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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and have made the decision to get WLS. My doctor approved me for DS and I have an appointment with the nutritionist on Monday. I am concerned about the DS vs. getting the standard GP. I have done my research and understand the differences, risks, etc. Would anyone mind sharing the reason behind your decision to get the DS rather than GP and if you believe it was the right decision for you?

Thank you,


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Hi. Sent you a PM.

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I've mentioned before that, as a nurse, I've never been comfortable with the anatomical changes made with the RNY gastric bypass, especially the artificial hole connecting the stomach pouch to the intestines. I didn't have the DS back in 2013 because the amount of malabsorption with the 100-150 cm common channel scared me & still does. I had a conversion from the sleeve gastrectomy to a single-anastomosis duodenal switch with a 300 cm common channel in December, 2015, & am happy with it.

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I chose this surgery because I wanted something "long term" I didn't want to take the chance of gaining after any other surgery. I know too many who had RNY and the sleeve most of them gained back. I know me, and I know I would revert back. This is much more restrictive and I have absolutely ZERO regrets. Good luck on your decision.

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I wanted rny, but my surgeon said I would have a better chance of getting the weight loss I need with DS. My best friend lost 150 lbs with RNY 10 years ago, but has gained most back. She is having a revision to DS. At her endoscopy her doc said her hole from her pouch to her small intestine had gotten too big and too much food was getting through.

I've done a lot of research, and I'm excited that I will be getting my DS next month. I think the malabsorbtion is what I need and I plan on being diligent about getting my Protein and supplements.

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Hello, I am new here, I met with my doctor last week, We decided that the DS will be best for longterm for myself, I am concerned of malabsorbtion. I need to be fully responsible for being on track with my proper food and Vitamin intake, I will listen to my doctor and nutrition guide and not mess around with my nutrition needs.

Best of luck to you...

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