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  1. lakobe00


    It's still very early. ..it will get better I promise! !
  2. lakobe00

    African American Sleevers

    My walk 3 days a week.....my goal was 155. But I'm overly comfortable where I am now. It took me five months.....
  3. lakobe00

    Sleevers In Jackson, Mississippi

    I use my fitness pal..1200 calories she was fine with that lost five lbs in two weeks..Dont stress about it.
  4. lakobe00

    No stopping me now!

    You have made the right choice,,,don't let people change your mind. I too struggled with my weight for 20+ years...Well girl friend the struggle is over...Feel free to inbox me with any questions concern and support. LaTina
  5. lakobe00

    6 month follow up visit

    You're doing amazing...keep up the great job.....
  6. lakobe00

    getting sick of water

    Why not use your favorite fruit to give your water a taste without sugar.
  7. lakobe00

    Going to Vegas

    I will be going back in September....by the way BoysII Men a must see.
  8. lakobe00

    Going to Vegas

    Just return from Vegas on last Monday.....I had a Protein packed Breakfast....I snacked on Nuts through out the day, had plenty of Water and propel....I even at a buffet. ....I ate crab legs, a morsel of this a morsel of that and took two Cookies in my purse for later. I had a few drinks. I'm not much of a drinker but it was my honeymoon....I even lost a pound.
  9. lakobe00

    African American Sleevers

    Take your husband advice....I also go on how I'm feeling so days I feel sexier than other.. .
  10. lakobe00

    Avocado smoosh

    Basically or at least a version of it...LOL
  11. lakobe00

    Avocado smoosh

    One avocado Diced red onions Cilantro Diced tomatoes Squeeze one fresh lime to add flavor and moisture. Sprinkle a little salt. Mix ingredients together. Eat with a spoon. I use as a dip sometimes.
  12. lakobe00

    What did you eat today :) ?

    Cracker all morning.....my stomach was a little upset. Shirley's Cookies 4 I'm having Curry Goat and salad for dinner. Oh I've sipped on Ginger Ale to keep my stomach calm.
  13. lakobe00

    Low Caloric Intake

    A lot of us have been where you are...take easy find what work for you. We're here to support you. You can also try SF cocoa and milk...10g of Protein....shakes didn't work for me I had to improvise.
  14. lakobe00

    Sex after Sleeve

    Wow.....I have go into deep prayer...my husband think its him
  15. lakobe00

    What did you eat today :) ?

    No..I'm married to a Jamaican, I love the Jamaican cuisine.
  16. lakobe00

    African American Sleevers

    Its wasn't a walk in the pound but when you see the results its worth the minor discomfort. I had diet before but these results are amazing. I have always had good self esteem but its major now. The bomb.com
  17. lakobe00

    African American Sleevers

    50lbs....I'm a slow loser but loving my results. I started at 238.. size 18 they were tight.....I'm wearing 12 their tight but a lot of 14 are too loose.
  18. lakobe00

    Best high protuen foods to eat

    Yoplait 100 calories. ....any where from 10-13 g of protein depending on flavor

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