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  1. Vicki Loichinger

    Reheated foods

    same here, what works for dinner one night will not work for lunch the next day. I kind of blame it on the microwave in some situations, like meats. I have never been a real lover of leftovers, but not for any particular reason. And now leftovers don't like me.
  2. Yes even a little worse, I was on the table ready to be rolled back and the Surgeon walked in and said my blood sugar was too high and would not operate that day. No amount of my begging worked. He set it for a month later, He said eat thanksgiving dinner and then start the pre op diet again. Meanwhile a tumor and cyst on my ovary was discovered and on Dec 5 I had a revision of my lap band, to RNY, and a gyno came in and removed my ovary cyst and tumor. I guess there really is a reason for everything, I say this in the hope that you do not get canceled tomorrow. I pray your fever goes away, But if for some reason it is canceled, try to think of it as being for a reason and that it isn't NO, it is just not Tomorrow. Longest four weeks waiting for the second date to come. But it did all work out for the best. Sending you the most positive of thoughts and prayers. Vicki
  3. Vicki Loichinger

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    It was like Christmas or my Birthday. I received the nicest packages from Barb Connor today. It was full of individual beautifully wrapped gifts, I looked at them for an hour before I could bare to open them they looked so pretty, I will attach a couple of pics. This is so much fun. Thank you Barb so much. I have and hope to continue to enjoy this pen pal fun. I can't figure out how to add the pics. But please believe me when I say it was all cute cute cute. Vicki
  4. Vicki Loichinger

    Leg pain = vitamin deficiency?

    I agree call your Doc in the morning. It could be those things. And they may want to do a blood test to see if this is the case. Then they will tell you how much of the potassium and magnesium you need. They may even give you a prescription for them if you are that low. But it does sound like something is amiss. And I know it is so frustrating and uncomfortable. I suffer from restless leg syndrome and take meds for it every evening. But I have felt what you feel and It is different. You need to get it checked out so you can treat it and feel better.
  5. Vicki Loichinger

    Found a tasty protein shake

    I will second the motion on this being very very tasty. I use it in milk, coffee, and yogurt. It is really good. I have bought several sample packs, but I like it so well I think I will soon purchase the big container of it.
  6. Vicki Loichinger

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    I am so glad you liked it. I have still been thinking of things I could have added. Hugs to you. Vicki
  7. Vicki Loichinger

    Can i be normal?

    Awesome just awesome. You both are very encouraging for the rest of us. I have lost 60 pounds total pre and post surgery and I am still shocked when I get on the scale and another pound is gone.
  8. Vicki Loichinger

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    Yesterday I received the best box of goodies in the mail from Tashsa. Thank you so much. Drink mixes, home made pumpkin seeds, yum, Tea, sugar free cookies and even more. Thank you so much. I will be mailing mine out to my person tomorrow. I just keep changing my mind what to put in the box. I love doing this so much.
  9. Vicki Loichinger

    My new beginning

    Totally normal to feel nervous at this point. But hang in there, you will be doing the very best thing for yourself and you children. Please reach out for any support you need, or for any answers or just to vent. We are here.and want to help.
  10. Vicki Loichinger

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    I got the nicest gift today from my pen pal. Lovely light catcher that I can't wait to hang in a window. Also a braclet and some protein bars and pumpkins seeds and the nicest card. Thank you so much. THis is so much fun, My wonderful pen pal was Michelle know as Msixkiller.
  11. Vicki Loichinger


    I would wait. You do not want to take any chance on infection at all. If the family wants to go and you want to sit on the side and put your feet in, or sit in a chair nearby and read do that. But don't submerse your new scars into the water. Just too soon.
  12. Vicki Loichinger

    How do you answer.....

    You know this is sorta like the question one might get when they have three or four children and people have the nerve to ask you "are you done yet?" I mean seriously is that rude or what. I had four sons and with each one everyone said are you going to have another and try for a girl, or are you stopping because you know you aren't ever going to get a girl. Well who the heck said I was trying to have a girl. I wanted my children. Sorry for the rant. People are just rude that is all. Nobody asks anybody if they are going to stop making more money or getting better at a talent. But somethings people just have to make their business. Sorry again can't seem to let this go.
  13. Vicki Loichinger

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    I am already looking forward to what to send my new pen pal for March. I love doing this.
  14. Vicki Loichinger

    Nectar protein?!?

    My very favorite is the Fuzzy navel. I have been drinking this for years. I was banded eight years ago drank it then, and now revised in Dec to RNY and drank pre op and post op. It is really great to do something without milk. I love it. At the Vitamin Shoppe you can get single serve size so you can try some different flavors before you commit to the big barrel (just kidding but they do seem huge) also BJ Baratirics have single serve available on line and they have great service very quick and inepensived shipping. I love them.
  15. Vicki Loichinger

    Band removed and bypass sane day?

    Dec 5, 2012 I had the band removed and the bypass at the same time, also had an ovary, cyst, mass and a lot of scar tissue removed. I am so glad I was able to have both done at the same time. I think it just depends on your doctor and the amount of damage done by the band. Hopefully you can have both at the same time.
  16. Vicki Loichinger

    Oatmeal amount

    Trust me we all feel like that a lot of days. And it is always easier to tell someone how to do it then always do it. But I try hard. You will do fine. Just follow the rules your doc and nut gave/give you and do your very best. Wishing you the best.
  17. Vicki Loichinger

    Oatmeal amount

    I think if you eat it slow you will feel when you are full. And probably won't be able to eat the full amount. But that is ok, Slow and chew well even though you think it is all mush still chew and at the first feel of full stop. Looks pretty good to me.
  18. Vicki Loichinger

    Dehydration warning

    Oh Sweetie feel better soon. and thanks for telling us. Very good warning. I am pretty good about getting fluids in. Not always food, but protein and fluids and vitamins I try very hard to get in. I have had a bad cold this week, and it has seemed harder to get the fluids in, and i want to kick myself in the butt and tell myself you need the fluids now more than ever, what is wrong with you slacking on it, so today i am trying extra hard. This is a full time job some days. Hope Hubby takes good care of you.
  19. Vicki Loichinger

    I made it!

    sounds very good, hope everyday is better and better.
  20. Vicki Loichinger

    At the hospital

    Hope you feel better by the hour. Walk as soon as they let you and sip and then rest and then start again. Wishing you the very best and prayers for a very fast recovery.
  21. Vicki Loichinger

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Good morning Highest ever 6/11 197 Surgery Date 12/5/2012 166 Today just over two months out 2/8/13 144.6 And blood sugars staying below way below 200 on 1/4 of insulin
  22. Vicki Loichinger

    waiting to be prepped

    Praying for you. Thinking of you. I know this is an anxious time, try to relax and if you need something while you wait ask the nurse. We are here waiting for you.
  23. Vicki Loichinger

    minutes away

    praying for you and thinking of you. You will be awake and with your mom before you know it.
  24. Vicki Loichinger


    They do ship very fast. I order it from Unjury.com
  25. Vicki Loichinger

    getting down comparing

    seriously, you hit it heather. It does sound so HS or even junior high. Chin up girl you have more class in your little finger then she does in her whole body

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