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    From the album: 3 weeks post-op

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    From the album: 3 weeks post-op

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    My weight is about 189 to 191

    From the album: 3 weeks post-op

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    March Bandster Updates

    I had surgery on March 26 only 2 days post op and still having a lot of gas pain. My incision site doesn't hurt at all. I'm still on a full clear liquid diet for a week. I haven't taken any protein yet but will start tomorrow. My start weight was about 218 lbs. Day of surgery I weighted 199 and today I weight 195.
  7. I got banded on 3-26-10 and surgery went very well. I have a lot of pressure in my epigastric area, which is expected. My only problem is that I'm having a little difficulty breathing. I feel like I have shortness of breath. When I'm trying to talk for a while I'm gapsing for air.:smilielol5: I've also notice that when I'm breath in deeply, it's really not that deep. So has anyone gone through this? If so how long did it last?
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    2 days post-op

    Hey I'm two days post op too. Hope u r doing well. I've been having issues with gas too. I'm taking gasX now but it's not working like I wish it would. My major problem is breathing. I feel like I have shortness of breath for some reason. I hope it goes away soon because it's really unconfortable.
  9. :thumbup:I finally had surgery yesterday. I've waited almost 3 yrs to have this surgery. Now that I have done it, I ask God to see me through. I hope I continue to do well. My life have changed forever.
  10. Some people will never, I mean never ever know what it feels like to go through a weight gain/ loss cycle. To them, you never did enough effort. To them, you are a person who is lazy, eat to much and doesn't have any self control. So don't be angry about her commit because she has no clue. No one know you more than yourself so keep doing what's good for you. Don't keep telling people about what you think is good for yourself. I'm 30 years old now and I've wanted the band since I was 25. My ex-boyfriend made me feel bad about wanting to have the surgery. He felt just like that girl at your job. He has the body type that never needs to workout and always stay fit. So for year I was killing myself at the gym and feeling bad for myself because I just never could keep the weight off. I finally find out that I have a hormonal problem (PCOS) which affects my weight and having children. So guess what? Five years later with one less issue in my life (X- boyfriend) and a lot to look forward to. I'm having my band surgery on 3/26/10 and I can't wait. So do whats right for you. Good Luck.
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    I'm at work

    From the album: This is me Regine

  12. is the doctor Choi? Because I'm in the process of having the surgery.

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