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    I notice my face and waist - I have an hourglass figure under all this! Feels good when I put on a dress and you can see it (even just a little!).
  2. beli

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    You CAN do it. If you've come this far and you've made the choice to get the surgery then you CAN. I didn't even have time to process the idea - they literally called me at 2:30 exactly 2 weeks before the surgery. I had no choice but to start my diet the following day. It's amazing what you can overcome when you really want something. I had a field trip to Kemah with my students where we were given free chicken tenders and there was all kinds of junk around. I drank my shakes and just chewed gum and gulped water. Trust me it's hard but look in the mirror and ask yourself if the food is worth it? I've lost 50 pounds and I feel amazing - being able to wear my 4.5 inch heels again is a fantastic feeling. Please don't give up!
  3. beli

    4 Weeks Ago Today...

    So four weeks ago today, I got the lap band done. I can't believe how time has flown! And guess what? I'm okay! I'm doing this! Pre-op diet I lost 25 pounds. Post op, I've lost 22 pounds so far. I'm trying to be gracious about it to everyone but inside I'm insanely happy with myself. Even when the hunger came back, I stuck to the diet the doctor had me on (he's very strict) and I was able to lose. Today I had my first fill. Everyone was very positive and I even got a 3/4 cup measure for my meals. My doctor had put in 3.4 cc's and today they added 1 cc to my band. I'm kinda bummed about being back on liquids for a couple of days but that's the way the ball rolls, I suppose! So I'm going on vacation next month and before I leave I'll be going back to see how I've progressed. I'm kinda thinking about getting some fluid taken out before flying but we'll see. Let's see how this month goes!
  4. beli

    4 Weeks Ago Today...

    I'm scared of the tightness that I've read about when flying. I don't want it to tighten on me and then I'm sick for the whole vacation. When I go back for my next fill though they said we'd talk about it and decide on a good choice for me depending on how I'm doing with the 4.4 CCs in my band right now.
  5. beli

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA but I've been trying hard to keep busy. I do feel more energetic! And Cassandra, that's awesome that you're banded and doing well! I'm so jealous you got such an awesome diet compared to the one Hollis gave me, lol. Pre-op though I lost 25 pounds and post op, I've lost 22 pounds so far. I went to True Results today to get my first fill and everyone was so happy for me because I had lost more weight than they had predicted. I'd love to meet up with you girls at the end of July the only problem is, I'll be out of town the week of July 22-26. Let me know when!
  6. beli

    Fill virgin no longer :)

    Twinsies! I had my first fill today too! They did use numbing medicine on me and she had to stick me twice because she couldn't find my port due to scar tissue. It was uncomfortable but not too bad. Originally I had 3.4 ccs and she put in 1 cc. I'm on liquids for 2 days, then mushies for 1 day, then regular diet again. Getting protein in today was tough because I was used to eating it!
  7. That's fantastic! Congratulations!
  8. I don't know how applicable this may be to you, but I get up and walk a lot if I feel like that. I find that walking around my house or just standing helps me.
  9. beli

    Odds and Ends

    It's all about the journey. I'm only 4 weeks out and I'm realizing a lot of the things you've realized as well. We're not perfect but we're doing something about it. You're leaps and bounds ahead of others who have done NOTHING to change. Stay strong. You're an inspiration.
  10. beli

    New begining

    Good luck! This is a great place for support (even if sometimes it's hard to hear)!
  11. beli

    Day 13 and Bored :/

    I know what you mean about the bored part! However, I've been making myself do things I've put off so long around the house. For example, I tackled my closet. Boy, that took about 3 days to do! (And I was able to add the "Cleaning" part to myfitnesspal as cardio!). Hang in there! You'll be fine!
  12. Hey everyone! So I'm on week 2 of my liquid diet which means I can have soup with no chunks. I went to the grocery store to look for some that I could have because my doctor prohibits any kind of milk right now. I bought the usual canned stuff but then I found these soups that have between 11-13 grams of protein per cup! AND there's no milk or cream in them. Granted, I can't have the real portion so I strained out the soup and then blended the chunks as much as I could. Still, I thought I'd share in case anyone doesn't know about them. They're called Campbell's Go Soups and they have several kinds. One thing I will note is that the Isopure Flavorless Protein Powder I usually mix with my soups didn't mix well with the quinoa and chicken one. Also, the sodium content is high. :\ I attached pics so you can see the ingredients and nutrition info.
  13. beli

