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    Got a Gym membership! But now what?

    If you are like me, you'll like cardio classes that they have to offer at the gym. I am currently with 24 HOUR FITNESS super sport and I attend every single Body Combat class as well as Turbo Kick. These are intense classes and you get to do them with a big class. No one cares if you mess up or don't keep up. An hour goes by with a snap of a finger compared to being on a machine for an hour. Try it.
  2. So, for the past month and a half, I have been eating no animal meat or dairy products. I do my best to look up recipes substituting meat for tofu, etc. So far, I haven't seen any special weight loss, but I feel GREAT. I drink 24 ounces of fresh watermelon juice for Breakfast, then for lunch I either have a salad or a quick meatless burrito, and for dinner, it's just veggies and more complex carbs. My cousin is devouted vegan and I decided to jump on the wagon with her. However, I haven't been too successful at finding anyone who has gone vegan while being banded. To be honest, one of the main reasons why I decided not to consume animal meat anymore was because I was always getting stuck even when I chewed the living life of out my chicken and I wouldn't even be able to finish 2 ounces. ALso, after eating meat, I feel heavy. I would love your insights on this! P.S. I do not eat much nuts either. I know they are high in fat and I stay away from oils too.
  3. Hi Sandra! Congratulations on your baby girl! My doctor said lap band patients who are nursing would usually wait a couple of months to 6 months before getting a fill because nursing moms need more nutrition and food than someone who is bottle feeding (me). But every doctor is different and maybe your doctor will tell you differently. Let's definitely keep in touch and please keep me posted on your visit SO far tonight, I've had chicken broth for lunch and split pea Soup diluted with milk to drinking consistency.
  4. Thank you all for responding and your encouraging words. I have just continued my personal training and workouts, staying under 1250 calories...and not stressing about it anymore. You are right, I have noticed a NSV . Lost quite a bit of inches. I think I will be staying away from the scale for a bit. As for your question of tracking food, yes, I do track my food ...and very obsessively too lol. I use the MYFITNESSPAL app
  5. Hello all, Sooo....for the past three..yes THREE weeks, I have been stuck at the same stinking weight at 240.1...it is BEYOND annoying and I am so ready to get past this. Any ideas on how to overcome the plateau? I'm working out an hour a day for 5 days (2 rest days) I'm eating healthy Lots of Protein Low carbs. So..WTH? Help me pleaseeeeeee.
  6. Beachy_Babs

    extreme hair loss :(

    Okay, this topic is sooooo for me ! For the past two weeks, everyone is complaining about finding my hair everywhere. I have a mane of hair and I keep losing hair !!! It's Pissing me off
  7. Thanks all! Yeah, I think two cups is too much. I will take all of your responses into account. And yes, I use myfitnesspal app on my phone . I don't add my exercise because it messes with my head of my remaining calories .
  8. Beachy_Babs

    I met a new goal today...

    Congratulations, girlly! I wish I weighed 158! Keep up the amazing job. What an inspiration
  9. So, I had a breast augmentation in 2008 and gained about 50 lbs after it. I am wondering if I lose the weight, I'm wondering if my the skin around my breasts will sag my implants. Anyone with this problem too?
  10. Beachy_Babs

    85 lbs in 1 year??

    I am wondering the same thing! I am two months post op and have lost 30+ lbs. ( I know weight comes off quicker right after surgery), but I am loving how the pounds are coming off regardless. I have been so much happier of a person. Good luck to the both of us
  11. Beachy_Babs

    Emotional Stages of Lapband

    I couldn't have said it better! That is exactly what I went through lol. I am on the same boat as you with the next stage. Weight loss has been gradual and good for me so far and I am so thankful. Hope yours has been too
  12. Beachy_Babs

    WOW...Okay! >.<

    You need to.start buying your own food if your mom won't. And I agree with other comments that it is YOUR responsibility to make follow up appointments. The key to band success is having follow ups and attending support groups. How old were you when you had the surgery? I'm sorry to hear that you're depressed. Try looking into attending a few local support classes and do your best to get back on track.
  13. Beachy_Babs

    Best Protein Shakes

    PREMIER NUTRITION Protein shakes ALL THE WAYYYYYY!!! 30 grams of Protein 1 g of sugar 160 calories And not to mention, they're already mixed and ready to go! I love love love these to death. I have one every day for Breakfast and split one before and after my workout. You can find them at costco. I bought mine for $26 ( I think ) for 18 of them.
  14. I buy the Up&UP brand from Target for the chewable multivitamins. They actually taste really good! I take two gummies a day for complete daily recommendation. And then I take one B-12 complex from Trader Joe's as well as liquid calcium. You can find a big bottle of it at Costco.
  15. Beachy_Babs

    About how much food volume

    Hi there, The McDonald's salads are pretty big. When I order their salads, I would only eat 1/3 of it and save the rest for later. Plus, salads don't really fill you up. Since you don't have any restriction yet, its understandable that you can eat without discomfort. But try practicing now and cutting back your portion sizes to a cup of food at each sitting. I had my first fill last week and I do fill restriction, but I know its not my "sweet spot" yet because I do still feel hungry sometimes. Hang in there :0) I hope this helps. So start off with 3 oz of lean meat, and 1/2 cup of veggies .
  16. Zen, you tell him girl!! Looks like someone is sleeping on the couch tonight lol !
  17. Beachy_Babs

    Discouraged with the band.

