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    4 weeks post op

    From the album: Lapband revision to RNY

    Down 15lbs. 4 weeks post op. Lapband to RNY

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  2. Pouchify

    Lapband revision to RNY

    Surgery Date January 10, 2023
  3. Pouchify

    Sams Club Bariatric buys?

    Oikos triple zero yogurt is also great to add to the list.
  4. Pouchify

    Skinny people problems

    When I first got my Lapband and went down to 121lbs, it hurt when I slept as well. All I did was cardio and squats in the gym. My doctor told me it hurt because I needed muscle. So I started lifting and it fixed my problem.
  5. Pouchify

    had surgery yesterday

    Have you tried taking miralax daily to help with the bloating? Lower blood pressure usually is a sign on dehydration. I would try to get more fluids in. It took me 5 days to pass gas, but I burped a lot. I also take gas x twice a day to help.
  6. Hi Lindsey, I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I just did a revision from Lapband to gastric bypass a few weeks ago. I actually am doing a lot better with my pain control. I take 50mg of amitriptyline at bedtime for it. I actually get more sleep now since I did the revision and it helps my symptoms.
  7. I had the revision from Lapband to gastric bypass and I lupus and a few other autoimmune diseases. I can still take my plaquenil. Methotrexate can be switched to injections. It’s better to not swallow anti inflammatory meds because they don’t want it sitting in the digestive system which can cause ulcers. In injection form it’s put into the body and not the stomach.
  8. I just had a revision from Lapband to RYN on January 10th. My surgeon told me I wouldn’t get restriction from the revision. I have to really focus on weighing and measuring my food intake so I don’t gain weight. He said people who had restrictions from their previous surgery do not feel the restriction. I measure my food and I can only tell when the food hits my intestines and I feel full there in my lower belly.
  9. I had my surgery January 10th!!! Congrats to everyone in their journey this month
  10. Hi I had my Lapband for 9 years and just got it taken out. It was stuck to my liver and I had a lot of scarred tissue. I also had a large hiatal hernia the size of an orange they had to fix. It was a very risky and complicated surgery. It took 5 hours to complete it. I did stay 5 days in the hospital because I had so much inflammation and couldn’t get enough fluids down.
  11. Pouchify

    January 10. 2023

    From the album: Lapband revision to RNY

    Goodbye Lapband

    © Man

  12. I just had a revision from a slipped Lapband to gastric bypass Rny. I also had a hernia the size of an orange. My doctor told me that I will not feel restriction at all. I just started my puréed stage and I’m definitely not feeling anything. I’m just measuring my portions and sticking to that. Then after 30 mins of eating I will start my liquids again. It seems to be helping. At least we do get some malabsorption with the small intestines redirected.
  13. Pouchify

    January 2023 Surgery Buddies!

    Hi my surgery date was January 10th as well! Hope all is well so far!

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