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  1. & lost about 90 pounds so far..... Feeling better than ever
  2. MissTiffany203

    Alcohol ..

    Thank you everyone for your ideas!!!! Even though my birthday is months away lol... I plan early as you can see!!!
  3. MissTiffany203

    Alcohol ..

    Lol thanks for the warning!!
  4. MissTiffany203

    Alcohol ..

    Mmmm that sounds good!!! & thank youuuu!
  5. You can! I did, I had 2 of them a month after surgery =/ it was horrible! Everyone is different just keep drinking a lot!
  6. MissTiffany203

    4 months out.. & so stressed

    Very true!
  7. MissTiffany203

    4 months out.. & so stressed

    Thank you so much Hun! I'm going to try upping my water especially because I don't drink enough during the day =/ it's so hard! Lol but yes the scale is beyond evil!!! hate it!! Lol
  8. MissTiffany203

    4 months out.. & so stressed

    Sadly the head hunger completely sucks! Lol just try to keep busy so you don't thin about food! Thank you! Good luck to you too! Yeah, ill have to just weight myself once a month cause everyday isn't working for me
  9. MissTiffany203

    4 months out.. & so stressed

    Yeah, it sucks!! But yes I have been losing inches thank God! Have you?
  10. MissTiffany203

    Quick question...

    Thank you so much!
  11. MissTiffany203

    hi am five days out a

    I think you should deff talk to your doctor about this just to make sure
  12. Does anyone feel nauseous when they are hungry?
  13. Was sleeved 1/15... & this is completely normal trust me! It all gets better when you actually get to start eating lol
  14. MissTiffany203

    So mad!

    VERY TRUE girl lol
  15. MissTiffany203

    So mad!

    Lol thank you
  16. MissTiffany203

    Any tips to share?

    I wish people would of told me how hungry I'd be on my post liquid diet.
  17. MissTiffany203

    96oz of fluid!

    Good Luck it's an amazing journey!
  18. MissTiffany203


    1 week & 3 days... Until I can move on to soft foods... & honestly I can't wait =/
  19. MissTiffany203

    Hey .. Question

    I was just wondering ... Is shrimp considered a soft/mushy food?
  20. MissTiffany203

    Hey .. Question

    Awww okay thanks
  21. MissTiffany203

    You guys....

    Thanks so much Hun... I feel better when I know ppl went through the same thing as me.. It's hard but worth it
  22. MissTiffany203

    5 days post op

    & I don't feel like I'm getting enough fluids... Ugh
  23. MissTiffany203


    Awww lucky!!! Best of luck to you too
  24. MissTiffany203

    Hi guys....

    I'm being sleeved in 1 week ... on the 15th... I'm getting so nervous!!!!!
  25. MissTiffany203

    Happy New Year everyone! 14 daysss! :)

    thank you so much!!! oh wow powder peanut butter? never heard of that!! i'll deff be buying that!! Thank youuu

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