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  1. That's cool. 16s are getting big on me now too, so I can see how toning up with weights will help. I've never even owned a size 14 so I am pretty excited.
  2. Ugh, I used to get migraines 5 days a week!!! post op I feel that they are alot better. I think mine a caused by stress most of the time. I get so tense down my back and neck and head and my breathing gets shallower that I need to focus on this asap to try to calm down. most of the time I don't realize I'm doing it until too late. my doc had me on all kinds of med, topamax, inderal, amitryptaline, etc.... they all helped to a certain extent, and then my migraines would start creeping up again. they are doing botox for me every 3 months now, a ton of injections in the forhead, temples, back of head and neck and shoulders. it seems to help, but it hurts like hell to get it done! we will see. I hope it works out. To all fellow migraine sufferers.... don't you just HATE the people who never get headaches?! lol
  3. Thanks Tiff! I have a counter on my droid. I'm going to start counting everything today!
  4. Infernored


    Yay! My weight loss has been "stallish'. I lose a few, then I hover for a while and then lose more after a few weeks. It will come off. At least I've been growing out of my clothes!
  5. Infernored

    PCOS and the Sleeve

    Yeah! I was amazed too! When I went in for surgery, I had my period and it had been going on for about 2 months. I lost about 15 pounds quick right before surgery doing sooper no carb and the day after surgery my period had stopped. I figured it was something to do with anesthesia. So 4 weeks later I am wondering where my period went and then I get it. And it only lasted 7 days. It did it again all these other months too! I didn't have all of the symptoms of PCOS, but ultrasounds had shown the cysts, and my periods have always been wack. When I tried the provera and clomid to start my cycle and try to get pregnant before, it didn't do a darn thing. It was very depressing. Have you been sleeved yet? I wish you luck!
  6. Infernored

    PCOS and the Sleeve

    Immediately!! And they aren't superheavy anymore. I know when they are coming and pretty much when they will end!
  7. You guys are so right. I've been having little battles in my head of what I want and what I need. Not to mention my husband, who is 33, mentions it often and gets upset about the thought of being old and never having children, or being old and then having children. Part of his issue is that both of his parents passed away recently, he was only about 30 at the time and freaks out to think he'll only live til 60. I am about to turn 30, so I know I have plenty of time. I think the number is just getting to me. I am also determined to make my 30s better than my 20s. I am not mentally prepared to possibly have a misscarriage. We would be devastated. And I was unaware about the ketosis and fetal brain damage. I have decided I will wait. I will talk with my husband about this later. Thanks everyone for your input! While I am super bummed, I have learned alot from what you said. I don't want to do any harm, as all I could wish for would be a healthy baby.
  8. My drain site hurt more than anything else. And getting it removed sucked! But as soon as it was out I felt 100% better. awesome even. hope they take it out soon!
  9. Infernored

    Upping calories to lose weight

    I was super focused on counting carbs and protein and calories for the first few months. Like a maniac! Then I had a bunch of parties to go to and stuff going on and wasn't so diligent and I noticed I still lost weight because I stopped when I was full. I still drink my protein drinks about 3 a day. I seem to fluctuate for a bit and then drop alot over a day or two and then do it all again. As long as it's working, I'm happy!
  10. Infernored

    pre op diet FAILING !

    I think people get crazy with the last meal mindset. I worried that i would never have pizza again, but I can. Just a little bit though. And that's all I want now anyway.
  11. Infernored

    PCOS and the Sleeve

    I'm sooo glad to hear about this. Hubby and I have been trying for a few years now and failing the meds really depressed me. My cousin just had invitro and it worked, but the whole procedure was agony for her. My cycles are regular now that I'm post op and we will try for baby again probably in the fall.
  12. Infernored

    post op pain meds

    I took it for a couple days right before bed. But liquid lortab tastes to nasty, I get an evil chill just remembering. blech!!!
  13. Infernored

    PCOS cured??

    No need anymore. I'm not diabetic. things.are getting much better!
  14. Infernored

    Throat feeling constricted?

    My doctor told me that was acid reflux and if it happened regularly to get on an acid reducer medication. I've had it a couple times and next time I go I'm going to ask what he recommends.
  15. Yeah that's the kind I drink too!
  16. Infernored

    WTF do I wear to this wedding?!

    I had been watching this thread in the spring right when I had my surgery. I hope you had a good time at the wedding.
  17. Infernored

    in tears right now

    You will get there!
  18. Infernored

    Not in the mood -warning TMI

    I know my weight totally affected mine. When I was heavier I would just have the image of myself and how horrible I must look and couldn't even bear to mess around with my husband because I was overthinking it from the start. Feeling better now, but still overthinking it a bit.
  19. Infernored

    Fast Losers

    Duuuuude! I am totally doing what you do!
  20. Infernored

    Post OP pain

    I had a feeling like that postop and I really think it was my drain too. It ached most days but it hurt to touch the area and when I bent or twisted a little. After they took the drain out (which was sucked beyond belief), I felt great.
  21. The first 3 days after surgery I was tired and a little sore so I just bummed around for those few days. I went back to work the very next week, (as a nurse in the hospital) and had no problems. I actually felt energized!
  22. Infernored

    Help please

    That is encouraging to hear! I am a month out also and lost 25 since but mainly all in the first 2 weeks! I keep feeling like a failure! But it is true, I weigh myself everyday and get mad at myself when all I've been doing is fluctuating. I will try very hard not to weigh everyday and just once a week.
  23. Infernored

    Consistant weekly weight loss

    I lost a bunch of weight right away and then I have been stalling the past 2+ weeks. I'm mopey and depressed about it. I am aiming for 60+grams of protein a day and have been keeping my calories in the 600-1100 range. I pretty much only eat something if it has protein in it. Sometimes I feel like I'm failing my sleeve. I wonder if the "big" losers on here have ever had stalls like this. I am starting to do exercise too.
  24. Infernored

    Driving after surger

    Yeah, I started driving within a couple days. I only took pain medicine for 2 days after surgery and I was fine. Not like I felt like going anywhere. I pretty much just bummed around for a week. But I went back to work after a week too and was fine.
  25. Infernored

    First time shopping!

    What was your starting height and weight? I was wearing 24s and 3xs and now 2xs are big on me and 22s are getting baggy!

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