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  1. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Another June gal here. I'm down 40 lbs (but that includes the liver shrink). I have 10 lbs to get to my doctor's goal, but 20 to get to where I'd really love to be. I was doing really well until I had a severe sciatica episode Thanksgiving weekend. I've had back issues for 10 years or so, with a few flare-ups, but this was the WORST. The nerve that controls my right leg was pinched and I couldn't use it at all. And unfortunately, I tried to stand on it and ended up falling and messing up my knee. Long story short, I was given a mega-NSAID by urgent care until I got to see the pain doc a few days later. And of course, I took it because I was in too much pain to care. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm able to walk now, but the only exercise I'm doing is PT. So hopefully I won't be tempted to go too far off my eating plan and gain. I've been cheating and eating more carbs than I'm supposed to. It's so hard when you don't feel well. Carbs are my comfort foods. But at least I can only tolerate a small amount of them. Best to all of you!
  2. JustSJ

    BCBS Vitamin Approval

    Wow, that's high! Is your clinic requiring you to take it as a sleeve patient? I've been fine taking a regular sublingual B-12 supplement. Most of the bariatric multivitamins have a lot of extra B vitamins. I use a multi plus the additional sublingual B-12.
  3. I would seek out another surgeon for a second opinion before you give up completely.
  4. If you're on a cruise, I would think breakfast will be easy. You can get scrambled eggs or yogurt at the buffet. But you should be able to pack protein powder in your checked baggage and have that. After a couple of months, I was just about sick of protein shakes, so you might welcome the freedom to eat other stuff! I'm not quite at 5 months and can pretty much eat any meat. Haven't really tried pasta, but have tried a few bites of rice and have had small pieces of pizza with no trouble. And cheese is really easy. I agree with others that you can order grilled meat or fish, lighter sauces, etc. Depends on where in Italy you'll be, but there are lots of dishes that are nowhere near as dense as we make them here in the states.
  5. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Hi everyone. I had my sleeve on June 3rd. My weight loss is slower than many people, but the scale is still moving. I do cheat here and there, so I'm happy with my progress. I am hungry a LOT. Sometimes I attribute it to head hunger, but often it's physical stomach rumbling. Drinking water helps a little bit, but not always and never for very long. That's when my restriction tool saves me. I can only eat a small amount, where in the past, I would have stuffed myself. Still feel like this is one of the best decisions I have ever made!
  6. JustSJ

    No coffee, seriously

    I was allowed to have black coffee or tea on my preop diet. I can't imagine trying to function at work trying to do such a low calorie diet without caffeine! My doctor also allowed one cup per day after surgery.
  7. I'm only 7 weeks post-op but thought I'd chime in. I never had trouble drinking water and was up to my full 64 oz within a week. I have not vomited since the surgery and never had any nausea. My surgeon prescribed a patch to put on the night before and wear for three days. He also gave me oral anti-nausea meds, but I never needed them. I was able to swallow pills after a day or two. I'm 58 and I went back to work (desk job) a week after surgery. I did feel weak and tired for a few weeks, but it was more wanting to get more rest/going to bed a little earlier. I was JUST as (if not more) tired when I was on the pre-surgery diet. My energy level is much better than before surgery at this point! All the best to you!!
  8. JustSJ

    I Never Give Up

    @SeattleLady Where in Texas are you? We have several here in the DFW area.
  9. JustSJ

    Eating too much?

    I’m not quite 6 weeks out and have lost a little over 20 since surgery day (about 27 total), so I still think you’re right on track! I’ve found this the easiest weight loss in my lifetime of dieting. I know it will slow way down soon, but I’m happy to have my new tool!
  10. JustSJ

    Just got my VSG done

    I’m really happy with my decision to use Dr Cribbins. His staff is great too! Hope everything goes well for you!
  11. JustSJ

    Eating too much?

