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  1. Nikki_D

    H. Pylori Bacteria

    I tested positive for H. Pylori three weeks before my surgery. I had to take a serious antibiotic regiment for two weeks (Prev-pack). Dr still performed surgery without any problems on the scheduled date.
  2. I am 5 days post op. I'm doing the liquid thing. But now I'm starting to grow white fur on my tongue. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Please help!!!!
  3. Every surgeon is different. I have read where some people have had their drains for two weeks. My drain was is for a little over 24hrs. My dr removed it right before I was discharged from the hospital. It did not hurt when it was removed. However, it was uncomfortable. It felt like a snake moving through my body.
  4. I am 16 days post op and my dr says that I am not in the weightloss stage of this lifelong lifestyle change. At this point its all about allowing the staple line to heal. In the course of the staple line healing we will of course drop weight. But during the first 6 weeks its all about healing and re-introducing our new stomachs to food. Once we learn what foods we can tolerate and exercising, the weight will begin to fall off.
  5. If you get a catheter, its going right down that hole at the tip of your peepee. You really wouldn't need to shave.
  6. I mowed the lawn a few a days before surgery!
  7. Nikki_D


    I let my fever run its course.
  8. Can you guys share with me some of the first pureed or soft foods you had eaten once you had come off of the full liquid diet. There seems to be some discrepancies between what the nutritionist, my surgeon, and the list of foods they gave me they gave me to try. Thanks!!
  9. I am 14 days post op. I no longer get those gas pains that you are speaking of. I would say it stopped between post op days 7-9.
  10. Nikki_D


    I too ran a slight fever in the few days following surgery (99.6). Went away within 3 or 4 days after surgery.
  11. Nikki_D

    Number of Incisions

    I have 3. It all depends on technique. Some can be done right through the belly button with no visible scars. Others are done with one to as many as eight incisions.
  12. Nikki_D

    Surgerverssary With Pics!!

    Holy Crap.....you look AMAZING!!!
  13. Nikki_D

    March Role Call!!

  15. Hi Everyone, I'm 8 days post and wondering how long does it take for the steri strips to fall off. How long did yours stay on? Nikki
  16. Nikki_D

    Weight Loss before surgery

    In my initial appt I was told it was mandatory for me to loose 20% of my excess weight which would have been 20 lbs. At my 2nd weigh-in with the nutritionist, I lost 1lb, at my third and final weigh-in (the day my info was being sent in for approval), I lost a total of 3lbs. I was still approved. The final weigh-in with surgeon (two days before surgery) I lost 13lbs altogether. Surgeon performed surgery without a problem.
  17. You will be fine. It's over before you know it. I wish you a speedy recovery. May God bless you!!! Nikki
  18. Nikki_D


    Onions are on my caution list from the dr. I was told onions, cabbage, and a few other vegetables cause gas. I was told to avoid them while the staple line is healing. Nikki
  19. Nikki_D

    Steri Strips

    I never asked the dr. even if I had stitches under the strips. Some of the strips are starting to lift and shift. And I think the itchy feeling is the actual wounds healing. I tried to peek behind the strips that are lifting and the incision looks closed. And a speedy recovery to you too!!!
  20. Nikki_D

    March Role Call!!

    I am praying for you Cindyls06!!! A speedy recovery to you!!!!
  21. Nikki_D

    March Role Call!!

    Morning my Marchers, I am 8 days post op. And as of yesterday I am down 8lbs. My starting weight (Oct) was 264. The day of surgery my weight was 252. And yesterday's weigh-in was 244. A total loss of 20 lbs. Dr. says that I am not in the weightloss phase yet, right now is purely healing. However, I am still excited by the results!!
  22. Nikki_D

    post op

    OMG Laura, how are you stomaching the Isopure. It reminded of the stuff I had to drink for the leak test. I thought I would love the Alpine Punch. At my post op appt on Tues, I begged my dr to let me go back to my Muscle Milk shakes. The funny thing is, is that my husband likes the Isopure (he's into working out and loves anything protein rich). I told him to knock himself out with them. What flavor are you drinking?
  23. Nikki_D

    post op

    Hi Jellie, I too was sleeved on the 11th. I am just under getting the 60 grams of protein. I normally take in about 2 1/2 Muscle Milk Lights. Each has 20 gr of protein. I get in about two 16oz bottles of water and a couple of oz of Crystal Light. Sometimes I eat SF Jello, or Chicken broth (not much though). Each day I am able to increase my fluid intake. I have no pain. I even can sleep on my sides. I will returning to work on Mon (I can't wait because I'm getting bored.
  24. Nikki_D

    Time to introduce myself!!

    Welcome Dianne!!!
  25. Nikki_D


    You go girl!!! Lol

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