    Hey TanksMama, I'm sorry to hear that you are not liking your band. Before considering lapband, I had my heart set on gastric bypass. But after attending a few meetings and learning about both, I knew lapband was a better choice for me. I think mentally, you're comparing your weightloss to your mom's success. On average, someone who has had gastric bypass loses a pound a day whereas someone with the band will average about 1-2.5 lbs a week. I'll admit, I had my heart set on losing weight rapidly, but that's not the healthy way to do it. Your mom just got lucky that she didn't have any loose skin because almost everyone who have had gastric bypass always end up with some sort of loose skin on their body. You have lost over 40 lbs! You should look at that as a success with the band and not a failure just because it's not losing weight fast enough to meet your expectations. That's what you need to do... you need to stop expecting so much out of the band. It WILL work for you if you will work WITH it. You can't possibly assume that driving through Micky D's will help your chances of weight loss.. I'm not saying that you can NEVER have Mcdonald's again, but it's good to just stay away from temptation. If you don't like the heat (I HATE THE HEAT), then hit the local gym... or get an xbox KINECT. I have that at home and bought the DANCE CENTRAL game. It is SO much fun and I put it on WORK OUT mode and have burned 250 in 30-40 minutes of dancing. Okay, I'll stop rambling. I know everyone here is trying to help you go down the right path and for you to succeed. Good luck with everything.
  18. Beachy_Babs

    First fill questions

    I have my first fill on June 13th and I am excited and nervous ! Thanks for this thread
  19. Snow, let me just start off by telling you... I know the feeling! After I had my daughter, I was still eating for two...eating anything and everything because I felt like I deserved it due to taking care of her all day and night. I would eat in the middle of the night after feeding her and never really realized the harm I was doing to myself. She is two now...and I still have all of my 80 pounds I gained with her and then some! I'm telling you...the "eh screw it" feeling and mental thinking is a demon! I am one month banded and it is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Yes, the old habits will creep here and there, but I know I can't change all of my habits overnight. However, with the band, a red flag goes up in your head when your brain starts telling you to drive through McDonald's. It does help mentally (or at least I think so) because it made me more aware of my food choices. I actually take the time to analyze my foods! I never went to therapy before or after the band. I wish you the best of luck and hang in there
  20. Joleng ! I am so excited for you! Remember to log and take weekly photos of yourself! That's what I have been doing and I am so glad I did.
  21. Beachy_Babs

    Fell Off the Wagon Today :(

    Your choices aren't bad at all honey! I seriously thought I was going to read that you had went out and got yourself a bucket of fried chicken or something! LOL! I snacked for the first time today and kept taking a bite of everything I saw in the fridge. I then figured that I'm doin this because I'm hungry! So I'm now eating a Protein packed lunch of chicken and tofu. Glad you're on track again!
  22. Hi Jessy! I was banded on May 2nd, 2011 and I agree with Judy that the first two weeks will be your hardest. I am almost three weeks post op and I feel great!! I did lose alot of Water weight after surgery because I wasn't eating or drinking much so now my weight is at a stop temporarily. I just started working out this week and have been enjoying solids. Mentally, I nearly went crazy when I wasn't allowed to eat food, but just remember that it's all temporary!! You'll be able to resume your eating soon. The pains will go away. Even though this surgery is mainly same-day outpatient, it should not be taken lightly. You have just been cut open so it is vital to take care of all of your incisions and your body. Make sure you have someone there to help you get up. I live in Tustin so we aren't so far from each other! I wish you well and keep me updated on your progress Best wishes.
  23. Beachy_Babs


    I LOVVVEEEE raw oysters too! Good thing you brought this up.. I haven't thought about that. I don't see why you can't have it.
  24. Okay, so I am 11 days post op and starting to seriously get my appetite back. Last night I noticed that I was actually hungry and ate my whole dinner of 1 scrambled egg and 1/2 cup of soft beef stew. This morning I had to run errands so I stopped by mcdonalds and got the oatmeal and one egg sausage mcmuffin for my daughter. I took two bites of her mcmuffin (excluding the muffin.. Only sausage and egg) and had about 1/4 cup of oatmeal and now I'm full. I'm just wondering what you ate 11 days post op and how much. I don't want to mess anything up but I'm also scared of over eating because I don't have restriction.
  25. Don't beat yourself over it too much! Today I had some sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonalds and I have been kicking myself for it all day. And to make matters worse, my stomach is reminding me of my screw up....I haven't been able to eat much at all since breakfast at 9am today and I'm sad that I didn't control my temptation to not have some... We all go through it honey and I am so glad that you were able to reach out to us and not be ashamed. I'm sure some will judge us for this, but just gotta pick ourselves up and continue.

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