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  1. Inez013

    Before and After

    Thanks all very much... Today is August 15, 2011 and I'm on a stand still, have not lost any weight since I've been doing the wrong thing with the Ice cream all summer. At least I have not gained any but will start the gym and get back on track. Thanks again for your support.
  2. Inez013

    G - 7/28/11

    Looking fantastic! Keep up the good work.
  3. Inez013


    Wow, Steph, I applaud your success. I hope find your way again... I had my surgery November 2010 and only lost 30lbs. I am still struggling. I blame myself since I have not gone to the gym... God bless and I wish you well.
  4. Inez013

    OH NO!!!!!

    I winded up in the ER because the second day after my fourth fill (given Friday, April 15th), I couldn't drink anything but an eight oz cup of coffee the entire day. Of course I didn't go to the ER until the third day. I cried like a big baby since I was poked like 20 times by doctors who couldn't get to my port since my port is flipped. My surgeon was no where to be found so it was either doctors trying to get to my port or being admitted in the hospital. Finally they found a doc that was able to get to my port. I cried so much since it hurt so bad being ejected so much and moving the need all around in there trying to get to my port. I was crying even more when I saw he took all the liquid out. I was not happy about that. Why did he have to take all the freaking liquid out instead of taking some of it out. My fault too since I did not keep a log of how much fluid I have in my band. Now I have to go back to my surgeon which is the one who normally gives me my fills and also understands my port and does it in one shot. I don't know if she will refill me up to the point that I was good which was my third fill or do it over little by little. I have an appointment to see her this Wednesday (April 20, 2011). I am hoping that she can just fill me right back up to the Third fill. I am already starting to fell the hunger. I am trying my best and started from the beginning and doing the liquids to maintain and not gain any weight. I just wanted to share with you all what I went through.
  5. Inez013

    OH NO!!!!!

    Hey Kelly, I was banded November 4, 2010. I didn't know my port flipped until I went to see my surgeon for my first fill in December and she tried to fill me but the needle kept bending. She realized then that the port must have flipped. She even said she doesn't know how that happened that she was sure she had anchored it down. I'm assuming it flipped while I was sleeping since I like to sleep face down. My doctor thought about revision surgery but when was able to administer the fills; she decided I should only see her for the fills. She always gets it in one shot. I think now that maybe I should have that surgery in case of an emergency. I sure wish I would have waited to see her. I am not happy about all the fluid being taken out and I hope that she can put the fluid back in without having to start slowly again. I thought about waiting but my family insisted I go to the ER so that I won't get dehydrated.
  6. Inez013

    Before and After

    Starting weight (10-20-2010) - 272 lbs.. Current weight (2-16-2011) 245 lbs. Day of Surgery was 11-4-2010.
  7. Inez013

    Before and After

  8. Inez013

    Before and After

    From the album: Before and After

    4 months after lapband
  9. Inez013

    Liquids again

    Is it wrong to start liquids again? I was banded November 4, 2010 and had two fills so far. I have not loss any weight since the surgery. I blame myself since I can't stop eating the bad stuff. I am not being that person I thought I could be, disciplined. I have decided to put myself back on the liquid diet for two weeks to catch up on weight loss since I feel that I am less hungry when I was doing the high protein shakes than I am when eating food. I know it's my mind since I can sit there and eat and not listen to my body if I'm full or not. Well, I hope with my third fill I have no choice but to control. Third fill Feb. 18th.
  10. Inez013

    I Wondered why my Frisbee was getting bigger....

    Thats wonderful news. I hope I can snap out of it and start doing what I need to do. I too have been gaining and gaining and not even deiting. I have to snap out of it and do what I need to do to start doing well. Lots of blessings to you and hope you contining doing well in your journey.
  11. Inez013

    I just can't get it together

    Thanks Laura and Shanel for your responses.
  12. Inez013

    I just can't get it together

    I am so weak when it comes to food control. I just got my first fill on November 10th and I feel as if I didn't get a fill. I don't feel any ristriction and I am hungry as if I didn't get banded . When I went for my first fill, I weight in and gain 10 lbs. How embarrasing is that? My surgery was November 4th and a week after that I had lost a total of 35lbs (with the pre-op) but put back 10 lbs. I just can't get it together. I want to lose weight so bad however, being that food goes down with no problems, I'm not doing the food measuring thing right. There are foods that I shouldn't be eating and I know this, yet I eat. Another thing is that my sergeon told me that my port flipped. She hit me 6 times with the needle trying to get it in the port. She tried turing it a bit so that she can someone put the needle in. She claims she was able to fill in 3.5 cc but how do I know if it worked. She also told me if next time she has a hard time, I might need revision surgery. I pray all goes well. I need to lose this weight.
  13. Inez013

    Oh man...What did I do...