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    You got this! I went through my phases too of wanting to just give in but I did it. In regards to hunger, I'm starting to be hungry now. However, I'm following the strict diet Dr. Hollis has for post-op because I don't want anything to go wrong. So far, so good. Right now I'm in my 2nd week and on thicker liquids. Not too bad. I was told I look healthier this week than last week. Uh yeah, because last week all I could have is beef or chicken broth and juice!
  14. It's totally normal. I'm day 11 post-op and the first week right after and the few days before were spent just like you. Angry, disappointed, sad, weepy, doubtful. It's normal. It gets better, I promise.
  15. Yeah, my surgery was supposed to happen in April but I had to postpone it due to a separate medical issue I had to resolve. So I just saw it as a chance to EAT. I went crazy - I went to my favorite restaurants, picked the fattiest foods and the day before I started my pre-op diet I drank and ate like there was no tomorrow. Granted, it wasn't the best choice BUT I did follow the pre-op diet to a T and lost 25 pounds in those 2 weeks. I was banded May 23rd (today's my 10th day post-op) and I've also followed the post-op rules perfectly. We all deal with things differently - just know that it's extremely important to follow your doctor's orders in regards to prepping for the surgery and healing after. Good luck!
  16. beli

    Befor and after

    You look absolutely AMAZING! Congrats!
  17. beli

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Hey everyone! I just got banded May 23rd with Dr. Hollis. Hope to share experiences with you and support each other!
  18. Thanks guys! Unfortunately my doctor wants soups with NO milk or dairy of any kind. However, I have found some good soups. Thanks!
  19. Today marks the beginning of my 2nd week post-op. I'm allowed to have thicker soups as long as there's no chunks. Well I'm reading over the plan as I run the Campbell's tomato soup through a strainer and I realize that it says soups but then in parenthesis it says (water, not milk!). I'm so confused. I'm going to call the doctor (they're at lunch right now, grrr) but I just wanted to ask - the soup contains cream which is milk. I assume most thicker soups do too. Unless there's other choices I'm not aware of? What in the world can I eat then?
  20. beli

    Small Victories

    So today was my 2nd day back at work. I went back yesterday and to prepare I brought: one 14 oz. GNC Lean Shake bottle, one thermos of chicken broth (halfway full), and one bottle of water). I almost finished the entire shake but it took me until the end of the work day to do it. The water intake went better and I took a few sips of the broth at lunch. Today I took the same thing and wow! I finished the entire protein shake by 10:00 a.m. I drank all the chicken broth at lunch, and right now I'm drinking a mixture of light grape juice, water, and Isopure flavorless powder mixed in. I may just get in all my protein today! Speaking of, I got the tub in the mail today. Well, a package didn't just randomly show up and I opened it. I ordered it off amazon.com because Isopure Flavorless Protein Powder was on sale and I read all the reviews and went for it. I went ahead and mixed it up and wow - I'm almost done with the glass of juice I'm having! Each scoop has 26 grams of protein! Can't wait to try it in soups, coffee, etc. So every day it's getting better. I still get the anxiety in the mornings, the feeling of crying, but it's getting less and less frequent. BTW, I'm 6 days post-op and start thicker liquids Friday.
  21. beli

    Small Victories

    LadyDiva, I have a friend who had the sleeve done and she likes to drink their protein juice. I don't usually like protein juices so I tried the powder and yeah, it's good. I just mixed some with my broth right now and it's great. BillieG, welcome! It varies from surgeon to surgeon but my diet goes like this: Week 1 - clear, thin liquids, Week 2 - thicker liquids like soups with no chunks, Week 3 - mushy food like well-blended tuna and light mayo, and Week 4 - I can eat solids twice a day. Around that time I'll have my follow up and I guess that's when I'll be released to eat 3 meals.
  22. beli

    Down 66lbs

    That is fantastic! Congratulations!
  23. Please take care of yourself! I know how you feel though - I'm only 6 days post-op but since the school year is ending I have to pack up my classroom and it's SO tempting to just pick up a few boxes here and there. I remind myself that no, it's not worth it and just wait on one of my teaching buddies to move things for me. Take care!
  24. beli

    Greetings from the New Guy

    Congratulations! Keep chugging along and it'll be here before you know it. I chewed a lot of gum on my pre-op diet and drank a lot of black coffee.

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