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  1. Hey guys...Got a bit of an issue. I was banded in Nov2010, lost a little weight intially and then started to have problems within 3 months with my doctor telling me it was probably nothing. Well my bad had slipped and I got it fixed in Sept2011 since then I've gotten up to 4cc's and have had to have an unfill because I've been throwing up or sliming thru my nose in my sleep. This happens occasionally but not all the time. I'm at 3cc's now and this is still happening. I can eat just fine, it's only I eat or drink something within hours of going to sleep that it becomes an issue. What should I do? I don't have heartburn...but I'm told it could be acid reflux so I'm taking Prilosec but it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm also nauseaous most of the day. Help!
  2. I got banded in November 2010 and have only lost about 15lbs so far. Everytime I get a fill about 5 weeks later I'll get to the point where I can't hold anything down including Water, broth, ice, nothing! This is the third time this has happened and I'm only at 1cc. 1cc!!!! The most I have been up to is 2cc's. The last time my doctor unfilled me and then waited 6 weeks to fill me again. I have an appointment for another fill on Tuesday but obviously that isn't going to happen. I think I'm going to have him unfill me again and give me some tests to see what the problem is. The last time this happened I was sliming, throwing up foam, and throwing up bile. NOT FUN! Has anyone else been thru this or can someone tell me what you think this might be? Slipped band? Eroded band? HELP! Any tips on getting thru the weekend? I can't even sleep because every time I do the sliming starts.
  3. hgsnksss

    Throwing up everything!

    Wow! Thanks Acadia! That sounds like exactly what I need to do, and yes I am hungry between meals. I'm convinced my band has slipped up. This only happens after several weeks of having the fill, it's not an immediate thing. My doctor always brushes me off but this time I'm going to make him do what I want him to do. Not taking no for an answer.
  4. hgsnksss

    Throwing up everything!

    Thanks Mimi! I'm definitely going to demand some answers. It seems like he doesn't want to really investigate the issue and I refuse to live like this.
  5. I was banded yesterday and just got home today! I only have pain at the incision areas but as long as I take my medication every four hours I'm fine. I haven't experienced any of the gas pains I've been hearing about either. Maybe that will come in the next day or two. The hospital was great only they wouldn't let me get any REAL sleep. If they weren't waking me up to take my vitals, they were waking me to take pills, or to walk, or to pee. I'm glad I'm home but I still think it's a good idea to spend your first night in the hospital. They told me that if I was able to pee the say day I could go home, of course I couldn't so they had to put a catheter in me. No fun. Anyway...I'm on clear liquids until Saturday...then its full liquids for me! Can't wait to see the results! Good luck everyone!
  6. hgsnksss

    Day 2 Pre-op Diet

    I started my pre-op diet today. Meats, veggies, eggs and cheese. I so want a protein shake! It sounds good right about now. lol
  7. hgsnksss

    Pre-Op Diet

    I'm actually starting my pre-op diet today. Meat, green veggies, eggs and cheese only. I almost rather do the liquid diet! This is hard and it's only 12:43pm. lol I had two boiled eggs and some cheese for breakfast. Not sure what the rest of the day holds but I do know the last time I tried this type of diet I felt like punching a hole thru the wall!
  8. Are you sure? I never heard that before either. I did hear that about gastric bypass surgery because of what they call the "dumping syndrome". I love sweets too but I love myself more. Knowing me I'll eat sweets anyway...if it doesn't agree with me I'll either stop or deal with the consequences. I have two friends who had the surgery and they eat sweets. I think the bigger issue is the caloric intake of the sweet in question. If you can only eat 2 oz at a time and you're using it for a cupcake instead of soup or something like that, I could see that being an issue but all in all I plan on eating everything I ate before in moderation of course and AFTER I've let my body heal. I just found out my surgery was moved from 11/17 to 11/3! Whooo hooo!!!:laugh:
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm new here and just found out my surgery date is 11/17! I can't wait! I asked them to try to make it sooner so we'll see. I live in Atlanta, GA and can't stand to go thru another hot summer being fat! I am soooo looking forward to the new me! :biggrin: