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  1. I’ve been able to lose weight from diet and exercise, my problem comes with keeping it off. At my lowest weight I got down to 173 and couldn’t lose another pound. But to maintain that weight I had to exercise at least 25 hours a week and eat no more than 1000 calories a day. I kept it off for a few years but eventually gained it back because that’s obviously not sustainable. If I get down to that weight with surgery should I expect to have to do the same things to maintain that weight as I did before surgery? Or will it be easier?
  2. I did keto for a while and it’s really hard the first few weeks but then after you get in ketosis it’s much easier. You can’t have bread at all on keto. The only carbs you should eat are green, non-starchy vegetables, which are easily under 20g of net carbs a day (net carbs=total carbs minus fiber). Focus on meat, cheese, and green vegetables. I lost a good amount of weight with keto but it gave me gallbladder and stomach problems so I had to stop and ended up 20lbs higher than I was before. So I don’t know if I’d recommend it, but that’s how to do it.
  3. I’m scheduled to get my sleeve in a month (yay!) but I’m afraid it’ll worsen my gerd. I’ve heard on here that some people get their hiatal hernias fixed when they get their surgery. Does having a gastric surgery automatically fix the hernia or is it something extra that your doctor has to do? I developed a tiny hiatal hernia over the last year and I’d like to have it fixed with my surgery. My surgeon knows about it but hasn’t mentioned anything regarding fixing it. Should I bring it up beforehand or is it something that gets fixed with surgery anyway?
  4. Thanks! Because of the logistics of the procedure I thought they would have to repair it anyway (in diagrams it looks like they remove the top part of the stomach that would be herniated) but I’ll let him know beforehand that I have one and want it fixed if possible while he’s in there
  5. Circus321

    "Head Hunger"

    Lol I just can’t with you. You’re literally not listening to, considering, or respecting anything anyone else has to say while expecting us to do the same for you and take what you say as fact. That’s “interesting” considering that your “facts” have been proven scientifically and medically wrong. You’re not even on the same page as the people you’re arguing with because you haven’t even tried to understand what they were trying to say. Lol. I’m unfollowing this conversation so don’t bother replying, I won’t see it. But in the future try to remember that as a community where we’re supposed to support one another we have to LISTEN to each other and respect others’ opinions and experiences, even if they contradict ours. You might learn something you didn’t know if you open yourself up to listening to others. Good luck on your journey 👍
  6. Circus321

    "Head Hunger"

    Also I don’t think anybody ever accused you of anything? No need to get defensive lol
  7. Circus321

    "Head Hunger"

    Your body feels actual hunger whether or not you have the actual sensation of being “hungry”. It’s physically impossible for your body to not be hungry and you to lose weight. So I’m not assuming, I’m stating a medical fact lol
  8. Circus321

    "Head Hunger"

    I think she meant that you were assuming that your personal experiences apply to everybody. That might be your experience but not everybody experiences the same things after wls. You will feel both real hunger and head hunger as you’re losing weight, it’s part of the process. Your body has to be hungry in order to consume your fat. She meant that calling any hunger someone experiences on their weight loss journey “head hunger” is frustrating because our bodies are actually hungry too. I understand what you meant about not all calories being equal but even if you’re only eating good calories you’re still experiencing a caloric deficit (which is necessary to lose weight) and will thus feel actual hunger. As well as the head hunger from not eating as much/the same things as you used to. I don’t know why people are so easily offended and wanting to fight on these forums. Maybe it’s because we’re all hungry all the time 😂
  9. Circus321

    Bariatric multivitamin

    Has anyone tried the multivitamin patches?
  10. Any recommendations on good bariatric vitamins for a reasonable price? Or combination of vitamins? Also, any liquid ones you can take right after surgery? Thanks!
  11. Circus321

    Bariatric multivitamin

    Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely get some chewable ones then for after my surgery and then switch to capsules. I have trouble absorbing b-12 regularly and have had to switch to injections during all my pregnancies because I don’t absorb enough from the tablets alone, that’s why I think I’ll have to switch but we’ll see. Thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful and I truly appreciate it! 😊
  12. Circus321

    Bariatric multivitamin

    Thanks that’s really helpful! I was actually looking at the BariactricPal vitamins but some of the reviews said they were big and had a bad taste so I wasn’t sure. I already take B-12 sublingual liquid but I was going to talk to my doctor about switching to injections because they’re better absorbed. Did you have trouble with pills at first? Are the chewable vitamins necessary after surgery or personal preference? Thanks again!
  13. Circus321

