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    before and mid point :)

    this is me the morning of my operation and the mid way is one year and 5 months later
  2. arizonafrog

    jacks Me And Nel

    From the album: before and mid point :)

    I am in the MIDDLE YEAY
  3. arizonafrog


    From the album: before and mid point :)

  4. arizonafrog


    From the album: before and mid point :)

  5. arizonafrog

    me in may

    From the album: before and mid point :)

  6. arizonafrog


  7. arizonafrog


    From the album: before and mid point :)

  8. arizonafrog


    From the album: before and mid point :)

  9. arizonafrog


    Its not just you I have been trying to get on for days now
  10. hey hunn was wanting to let you know all of us go threw ups and downs and emotional hurdles with the band if you ever need to talk i am here to listen, also i would suggest a counsiler or something :)

  11. I miss ya Wynn I have called your number and its disc how are ya call me my number is the same :)

  12. YOu look awesome :) i am so inspired by you could you please help me please give me some direction and some advise please :) I am down 200 lbs i have about another 100 lbs to loose and am at a standstill gaind 11lbs after an unfill for an egd stayed unfilled for a month HELP

  13. Hi i will start off by saying I was 497lbs and am down 203 lbs :blushing: in 19months. I went in to weigh in and saw one of the doctors who didnt even req me well when he was told who i was he started to jump up and down and was all happy and watery eyed. He said i made his work so worth what he does, he also said he was gonna go back to the other doc's that he consulted w/prior to my banding who told him it would not work and tell them to KISS his A$$ lol. So i would not listen its posable and i am proof and i have proven so many wrong :couch2: Good Luck to ya hunn
  14. dab Hi I have lost about 172 lbs i am 19 months out and i am falling off the wagon i think :( i need some help. the morning of banding i was 497 and pre op i was 532 and lost some weight on pre op diet :) but i am slowing down and dont want to please help me please :)

  15. I need some advice I am down 170lbs after banding i started off at 497 the morning of now i am 344 i think i am stalling out can you give me some tips or advice please :) thanks. by the way you look great :) insperation

  16. thanks so much for my picture message its a great boost considering i still cant see it :) have a great one hunn

  17. arizonafrog

    me an my sweetheart may

    thanks sooo much its good to hear from other ppl cuz i still dont see it
  18. arizonafrog

    Severe vomiting

    Ok I too have had this issue this issue, but the crazy part is my last fill was a year ago aug 2009 i have lost 2003 since being banded well since my last fill i would say a good 140 of that. Well with in the last 3 weeks i too have been waking up vomiting and the only time i have acit reflux is if i eat sweets. Well i also have gotten so tight that if i eat solid food it comes right back up. Note: there is no pain at all. I am worried but doc said if i dont have pain and can eat some foods in slow pace and can drink shakes he is not worried. I am setting up a EGD this week just to make sure but I am also gonna do a unfil just for lil bit. I am scared too though how bout you all???
  19. arizonafrog

    Periods making me Tight

    Hi i have a delema, a week before my period i am so tight i sometimes cant even keep food down, and it last up to 3 days after my period. I dont know what to do. Anyone else dealing with this. Help i can you use any suggestions all but getting an unfill. I have lost 200 lbs in 19months and have 80 more to go. I just feel bad that i dont eat during this time.
  20. Hi hunny i missed ya where are ya

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