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  1. MellBell

    I'm looking into this...

    WOW this is so expensive. One office quoted me at 20,000+ () for self pay. I really want this to get done! If you know of a good surgeon in Fl that takes out of town clients please let me know I live near south FL. I just want to be happy :thumbup: Mell :@
  2. MellBell

    -34.5 lbs :)

    what a difference!
  3. you look awesome already.... you can see a difference believe me
  4. MellBell

    205lbs AFTER... compared to the last picture

    you look pretty at 240 & @ 205... congrats on the weight loss
  5. MellBell


    Love the makeup...how do you do it?
  6. MellBell


    wow what a difference... congrats
  7. MellBell

    My motivation lol

    yeah i figure if i look at it enough with my face on that body then i can get it done... lets see how it works...
  8. MellBell

    Motivation LOL

  9. MellBell

    Portofino July 2010 - 205 lbs

    What a difference already in your face... i hope you had a great vaca...
  10. MellBell

    july 27,2010

    wow what a difference... your looking great
  11. you look awesome... congrats
  12. MellBell

    love the new hair (205)

    You look great... congrats
  13. MellBell

    this is a pic of me at 267

    looking at u i see myself
  14. MellBell


    thanks lizzy.... i feel cute most days... cant wait to see how i would look small.... ur pretty cute too lol
  15. MellBell

    @ disney with my baby on my birthday... i love him

    thank you.... i love him he is so supportive all the time.... but in the pic all i see is my arms and ass lol one day they will go down... he doesnt complain though so thats good
  16. Im looking for information on Dr. Manuel Joseph Ramírez Kubicek im planning on going to DR. and get the lap band done on August 26 buti cant find any information on the doctor. Can someone please direct me in the right direction. thanks Mell
  17. MellBell

    Easy way out???

    Am i taking the easy way out by getting this done? i know that people that are not banded will say that i can do it on my own but are they right??? i dont think i can do this on my own but when i see others loosing it without the band it makes me think is this the right choice?
  18. MellBell

    My Lap Band has Slipped

    wow im so sorry to hear that this happen to you...
  19. MellBell

    New Years 2009...69 lbs gone!!!

    WOW! your picture makes me want to get this more & more.... you look awesome! congrats
  20. MellBell

    Easy way out???

    i go on sat. for my free consult... the only people that know im getting this done is my sister and my bf... plus all you guys... i dont want my family to know bc they will judge & talk sh*t if they dont see a drastic change... so i will keep it to myself(+2).... I WANT TO GET THIS SO BAD... $$$ is an issue bc i have to pay for it out of pocket & its an expense that i dont need right now but i really want it.... the other issue im having is i have a hiatal hernia & most people have problems with it... so idk lets see what happens sat... thanks for all the comments i really appreciate it

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