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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for plastic surgeons in the Delaware area? Also, for those who had surgery, about how long did it take you to get on the schedule for surgery? Thanks! Terri
  2. Thanks for the response Liza. I should rephrase my question. I had RNY surgery last August. I'm now in the process of looking into skin removal surgeons and was wondering in other people's experiences how long it took to get on a schedule with them. I did find a few that I'm interested in consulting with in MD. Just was wondering if anyone had any experiences with any DE surgeons.
  3. I just got my date! August 9! Hoping insurance gives no issues. T.
  4. TinDE

    Sugar substitute

    I use it and like it. I also just discovered monk fruit.
  5. I lost weight prior to surgery so I use my weight on my first surgery appt - which was my highest weight.
  6. TinDE

    Feeling great, then BAM! Nausea.

    That happens to me too sometimes. I pop the meds and it goes away pretty quickly. I’m probably going to have to refill - just to keep on hand just in case. Happens out of nowhere. Not often. Maybe once every few weeks.
  7. I know logically 2 pounds a week is great! And I know that a few “extra” calories a day isn’t going to make me gain back 70 pounds overnight. But some days I’m just not feeling logical. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. This whole process really screws with your mind. I'm 10 weeks out. This is what goes on in my head constantly. I lost 50 pounds before surgery and "only" 25 since. Woot! I lost 75 pounds total. I'm "only" losing two pounds a week. OMG I'm losing TWO pounds a week!! I don't feel like I look like I lost 70 pounds. Oh wow! My belt went from one notch to 5!! I feel the restriction. I don't feel the restriction. Maybe I'm eating too much and stretched out my pouch. I gained a half pound in one day...must be water. I gained a half pound in one day...I'm going to have to go back to my old clothes! I gained a half pound? I probably look exactly as I did day 1. What if this doesn't work? I ruined my life. I'm so glad I had this surgery. I'd never be able to continue losing weight and keep it off.......and repeat.
  9. I'm 59 and had RNY in August. No major issues to speak of. I was pretty sore the first few days and very tired the first two weeks...but everyone has those issues. It's not an "age" thing. Good luck!
  10. I get it!! I had the same thing happen. Went to pull out my boots for the fall. Tried them on and could fit my fist in there. I always wanted to wear a pair of boots that had room between my calf and the boot. Unfortunately the ones I have don't stay up....but it was pretty exciting!!!
  11. I'm just 2 months postop. I lost about 50 pounds preop. Since surgery, I've lost 24. I've been losing basically around 2 pounds a week. My dr office said that by 6 weeks they like to see 15-25 pounds....so I'm right in the middle there. But I get your frustration. I knew that losing weight beforehand would give me a slower weight loss rate -- but it's a "healthy" rate (1-2 pounds per week). AND I look at it as I'm 50 pounds ahead of the game. And if I didn't have the surgery, I probably wouldn't still be losing weight every week AND I most likely would have gained back what I already lost.
  12. I had RNY late in the afternoon on a Monday and went home Tuesday afternoon. I also work a desk job from home but took 2 weeks off, and I'm glad I did. Fatigue was the biggest problem.
  13. I had my bypass about 7 weeks ago. I lost about 50 pounds leading up to surgery and 20 pounds after. I also choose not to tell people I had surgery. Now that it's noticeable, I've had people comment on my weight loss. Most people just say something like "You lost weight! You look great!" However....there are those people that want to know "How much weight did you lose?" I really don't want to give a number - for a lot of reasons. Usually I just say something like "a lot". Just wondering how other people respond to that question. Thanks!
  14. Ohhh!!! I know exactly who is getting this response!!! Thanks!!!
  15. Thanks for your replies!!! I'm pretty sarcastic...so sometimes " a lot" just doesn't give me the satisfaction!!! LOL
  16. From what I read on the boards, it seems like a lot of people have a stall at around 3 weeks so I think that's normal (?)....but I'm sure it's frustrating!!! Just continue to keep up with your proteins and water, etc,
  17. TinDE

    Alcohol after Bypass

    My doc’s rule is six months. I was told it was because they want to make sure your pouch is healed completely and also dehydration is an issue since alcohol is so dehydrating.
  18. TinDE

    First month weight loss

    I lost 16 pounds in the first month also.
  19. OMG I'm 3 weeks post surgery (bypass) and have been having issues with this dry mouth thing too. I've been taking esomeprazole for years and I'm taking much less now so I don't think that has to do with it. I do have Biotene and will use it more often. It's painful! Woke me up a couple of times!
  20. Today I had an A-HA moment. I went to get my hair done and the owner came up to me and said "You lost weight! You look great!!" and I *almost* said...yes I had surgery 2 weeks ago. And I caught myself. I thought *surgery* didn't do this. *I* did this. I've only lost 13 pounds since surgery. I've lost 45+ on my own since January. Actually I don't even know why I would tell her about surgery. I haven't told anyone except my kids LOL. But it was weird that it was the first thing I thought of. But I'm glad I realized it quickly and gave the credit to *myself*. I'm the one doing the hard work. Yay me!
  21. I'm glad your mother-in-law is supportive and willing to help you out. Hopefully she can smack some sense into her son while you're in the hospital.
  22. TinDE


    I also had surgery 8/9. I’d like to chew on something other than a popsicle. It’s. Full time job getting liquids and proteins in.
  23. TinDE

    Pre-op is NOT liquids

    I was so allowed food until 24 hours before surgery. A few protein shakes a day and a protein and veg or a lean cuisine type meal twice a day.

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