    @Emory I think 44 lbs in a month is terrific! Highly doubtful that you've stretched your sleeve, but you should talk to your surgical team. Have you had any post-op checkups yet?
  12. JustSJ

    Just got my VSG done

    Yes! Yours?
  13. JustSJ

    Just got my VSG done

    Congrats! I'm a Texan whose doctor also used the DaVinci! My recovery as far as the surgery itself was very quick!
  14. JustSJ

    No energy at all!

    I had my sleeve surgery on June 3rd (so almost 3 weeks ago) and am not dizzy anymore, but am still pretty exhausted. The one serving of caffeine I'm allowed to have only helps for a short while. Still SO tired! I had to go back to work after one week, but since I work at a desk job, I thought it would be ok. Now, I'm wondering if I should have taken more leave...
  15. Hi @Lilianagv. I had my gastric sleeve surgery on June 3rd, so am just a little over 2 weeks post-op. I found that after the surgery, thin liquids went down better (kind of still do). I bought the Premier Protein clear isolate premade drinks, got some clear whey protein powder from MyProtein, made jello, and had sugar-free popsicles. Occasionally I had chicken broth. Best of luck! I'm very happy with my decision to have the procedure.
  16. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Ditto here! Only told a few people closest to me. I got a couple of comments about losing weight this week when I went back to work and I said that my Dr. put me on a medically supervised weight loss plan and I've also given up wine for a while. Both are technically true... I don't think it will fail, but I also don't need people in my personal business.
  17. JustSJ

    Surgery tomorrow

    This is exactly me! I always had to battle with my weight but was fairly successful until about 8 years ago. I had my sleeve on June 3rd and hope that this will be the solution for me to keep it to a healthy range for many years to come. The surgery isn't easy, but I'm less than two weeks out and am feeling great. The first 3 days were the hardest for me, mostly because of the gas pain. Hang in there!!
  18. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Hi Catherine. I had surgery on June 3rd. I had a couple of minor complications and had to wait 12 hours before I was allowed to get out of bed and walk. I haven't had nausea at all, but the gas pain was really bad between doses of pain meds (which was only Tylenol with codeine after the first night). I would say to keep up on your meds and try to walk, but also REST. I just focused on getting some water in and resting and now at a little over a week, I feel almost back to normal. Hang in there!
  19. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    I had my surgery June 3rd. Apparently, I lost more blood than average and my BP went way low during the procedure. He also found a blood clot on my spleen. I have no idea what that will mean. I was on bedrest (not allowed to get up at all) for the first day. Finally got to get up to walk and try to pee without a catheter yesterday. My gas pain is pretty bad - probably because I had to wait so long to walk. Today is post-surgery day 2, I guess. The pain is worst when I'm getting up from being seated or lying down. Have only had water so far, but that's all I've been wanting. Been finally passing gas, so that's good.
  20. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Had my surgery yesterday. My BP got really low during the procedure. So got put on bed rest only meaning I couldn’t get up to walk for the gas pain. But that’s pretty much it. Hope to be able to get some walking in today so I can go home this afternoon
  21. I'm in Dallas, but when I was researching surgeons, I came upon a great group in SA. Sage Bariatric. One of their doctors has a YouTube channel and I've really enjoyed his videos. John Pilcher. Not sure if he's connected to your weight loss center. Good luck!
  22. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Sending good thoughts to all of us having our surgery this week! Please keep us posted! I'm scheduled for Thursday and am on clear liquids only today and tomorrow. Shell in Dallas
  23. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Sending you good thoughts. Keep us posted!
  24. JustSJ

    Pineapple weight loss drink

    Was it Smart Pressed Juice Pineapple Chia? I've had that one because of the good prebiotics and fiber. I wouldn't say it's for weight loss necessarily, even though they might claim that.
  25. JustSJ

    June Surgeries

    Luckily I'm one of the later surgeries so I don't have to be there until 9:00 am. Although, that just means I'll be thirsty longer. LOL

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