    I'm Freezing

    This is very common with rapid weight loss, it means that your body is in starvation mode and trying to conserve energy any way possible. This is actually very common to experience with eating disorders as well, especially anorexia
  14. Circus321

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    March 25th! Just got my new date like an hour ago lol. I’m so excited and nervous
  15. Circus321

    I messed up bad

    I’ve heard that stomach growling is normal after the surgery and does not mean you are hungry. Are you getting your protein in? If you really are hungry protein shakes can help fill you up so you don’t want food as badly. Also distractions are great. Find an interesting tv show, play games with friends/family, go for a walk, read a book, or just take a nap. Keep yourself busy and it’ll be easier to ignore the hunger and not give in and eat food. I am honestly not trying to be mean but I do not know how the doctor approved your surgery when you clearly have a lot of psychological issues with eating that you really should have addressed first. But since you can’t undo it now you need to talk to a psychologist as soon as possible who can help you work through your problems. You can really hurt yourself by eating food that soon after surgery. You can die from doing that. It has happened, that’s why the doctors stress not to eat food that soon. See a therapist, talk to a friend, but please follow the diet from now on so you do not hurt or kill yourself. You did this to be healthy. Good luck sweetheart, I know you can do it
  16. That’s good to know. Even though they can’t legally require a reason for my leave, the company I work for is pretty close knit so it would’ve been weird if I had flat-out refused to give my boss or coworkers an answer. I get the vibe that most people on here have a similar working environment so the problem isn’t legal but social. But it’s good to know the legal aspect too!
  17. I’ve been told that we’re not supposed to drink within 30 minutes before or after a meal after surgery to help prevent accidental overeating and digestion problems. Does soup count as drinking? Like can you have a broth-based soup as a meal or would that cause problems? I know it counts as a liquid for the liquid diet so I assume it’s best to stay away but I’ve never heard anyone mention anything about it afterwards
  18. Thanks for the information. I’ll ask my doctor but it seems like I’ll have to see how my body handles it. I’m not a big soup person anyway but the thought came up so I wanted to ask lol. Thanks!
  19. I totally get what you’re saying. Personally I’d tell them that I found out I had a hormone problem that was prohibiting weight loss so I took steps to fix it and now the healthy diet and exercise routine that I’ve been doing for years is finally helping me lose weight. It’s not a lie, wls does correct hormonal imbalances that prevent us from losing weight and if you’ve already been eating healthy then your diet won’t have changed much (except smaller portions of course). Just a suggestion. I’m sorry they’re like that. It’s awful when people project their own insecurities onto others
  20. Circus321

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    If you don’t like artificial sweeteners maybe go with natural? Adding fresh fruit to your water? They sell defuser water bottles on Amazon for like $10
  21. My surgery was canceled due to weather 😣. I’m trying to get it rescheduled for March 8th but their office has been closed since they cancelled my surgery 2 weeks ago so I can’t reschedule it or ask them any questions. If I can’t get it done March 8th I’ll have to wait until July because of work and I’d hate to have to do that. I’m scared that’s what’ll happen though because that’s barely 2 weeks away from now and I won’t have time to finish the preop diet if they require the 2 week liquid diet like many I’ve seen on here. Anyway... how far in advance did you schedule your surgery? How long did you have to do the preop diet? Thanks!
  22. Circus321

    How long were your preop diets?

    They didn’t give me a preop diet, just “lose as much weight as you can before surgery” and I was supposed to talk with a dietitian 2 weeks before surgery for specifics before and after the surgery but they never called and then cancelled the surgery. So I’m not sure what they’ll want me to do
  23. Circus321

    How long were your preop diets?

    I’m an educator too so I’m in the same position. March 8th is the start of spring break. I don’t want to take sick days so if I don’t get it then I’ll have to wait until summer break :/
  24. I haven’t had surgery yet but I’ve heard on here, other sites, and from my surgeon that hair loss from surgery is usually temporary and it comes back around 12-18 months after surgery when your metabolism stabilizes. It’s different for everyone but you might not even need the transplant! Either way I’d wait at least a year. Good luck!
  25. If you don’t want to tell them about having surgery you could say you had hernia/gallbladder surgery and then started the keto diet? People usually lose weight fast on keto too and it’s a fad right now