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  1. kg2519

    Need a good LIE

    I’ve lost a bunch of weight before and I just told them diet and I was training for a goal.
  2. kg2519

    Need a good LIE

    I just took a vacation. Going back tomorrow, and it’ll be difficult, but luckily I’ll be able to gauge my activity since I’ll have a bunch of emails and paperwork to catch up on.
  3. I am in the same boat. It has eased up a bit. I tried a new protein drink and I try to keep moving to get everything down
  4. kg2519

    February Surgery ?

    On day three!!
  5. I’m about to start pre op Did anyone else make some food choices before they started there’s?
  6. I binged after every nutritional appointment (6months). It wasn’t until I stopped going that I actually lost a few lbs.
  7. kg2519

    28 F wanting to make friends/possibly more.

    Always open to making new friends around my age
  8. kg2519

    Pre-op Not Dating until Post

    I’m going the same route. I want to feel comfortable with myself before I bring someone else into my life
  9. kg2519

    240lbs down and still single

    I’ve always wanted to do one of those but have been scared for many reason lol.
  10. kg2519

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    I know! I’m almost 2 years in due to changing programs and being indecisive I will be having my surgery the 19 th of February. I start pre op TOMORROW! Yikes lol
  11. Awe well today is my last day before, but everything is prepped and ready to go for tomorrow
  12. kg2519

    February Surgery ?

    I’m scheduled for February 19th
  13. Yes, I start pre op on February 6th My doctor has me doing 2 weeks very clean no carbs and small portions, thank god! But I was just like hmmm steak lol!
  14. My doctor just has us do a clean eating diet for pre op … I was shocked!
  15. Hi All, I am 25, and will be getting my sleeve in a month. What I am most worried about is my mental state afterward, and finding things to do when I can't eat. What are some new things that you have tried since your surgery?
  16. Yea, I guess I will feel more open to trying new things. @JessLess was 9/23/19 your surgery date?

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