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So Irma has opened my eyes to the gaping hole in my meal Prep Armor. Whats 4 days right I mean I lived 43 years eating that way right, Wrong those 43 years almost caused me not to make it to 44. I am not very Tech Savvy but I plan to compile everyone's favorite Healthy Hurricane food choices and Make it available on this Post. With Coolers that hold Ice 7-10 days not all items have to be non perishable. So to start off the list i will put some of my Favorites.

Keep adding to the list...

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Irma knocked out our power for a couple days. I was somewhat prepared and lived on some of my favorites:

  • Nuts (cashews, almonds, mixed)
  • Hard boiled eggs - deviled eggs - egg salad
  • Protein Shakes
  • canned chili
  • grilled hamburger patties - no buns
  • cheese - string, babybel, laughing cow
  • Ak Mac crackers if I had a need for crunchy carbs (2 crackers are usually plenty)
  • Protein bars

I wish I would have had pickles, that would have been a treat!

It would have been really easy to stuff my face with crap food, it is easy to do and was readily available. Being prepared is such a better feeling!

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