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  1. Carramia

    2 years post band trouble

    Hi I just came across this thread and am pleased. I have a similar problem as you guys however I have nothing in my band and lots of stress. I am thinking after doing research that I have Gastritis. I just went and got liquid antiacids to see if that works. I feel as though my stomach is inflamed due to stress. I have no other options since i have nothing in my band and managing stress is not working. I am currently not able to keep anything down. Anyone here had anything work for them yet with Gastritis and the Lap Band?
  2. Carramia

    Stress and my Band

    I have had the band now for a couple of years and things went well for the first couple months until I started to have major stress in my life. Now I have no fluid in my band and have a hard time eating or drinking most days. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestion on making my small stomach from freaking out at stress? Managing my stress just doesn't seem to be an option. Any suggestions would be appriciated.
  3. Carramia

    Stress and the Band

    Thanks everyone I appriciate your advice and support.
  4. Hi, I got banded a few years ago and did great for the first few months then I had some stress in my life and I needed to get the Fluid removed from the band because I couldn't even drink Water. I still am not back to normal with handling stress and the band. Does anyone have any suggestions and how to get back on track? I have gained back now more that I want to and need to get it under control. :wink2: I currently have nothing in my band but still have trouble eating most normal foods. (funny how sweets and chips go down fine but Veggies and fruit not so much). Should I got back to a liquid diet? Thanks!
  5. Carramia

    1 year since surgery

    Hey Lorraine, How is your restriction? Are you eating foods too high in calories? Drinking lots of water? 52lbs in definately great! Just keep it up and maybe change something up it might make the difference.
  6. I have a 4 CC band too and I have it filled with 2cc's and have lots of restriction. I have lost 60lb's in a year.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has good or bad experiences with Omnipaque as the fill? I think I have a slow leak and until I can afford to get it fixed I read about this helping to slow the leak not leak so quickly. I know it's not a fix but it's a temporary one until I can afford the port replacement. Thanks I appriciate anyone that can tell me their experience. I still need to convince my Dr. He already thinks I am nutz! (in a good way) :biggrin:
  8. Carramia

    Beer VS Soda

    I tried Beer shortly after getting the band (because actually I forgot it was carbonated...I know a blond moment) I pretty quickly didn't feel very good. I have not and will not try it again. I have had a couple sips of soda with no problem. I wouldn't dare drink a whole glass though.
  9. Carramia

    200+ Protein Shake Recipes

    Thank you for posting these!! i can't wait to try some of them!
  10. Carramia

    Lap Band CookBook

    hi Leseid what was the name of the 200 protien shake book? I am very interested in that. Thank you
  11. Carramia

    1 year since surgery

    I am in the same situation as most of you. I am coming up to my year surgiversary and I had to hoped to be down closer to my goal. I have 40lb's still to go. I have lost 50 so far. I have a slow leak I think in my port. I lose about 1/2 cc a month so I think that is manageable for now. I am having trouble right now keeping away from sweets. ARRAGGHHH I need to have someone self control I think. That is why I am trying to reconnect her now.
  12. I bought this book, but haven't really used it...but I am having some trouble keeping away from sweets so i need to get back on track. Thank you for reminding me of this book it could be just the thing I need.
  13. I am losing about a 1/2 cc a month so I think I have a slow leak at the port. My Dr. had a hell of a time finding my port, I think the dr that did the surgery put it deeper than some of the other ports. So he did a lot of poking around when he did the fills. So I fgure 1/2 CC a month isn't that bad, I will just go in every 4-6 weeks and get a fill. Luckly my Dr. is good about just sneaking in without an appt to do the fill. So I got tired of all the poking so after a fill I went and got a tattoo on my stomach over my port. It's a hummingbird and the eye of the bird is where the Dr. goes in to fill and unfill. It has worked like a charm! eventually once my scar is completely healed I will get that tattooed to look like a flower. If my leak gets worse I guess I will get it replaced. I have to say as the month goes along my eating habits get worse because I can eat a little more...that part I am working on.
  14. Carramia

    Any wine drinkers out there?

    I drink Wine occasionally but I do notice that you get more affected by it quicker. Just becareful of that.
  15. Carramia

    Dying for coffee!!!!!!!!!

    It has been 6 1/2 months I have lost 60lbs. No I don't eat fast food ocassionally I will steall a fry or two from my daughter, but in general I would stay away; after all that is how most of us got to be heavy. Meat doesn't really work for me and I haven't had bread in 7 months. The salads at fast food places might be ok.
  16. Carramia

    Dying for coffee!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, First congrats! It's a wonderful tool! I drank coffee pretty much right away and still drink it to this day. I would try it and you will know if it bothers you pretty quick. Good luck!
  17. Hi I was banded 5 months ago and have been having trouble keeping food or liquid down. I have had to un-fills and that would help for a bit but then it goes back to bad again. I was thinking and still think that stress has something to do with it. I have 3/4 CC in my band right now and I just don't know if I should take it all out. I don't want to gain weight again, but it sure would be nice to drink Water without throwing it up. I am going to the dr on Tues and I hope to have him x-ray to make sure things haven't slipped. which gosh I hope it hasn't. If it has slipped does anyone know what you have to do to get it fixed? I was going to try and do 10 days of liquid (as much as I can keep down) to give my stomach a rest and maybe that is what is wrong. Any advice, suggestions would be apprciated! Thanks!
  18. Hi everyone and thank you for your advice and concern. I just got back from the Dr. and he x-rayed me and he doesn't think that my band has slipped which is great news!! He took all but a 1/4 cc out and told me to do liquid for 10 days. Then we will see if I am better by then and I will slowly get more liquid put back in if I am feeling good and start to gain again. Good luck everyone else with what is going on with you.
  19. Thanks I think that is a good idea. I will talk to my Dr. about it. I will update on Tuesday. Thank you!
  20. Carramia

    New Year Challenge

    Thank you!! I know I was surprised too. Very Awesome to all of you too!!! :Yawn::thumbup:
  21. Carramia

    New Year Challenge

    Happy New Year fellow bandsters!!! I am happy to report I blew my goal out of the water!! I started 231, my goal was 220 and as of today I am 207!!!! Thanks everyone for this Challenge it was a great inspiration. I can't wait to hear about everyone's sucesses. I hope you all have a wonderful 2009.
  22. Carramia

    New Year Challenge

    Hi All, I am actually at the goal now that I set. I have had some great sucesses the last few weeks. Keep it up everyone, I know these times can be challenging with so many goodies, but remember sometimes just a taste can satisfy! :tongue2:
  23. Hi, I was looking for anyone who has a unexplained tightness to the point of not being able to drink Water without it feeling like knives. I was wondering if this could be stress? coffee? Salt? lack of hydration (I am not very good at drinking water). The last time I had this happen I had some Fluid taken out and it worked for a few weeks. I don't want to take any more out or I won't have any in. :sad_smile: Anyone have any suggestions on making the tightness go away naturally? thanks for anyone's help. I have been banded 3 1/2 months
  24. WOW that is sooooo GREAT!!! Congrats to you. It is very important to Celebrate these goals! Keep it up and let us know because it's inspiring for all of us. :sad_smile:
  25. You are so welcome BellaMosha! Good luck and be well! Say Hi to Dr. Huacuz and Rocio.