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  1. Hello I have been doing a ton of research on Dr IIIan and have view so many glowing reviews of him and Bariatric Pal Mx. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any links pertaining to his certifications or affiliates? I would really like to use them for my band revision surgery, but I am having trouble finding anything that states his qualifications from a non biased source. I also researched the ASMBS website search for Doctors in his area of Mexico and could not find him? Maybe I am doing the search wrong. Thanks
  2. I have had the band since 2011 and am going to Mexico to Dr IIIan to have it removed and revised to the sleeve. I have had nothing but issues since getting it. I was wondering did you all have issues with the port once it was removed? Like pain in the port area? I am doing as much preparation as possible so I know what to expect My surgery is scheduled Jan9th In Mexico
  3. Did you have to have a ton of classes before he allowed the surgery? Whereill I live In Kansas we are doing self pay as our insurance will not cover the procedure- even with self pay I have to do 8 weeks of classes, a psych evaluation, as well as a battery of tests. I do not mind the tests and such but I really need a band removal to gastric bypass or mini bypass to help manage my diabetes. My band has made me miserable. Even after seeing the specialist here in wichita, they still want me to go through classes that I had when I did the band surgery all for a removal and bypass!! and we have to pay for each of the classes ...
  4. I am in the research phase of my journey to have my failed lapband removed. I have been contacted by AOL bariatrics among others, but what stood out for me is the direct contact with the doctor, through his nurse or representative.. concerning my qualifications and what procedure would work best for me. I am impressed with that. So if anyone has had them do their procedure please feel free to contact me with their experiences.
  5. Has anyone has success with surgery in Mexico? Or has anyone used AOL bariatrics? I am in the formative phase of research to have my band removed and have the bypass.
  6. I too am wondering about Dr. Lopez. I have been banded, and my band is causing me issues, and I want it removed, for a removal it will cost me 15K and my insurance wont touch it. Even if I am vomiting and having port pain. No slippage thank goodness. I am too looking at Mexico as an affordable option for removal and a bypass. Let me know what you find out/ and I will do the same! Catina
  7. Grey Cat

    Self Pay in the U.S.

    I am sorry that things are not going as well for you as they should be. I can relate. I am looking at AOL surgical team in Mexico. I had direct communication with the Doctor doing the procedures, and they even called me to tell me that because of my poor results from the Lap-band, that they would not recommend the sleeve because it still is the restriction, and some people just do not do will with it. They said they would recommend the bypass. They also said that whom ever I choose to do the procedure, that they should be informative with the sleeve, and recommend the bypass. Either way they all agree that the band should come out because of the vomiting and the pain at the port site. 9,0800 is not bad. But because I have the band in, they have to remove it as well.
  8. Grey Cat

    Self Pay in the U.S.

    I had my Band put in in 2009 and it cost us around $7,000 and now I am having issues with it, I went to my surgeon and had the barium swallow to see if there were any issues, there were none. They still want to take the band out because I am having pain at the port site. I was quoted $15,000 to have it removed- and then an additional quote to have the sleeve done a few weeks later. Unbelievable. I am going to checkout Mexico for sure. To top it off the Place I go to have fills in Wichita shut down. Now If i need a fill or what ever, I have to drive all the way to KC I used Weight Loss Surgical Centers.
  9. Grey Cat

    Where do I begin? Very DEPRESSED

    I was banded in 2009 and I have lost 63 pounds, and no more. Actually I gained back 20 of it. I have pain at my port site, and I went in to my surgeon and had a barium swallow to see if there were any issues. There were none, the swallow went through the band just fine. The band was in place, and the port which was crooked for years is now flat. They told me since there is some pain at the port site that I need to just have the band taken out. $15,000 to do that? I eat certain foods and I throw them up. I try to avoid carbs and certain foods, but things like pizza, and fast food is a major no no. I end up throwing them up. So most likely I stay away from them. I think I am going in to get the sleeve put in, and removal of the band. I am considering going to Mexico to have it done with This organization. I have done a lot of research and I am really leaning towards bariatricpal. I didn't have any support when the band was put in It was done in Kansas City, and my fills were done in wichita near my home. I have not had a fill in 2 years. Does anyone have any recommendations on the sleeve vs the bypass? Thanks
  10. The thing is, If I wanted to go on a fancy diet and exercise like a mad woman, I think I could have done that without paying $15,000 to do it. I did do that. I lost 38 lbs. I was banded in july of 11 and now gained all of that back post surgery.
  11. I am down 14 lbs. and have been eating Adkins products, bars and shakes… Does anyone have any better alternatives? The morning Breakfast bar is still making me sleepy after i eat it about an hour of breakfast. I do not get sleepy if i just drink the shakes- but its not enough to fill me up. What does anyone think? I am 7 weeks post op. Had one fill last week so far. I have taken your comments to heart because Success is learned and taught. It does not just happen! - catina )
  12. Grey Cat

    Protein Shakes/Bars which is the best kind?

