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  1. colorado_chick

    July Challenge-Summer Challenge

    Checking in at 167.
  2. colorado_chick

    July Challenge-Summer Challenge

    168 this morning.
  3. colorado_chick

    July Challenge-Summer Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Colorado_chick Goal weight for July 31st~ 164 Weight on July 1st~ 169 Age~ 35 City/State~ Denver, Colorado Dietary goal for July~ High Protein, low bad carbs Exercise goal for July~ keep it up!! Personal goal for July~ Don't give up Date banded~ July 8th, 2013 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 40 Favorite July Activity? Fire works
  4. colorado_chick

    June Challenge-Here comes Summer!

    169. Really struggling this month.
  5. colorado_chick

    June Challenge-Here comes Summer!

    169 this morning. I feel like I have rocked healthy eating and exercise for 2 weeks and absolutely NO weight loss. So completely frustrating.
  6. colorado_chick

    June Challenge-Here comes Summer!

    Checking in at 169 this morning.
  7. colorado_chick

    June Challenge-Here comes Summer!

    Name, real or screen~ Colorado_chick Goal weight for June 30th~ 165 Weight on June 1st~ 171 Age~ 34 City/State~ Denver, Colorado Dietary goal for June~ fiber Exercise goal for June~ 4x week Personal goal for June~ keep up with my exercise routine Date banded~ July 8th, 2013 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 40 pounds Favorite Summer Activity? ~ swimming
  8. colorado_chick

    Summer Plan

    I have two months off for the summer. And I have a summer plan. It's to lose 12 pounds. I have been at a bit of a stand still lately (all my fault), and I'm sick of it. I am so motivated to start!!! Of course, this is only the first day, we'll see what happens by next week. I live really close to a rec center, so I'm going to go swimming, take aerobics classes, and do some strength training. I am going to log everything I eat into myfitnesspal. I will not over react when I have an off day or an off meal. I am right on track to lose 50 pounds my first year of being banded. I literally can't believe it. I sometimes get so overwhelmed thinking about how much weight I've lost. I know that 50 pounds is a fraction of what some people lose in their first year. But I'm not some people. I'm me. And this is awesome for me. If I can lose 12 pounds this summer, I'll be in the one hundred fifties. That was my high school weight!! It is still over weight ... but it's the 150s!!!!
  9. colorado_chick

    Eating in public

    I still really struggle with eating out in public. I am terrified of having a stuck episode!! I have been banded for 11 months, you'd think I'd have this down by now! My most annoying thing ... everyone saying, "Oh, don't you like your food?" I feel really badly, especially when servers ask me. They think something is wrong because I eat so slow it looks like I'm not even touching my meal. I have almost no friends, so I rarely eat out in public. But ... yesterday I went out with a few work people. One person said the inevitable, "Isn't your food good?" And I said, "Oh, no, it's great!" And to prove it ... I started eating great big bites one after the other... And sure enough, I got stuck. What is more embarrassing: going to the restroom several times during the meal to puke, or eating at the speed of a turtle ... I'm not sure. All I know, I still hate eating out in public with people who don't know I have a lapband.
  10. colorado_chick

    May Challenge-May Flowers

    checking in at 170. Dang, up a pound.
  11. colorado_chick

    May Challenge-May Flowers

    Checking in at 170.
  12. colorado_chick

    How do you drink?

    Just a quick question I'm wondering about. Since being banded, have you had to change the way you drink liquid, or do you drink like you did before? Since my last fill I have to take small sips of Water, instead of the great big giant ones I usually take. Just wondering if anyone else had to change their sip size. Thanks!
  13. colorado_chick

    May Challenge-May Flowers

    Checking in at 171 this morning.
  14. colorado_chick

    Great restriction with last fill...

    Nicely done! I'm sure you'll meet your goal in no time. I love how fills can sometimes jump start things!
  15. colorado_chick

    May Challenge-May Flowers

    Name, real or screen~ Colorado_chick Goal weight for May 31st~ 168 Weight on May 1st~ 172 Age~ 34 City/State~ Denver, Co Dietary goal for May~ more veggies Exercise goal for May~ exercise 4x week Personal goal for May~buy a swim suit Date banded~ July 8th, 2013 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 45 Favorite Flower? Tulip
  16. colorado_chick

    April Challenge-April Showers

    Today I was 172. Didn't have a great month. I hope May is better.
  17. colorado_chick

    size 12

    I went clothes shopping on my lunch break today. All of my pants are (finally) getting too big to wear. I decided since the weather is getting nicer that I would treat myself to a pair of capris jeans. The cute kind. My highest size was a size 20. I hated being a 20 because most stores don't carry that size, and since I was too embarrassed to shop in the plus size section, or heaven forbid, a plus size store, I bought everything online. Which meant I often wore clothes that I hated (clothing rarely looks the same in real life as it does online on the model!) and clothes that didn't fit (because I couldn't try it on). I still don't like clothing shopping. I actually hate it. But I needed some new clothes desperately. So as I was grabbing jeans I started picking up size 14s, because all of my size 16 clothes are too big. Just for fun, I grabbed one pair of size 12 jeans, thinking if they looked okay I could maybe get them for motivation. But guess what?!?! They fit! Granted, they look more like sausage casings than they do jeans ... but I didn't have to lay down to get them on or do a funny jumping dance! The size 14s would have fit (and probably look) better ... but holy smokes! I can fit in a size 12! Me! I can't even believe this. But seriously, that's what happened today! If I get brave, maybe I'll post a picture of me wearing them.
  18. colorado_chick

    April Challenge-April Showers

    172 this morning!
  19. colorado_chick

    Pork Ribs

    I wish I were your dog ...
  20. colorado_chick

    April Challenge-April Showers

    Name, real or screen~ Colorado_chick Goal weight for April 30th~ 169 Weight on April 1st~ 174 Age~ 34 City/State~ Denver, Colorado Dietary goal for April~ More veggies Exercise goal for April~ 3x week Personal goal for April~ meet my weight goal Date banded~ July 2013 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 40 pounds What do you like about Springtime? ~ Thunder storms
  21. colorado_chick

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    174 today. Didn't make goal. Here's to April ...
  22. colorado_chick

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    checking in at 175. Still. I need to get re-focused and do this! Only 9 more days left this month.
  23. colorado_chick

    Now THIS clarifies food addiction!

    Thanks for sharing this! I wish getting lap band cured food addiction ... sigh.
  24. colorado_chick

    Half Way There!

    I've lost 40 pounds since surgery in July 2013. My goal is to lose 80, so that makes me half way there! Woo hoo!!! I am thrilled with my progress. I truly am ... But I still don't look any different!! How can that be? I know it's not just me ... no one has said a WORD about my weight loss. Well, two people at work said "you look good". But ... that could have been anything. I finally reached my mini goal of 175. For being 5'5, I think that is a reasonable "overweight" weight. It's not obese. I'll take that. I feel that from this point on all of weight loss will be noticeable and is getting me closer to the next major benchmark of 150 pounds. So, hooray me for losing 40 pounds. Boo to everyone who hasn't noticed. Hooray that I'm one full clothing size smaller. Boo to not really looking different.

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