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  1. Scared me too! Both times were for dehydration. The first time I could’ve just gone to my doctors for fluids but I didn’t know that. The second time I was severely dehydrated and extremely low on potassium causing severe nausea as well. That was a week ago. They also ended up doing a swallow test that showed no issue, which actually made me feel at ease. Since then I’ve been improving my water and protein intake and feeling so much better. Just pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you and you’ll be fine.😎
  2. Haven’t posted on here in awhile. I am finally starting to get my energy back and feel somewhat normal again. I’m happy with my weight loss, made it to onederland, down 56 lbs in 9.5 weeks. NSV- I had to reset my saved seat position in my car, I can fit in my upgraded wedding ring again after it being too tight for the past five years, Had to tighten my berks since my feet have narrowed, and of course the extreme bagginess of most of my clothes. Still struggling with water and protein, two trips to the emergency room and a hospital stay later and I’m working harder on my water. 😀 Glad to see so many of you doing great!
  3. This is what I feel right now and I know my feelings will change once things get to a new normal. I am 9 weeks post op, I’ve lost 55 lbs so far, I have not had any stalls, and I researched the pros/cons of surgery for months before surgery. I know numerous people IRL who have had the surgery 1, 3, 5, 7, & 10 years ago and none of them regret it. But if I knew how my recovery would be, I would not have had the surgery. I have had other health issues arise because of certain issues that come with surgery and have been in some type of pain for the past 5 weeks! I’ve had to take off from work many mornings or afternoons due to not being able to handle the pain in my office. I can feel myself becoming healthier and I know that in a few weeks/months I will have overcome this other issue but for now I do regret my surgery. Keep in mind I’ve also had to be treated for severe dehydration twice in the past month, so that has also contributed to my current thought process. Good luck with your journey! I’m sure you will make the right choice for you!
  4. Lici


    I have only told a few people. I didn’t plan on telling anyone at work but we have lots of work lunches and I had a rougher recovery than I thought I would. Plus I had only started my job a month before I had surgery. I thought it looked bad with me needing additional time off. I will say those I did tell at work have been extremely supportive and nice. What surprised me was the one friend I did tell had lots of unsupportive questions like aren’t you gonna have lots of excess skin, do you think you’ll keep it off bc I know someone who gained all their weight back, etc.... So I think you should tell who you want, as little or as much as you want!
  5. I also had a very difficult time getting my water and protein in after the first couple weeks. I tried and tried but couldn’t seem to get close. Because of that I’ve gotten severely dehydrated twice now. I’ve gone to the emergency room for fluids once around the 5 week mark and was admitted this week and got out of the hospital Friday. They’ve done bloodwork, a ct scan, a barium swallow, and of course more blood work. The results showed I was low in vitamin d after my first time getting fluids. This past time I was extremely low in potassium. I don’t know if this info helps but it is what was giving me issues. I suffered from extreme nausea, dizziness, lethargy, and an inability to focus. I’ll be 9 weeks post op Tuesday and this is the best I’ve felt since surgery after being pumped with fluids, vitamins, and potassium! Hopefully you will get some answers soon and start feeling better.
  6. I could’ve written this post. On soups and broths I was good with one ounce but when it comes to the chicken (boars head everroast shaved) I can only do about 0.8 ounces. Still not making it to the 64 ounces of water but getting closer. Glad to hear you are doing well.
  7. @MaybeMeow glad you are doing better. Jealous you’ve gotten to eat an egg and cottage cheese! I’m going to see my surgeon tomorrow so hopefully he’ll move me to that phase. Keep up the great recovery!
  8. Lici


    Hi all. I had my surgery on the 9th. I’ve been doing pretty good, no nausea and no issues with getting in my liquids. I only spent one night in the hospital which was nice since my hubby couldn’t spend the night due to current restrictions. Like others posted, I miss food. Especially salads. I went back to work yesterday since I was feeling so good but it ended up wearing me out. Can’t wait to be cleared for other food options bc I’m sick of broth and jello. I don’t love protein shakes so I add the protein to my water and broth. Down over 11 lbs from surgery day weight so I’m happy with those results so far.
  9. @MaybeMeow So glad you are doing better and home. I know that makes a huge difference. Sorry to hear you had a tough time. Hoping the worst is behind you!
  10. Hey @MaybeMeow how did your surgery go? Hope you are having a great recovery. I Got out of the hospital this afternoon and feel great.
  11. Right, it was crazy. But I’m really grateful because I didn’t have time to worry.
  12. So glad I’m not alone, I got out of the hospital today. I was worried something was wrong. My recovery has been amazing and the only way I knew I’d had surgery was my stomach is sore.
  13. I lost 10 lbs in 9 days. My surgery date was last minute and I didn’t get to do the whole 2 weeks. Nice jump start though.
  14. @MaybeMeowSending positive thoughts and vibes your way. SUPER excited and at peace for surgery tomorrow. I’ve been doing my last minute stuff too and making sure I’ve got everything. Add in some YouTube videos for a little more of what to expect. Honestly I can’t believe surgery is tomorrow. Looking forward to being on the losers bench with you!
  15. Lici

    Covid Test!

    I had my test yesterday and my nose is still hurting. I woke up this morning with a runny nose and sneezed numerous times. Went to put my glasses on and realized how sore my nose is. Not sure what the lady did to me but she got a good sample!
  16. @MaybeMeow I’m excited to have a surgery twin! I’ve kept my surgery a secret from everyone but my hubby, my kids, and my mom. So finding this forum has been great! @Groovymommy That stinks about not being to have the surgery Monday!
  17. I’m also having my bypass on the 9th! Found out on May 28th that insurance had approved my surgery and my surgeons office had already scheduled it! So I got one last meal and started my pre-op diet. Had bloodwork and the covid test today. My hospital bag is packed, I’m taking two hospital gowns with me, slippers, biotene spray, listerine strips, colgate wisps, crystal light, chapstick, a couple protein shakes , baby wipes, and facial wipes. So I feel really prepared and ready. So glad to see others having this procedure around the same time!

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