    Hopee, I know exactly how you feel... I am four weeks post-op and I haven't been filled. I started eating regular foods the end of my the first week of my post-op and been eating since. I am praying that once I get my first fill, this will change. I have been eating almost as much as I did without the band and yes, I feel guilty but this is why I wanted the band, I need help with hunger control and right now, I don't have it. I have even gained weight. I get my first fill one week from today and so far I am I haven't gotten sick from eating but, I have been eating alot more than what I should. I hope all goes well for you don't give up. I too am keeping my hopes up that after the fill, I will begin my weight loss.
  14. Inez013

    1 week post-op

    Good Luck to you and congratulations!!!! Happy Holidays and keep up the good work.
  15. Inez013

    I am in Onederland!!!

    Congratulations!!!!!!! I sure can't wait until I get there too. I was banded on November 4.. When were you banded? Yippy!!!! great news, keep it up.
  16. Inez013

    10 Days Post-op: Is this the honeymoon?

    Hello there, I got my band 18 days ago. My appointment for my first fill is December 10 and I am sooooo looking forward to it so that I can get back on track. The first week after my surgery, I was on liquids, the second week of surgery, I was hungry and ready for food so I started to try to eat. Sure enough, the food went down with no problems, so I had one day of muchies and the rest was history, I started eating regular foods with no problems but the portions were smaller than I would normally eat before surgery. With the fear of gaining wieght, I put myself back on a liquid diet for a few days so that I wont feel guilty when I have thanksgiving dinner. I guess my swelling went down so I feel no restriction. Hopefully with the fill I can get back on portion control... Cher, congratulations on your weight loss and as for the bras, lol.. me too, I've lost 26lbs since my band and my bras are starting to feel a bit big..... Seneca, I still new to his band but know people who have had the band and don't feel hungry.. I was told that sometimes they forget to eat because they are now hungry. I hope I will feel that way after I am perfectly ajusted.
  17. Inez013


    Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Yippy!!!! I know exactly how you feel. I had my surgery November 4th and I llost a total of 26lbs. I'm so happy and I can't wait now for my first fill so I can continue on my journey to wieght loss. People at work are already started to notice. I feel it a little in my cloths but not by much. . keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. God Bless.
  18. Inez013

    Surgery Monday

    Good Luck!!!!! I was so worried and excited at the same time when I got banded. the 4th of this month. It's almost three weeks now. I feel great and I'm looking forward to my first fill Dec. 10th. I did so well on the liquid diet preop but a week after the band, I was ready for food. I started eating and everything has been going down well. I lost so far since pre op 28lbs. I'm happy but I know I could do better once I get that restriction. Best wishes and I pray all goes well.
  19. Inez013

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless you and the family. Keep up the good work. I can't wait until I lose my first 50lbs.
  20. Inez013

    Just Got Banded

    Thanks all
  21. Inez013

    Just Got Banded

    Hello all, I just got banded two days ago, I'm feeling ok with the exception of having air and gas pain. Im taking my walks and trying by best to sip my liquids very slowly. I had also gotten the hiccups and wow that was painful. Well, Im looking forward to my new life with the band and pray that all this gas and air pain go away.:cursing:
  22. Inez013

    Not happy with myself

    11-18-2010 Hello All, I've been banded two weeks and all I've been doing for an entire week is eating. I wanted this band because I know that I am weak minded and needed help with control. I am always hungry like before the band and instead of making the right choices, I've been eating everything I shouldn't. :redface: I get my first fill December 10th and I pray that this will stop me from eating the way I do. :smile:
  23. Inez013

    Not happy with myself

    Thank you all for your comments... I am hopeful that the fills will keep me on track. I started post liquid diet at 272 lbs. Ater the liquids, day of surgery I was 251. A week after surgery I went down to 247. Today I went back up to 251. I'm going to try my best not to eat so much before I get my first fill. Thanks again.
  24. Inez013

    HELP...How to tell...????

    I think you should just follow your heart. I would have gotten banded two years ago but listening to others negative opinions discouraged me and I didn't get banded. I am now heavier than I've ever been. I decided again to do the band and I am truly blessed that my insurance is covering it so I will be banded November 4, 2010. I am currently on liquids and my starting weight was 272 (two years ago I was 245) I am currently 259 with the help of the liquid diet. With that being said, had I followed my heart two years ago, I may have already gotten to my goal weight today.

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