had 5 years worth of problems with my band. Take it my sleeve experience was rough (mentally) but now that it's done I wouldn't undo it even if I could! The reality is you tried the band, it's not working. In my case the Lap Band has done permanent damage to my esophagus. The human body is not made to have such a heavy clunky thing on you esophagus. As many people point out, the Sleeve has done for me everything that the Lap Band promised. I was banded in 2005, I challenge you to find folks who were banded near the same time I was who is still happy and not having problems and successful. I'm not saying having most of your stomach is not a big deal, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have skipped the band and had the sleeve done instead.
  18. Is that sunshine I see outside? Sunshine in Washington in the winter, what is this world coming to?

  19. We successfully made our move from Texas to Washington State. So far even with the cold, overcast and often raining weather we are in awe with the beautiful picture worthy views we see daily. I tell my family in TX it's like Hawaii only cold! As far as my surgery update. I am doing very well. I have to say the surgery and lack of control was the hardest thing I have been through in my life and it goes back to my abusive childhood. If asked today would I do it again, I am honestly leaning more toward yes as I know the issues I had were unique to me and not the surgery itself if that make sense. I am hovering at 200lbs. I have yet to "cross over into onederland", I've gone from a tight 18 to a size 12 in jeans and XL shirt. We are still settling in and I plan to start hitting the well equipped gym here soon. I am also looking forward to meeting my Washington Sleevers. I may not make it to the site much, but I am always here to talk to anyone having a hard time postop psychologically. I know of the mind bender (putting it nicely) it can be. At this point it's not something I even think about daily or weekly. I eat until I am satisified and then I magically lose interest in whatever I am eating. The important thing to know is no matter how low you feel it's only temporarily. You will begin to feel like a human again and you will experience happiness again. Don't give up. PM me if you need to talk I will repond as soon as I can as will most folks on here. Best of luck to everyone!
  20. Carrie

    2 1/2 Month Update

    It's a natural feeling to have fear and anxiety prior to any big life change. Think weddings and funerals. This too is a big deal. If you or anyone has a history of depression or anxiety it's good to deal with those issues BEFORE surgery. I had issues before, had the Lap Band and thought I could handle it to say the least. I did not do any pre-op work on myself to insure I was ready mentally. That and with other issues at the hospital it put me over the edge. At one point I gave mysel an expiration date that if things didn't get better by 08/26/2011, my one year anniversary I was going to commit suicide. Now that sounds completely drastic and opposite of every plan I have for myself and it's only 2 months later! It's a mind trip to be work friendly in terms. My best advice would be if you have a history of depressive issues or suicidual thoughts then do some soul searching before going to the hospital.
  21. Carrie

    Permanent Makeup

    Anyone else have it? I had been thinking about it for a long time. I wanted a natural everyday look that after having 2 kids under the age of 6 I didn't have the time to do each morning. I found a very experienced artist that is very gifted and had my lips and upper and lower eyelids done yesterday. Today I'm swollen but I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. I go back in 4 weeks for a retouch to make sure everything is the way I want it to be and I'm done for 5 years at least. I got a soft pink on my lips so I can always add a darker color to change it up and various eye shadows to change my eyes. I'm so excited at the thought of looking good no matter what even if someday I make it into the gym! :biggrin0:
  22. I was wondering you follks who had your bands removed if you go to send it home as a "consulation prize" kinda like the little stuffed animals you overpay for at the fair? I'd like to see the little crudder that's made me miserable for 5 years!!
  23. I am currently dealing with something I really don't understand. For the past couple weeks I've had problems with a lack of energy as I have posted before. I dramatically increased my protein intake and began eating more and more food. Basically anytime I could possibly eat something I did so. I have absolutely zero hunger so this has honestly be unpleasant to do so. I've noticed on days that I eat more food I lose weight. Yes I am a daily weigher but seriously, I can lose a pound a day by simply eating more food. I don't understand this. I'm not a breakfast person, so I drink Slimfast with Soy Milk and a protein drink as soon as I can handle it after drinking the 8ozs. Lunch is pretty much the same thing. I snack on whatever in between drinks and eat a decent dinner. I may or may not throw in a third protein drink prior to bedtime but I will wake up the next day 1-2 pounds lost. It's the craziest thing ever. Anyone else have this issue?
  24. I use a desktop machine, regular notebook and rarely my netbook to get on here. When I use my netbook I can't see the topics or posts for all the advertisements. It specifically annoys me because I am one of the folks with a history of demonic Lap Bands and I don't want to see Buy a Lap Band now for 99 cents and get free installation! Is there any plans to offer a Premier Membership where the adverisements disapear? I now this place has to be paid for but this is getting annoying. Thanks.
  25. I am trying to figure out why I am so exhausted and tired. I know at the moment with the move cross country and 2 kids under the age of 6 at the same time it's a bit harder than what some people are used to. I am always knodding off, falling on myself and just plain tired. My surgery was on Aug. 26th. Is exhaustion common at this time?