    I will be sure to check you out on your blog.. Cream of Wheat? Does it keep you full? I will try it. You have a point about eating for the rest of your life.
  13. Grey Cat

    Protein Shakes/Bars which is the best kind?

    Wow that is great that you have been able to lose that much! Good for you.. Where do you get RVL meal replacement shakes… GNC ?
  14. Grey Cat

    Protein Shakes/Bars which is the best kind?

    That is a good idea too. I do eat eggs and yogert but kashi cereal too makes me sleepy…lol do you like egg beaters?
  15. Grey Cat

    Aug 17, 2011

    I agree with all that was said… I too suffer from depression, off and on through out the years, The funny thing is that it comes and goes and for years have not had any symptoms, until I had miscarried twins. Then it came back. I didn't want to leave the house, and do much of anything, no cleaning, no exercise and I love my pool, maintaining it — lost interest in that as well. I had gotten the band 7 weeks ago and thought that would help. If he weight came off then I would feel better. But of course that was not the case. So I got put on welbutrin, and have been for 2 weeks.. i am starting to feel much better. Sometimes we put on weight to hide our feelings, and when we are given the tools to take off the weight, we still do not deal with the underlying reason we put the weight in the first place.- thus the depression can get worse. Hang in there and know that the band is not a cure all, its a tool and your heart can also be a good tool. Do not be so hard on yourself. Hang in there! cat
  16. Grey Cat

    Day 5 on my journey - Your body is your forum

    7 weeks post op, I did not have saline in my band either. I have heard that some doctors do that, but mine did not. The swelling in your tummy should as others have said cause enough restriction. I followed the diet to a T after the band was placed for a week. I had gas too. or Air Bubbles in my body cavity that occur when you are cut open and the air gets inside and then after sewn up, have no real place to go but to dissolve on its own back into the blood system. This is how i understood it. The only relief I had was Walking and lots of it. The bubble moved to my shoulder blade, and was uncomfortable for awhile. So I know what you are feeling.. and I wish you luck and I am glad you listened to your body. It is worth it.
  17. Grey Cat

    Started my Pre Op Diet....

    Do not be dismayed when you find yourself hungry after the band. I have found some foods that I love before the diet, were good in moderation, HOWEVER they slide right through the band and do not make you feel full. The high protein food that is good quality will remain in your pouch longer and make you feel fuller. I was confused and hoping that I would not be hungry anymore and was sorely let down when after 3 weeks post op.. nothing was filling me up… because i was still leaning toward my old diet… and habits that i reasoned if in moderation wouldnt be that bad because the band wouldnt allow me to eat much of it… but not true! Good LUCK and I hope your surgery goes well!
  18. What kind of Protein bars/drinks do you recommend?

  19. I am down 7 lb.. That totals 14-i am eating Adkins Protein bars, does anyone have any recommendations on any alternative bars or shakes?

  20. Grey Cat


    I am glad you learned some new stuff! I really do not have a filter when it comes to expressing my thoughts when it comes to the band..lol and I am very glad that I have such a strong support group!
  21. Grey Cat


    Its been 6 weeks since being banded… and I am moody, and grumpy.. More so than before. I was hungry all the time before I even got the lap band, and found myself binge eating because I would wait until I was totally starving… Now I really try to have 3 meals a day.. And sometimes a high protein snack. But old habits are hard to beat… I crave chips, burgers, pizza and chocolate.. cheese, umm everything that made me fat in the first place.. I hope those cravings go away…because i can eat them with the band.. but they do not satisfy me.. and i end up eating as much as I did before the band. Then im so full i feel ill. So i really have to find the food that works with the band. Why does the food not fill me up?
  22. Grey Cat


    I never realized that about the protein and I will give it a try. I too get tired if I have too many carbs.. i get that mid morning crash. Thanks for your input! I love crystal light sunrise too! and congrats with your battle. The lap band is in for life, so you are right diet is not the term.. its more of a lifestyle change.. Thanks!
  23. Grey Cat


    Thank you! I love crystal light grape drink..lol and sunrise.. i have not tried the others… I will give it a try and see what happens the trick is just finding balance i think.
  24. Thanks for the feedback! I am relieved to know i did not ruin the fill. I have not had anything get stuck thank goodness! I never even vomited. Now its just knowing what foods work with the band and what don't. I really want to feel full, and I have found some foods do make me feel fuller faster than others. Anyone have a difficult time with raw veggies? - such as salads lettuce tomatoes onions? it seem that the " output" is not very pleasant to me, as before salads did not bother me at all.
  25. I had my first fill, and was told 24 of liquid, 24 of blended, and 24 soft, and back to the normal diet. I went back to eating normally maybe too soon. Does this ruin the fill.. And why does it ruin it? I mean if its filled its filled. I ate eggs and a protein shake. instead of blended food… i am hungry all the time BTW