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  1. So I am 10 weeks post vsg and have had a massive headache for the last two days. Any suggestions on something that is safe to take to help? I have tried multiple essential oils but it’s not helping. Thanks in advance!!
  2. DanieHall

    Holy pistachios Batman!!!

    Also like the fact that I am forced to tame a break between nuts because of having to shell them so I can’t eat them super fast. Yay!
  3. I’m at 6 weeks and we are on vacation...stopped twice to eat yesterday and let me just say it sucked! Only because I couldn’t eat much and I was terrified of getting something then having a stomachache or dumping or something and we were driving 8+ hours so stopping immediately wasn’t a super convenient option. Luckily the eggs and couple of bites of whole wheat toast for breakfast went fine and the appetizer garlic chicken for lunch caused no issues. Whew! Lol. It’s a learning process and probably the hardest is not ordering something to drink since I can’t have liquids with my meal.
  4. So I am scheduled for gastric sleeve on Monday (woo hoo!), and am curious how others handle eating out when you get past the liquid and puréed foods stages. What do you eat? Do people drive you nuts by trying to make you eat more? Can you “hide” that you aren’t eating tons so other don’t ask nosey questions? Just wondering - thanks in advance!!
  5. DanieHall

    Eating out or at others homes...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I super appreciate your reply it so hits home and helps me! How are things going for you with your surgery? I have almost a month out and while I haven’t lost what I consider an awesome amount of weight I just simply feel great - I used to be a huge binge eater and fast food junkie, I could absolutely not pass up French fries no matter how much I wanted to! I would eat massive amounts of unhealthy foods until I felt sick but then would just keep eating. I do not feel that way at ALL now! It’s so refreshing! I took my kid to McDonalds and got him a meal and got some unsweetened iced tea for myself and had absolutely zero desire to order something bad for myself and just went home and had some low fat cottage cheese and went on my merry way. It’s really helped me change my frame of mind and I’m so grateful for that. I was very nervous about eating in restaurants but honestly now I think it’ll be fine and am so happy!! Thanks again!
  6. I had my physician return to work note for 2 weeks. Had surgery Monday and went back the following Monday for a half day and worked a couple of other days the second week partial days then returned full time after 2 weeks. I was seriously exhausted and am on my 3rd week post op and still struggling with being tired but am doing good being back to work. Good luck!
  7. I had the sleeve on Monday and came home last night. I have a massive headache that started in the hospital, the nurses did not seem concerned and just gave me painkillers. It’s still there only worse, I could not sleep a wink last night. Any suggestions what I can do/take to relieve this horrid pain??
  8. Received my date - June 10th! Anyone with the same date that I can be buddies with for support!
  9. I received my date - June 10th!!! I’m excited beyond belief! Anyone that can share what kind of hell I’m required to go through next week for the “pre-surgery” testing? All they said is it will take a few hours and didn’t elaborate.
  10. DanieHall

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Cracking up over everyone with the cats! I am hoping for late May/June for a date. I have my appointment next week to follow up with the surgeon and have completed my 6 month pre-op requirements for my insurance (Blue Care Network). I cannot wait!!! Also, married to an amazing dude, have a cool ass little boy and crazy enough for - I have two black cats - Webster and Edith. Ha ha ha!
  11. DanieHall

    Yup. I regret this.

    Omg I am sooo sorry you are having such a bad experience...have you been able to get an rx for blood pressure and is that the main issue or the whole issue? Not trying to make light of it, just curious and hoping for your sake that it’s the one and hopefully your physician can get it under control. Ugh. I haven’t had surgery yet but just wanted to say I hope your dr. Gets this figured out for you and that you get better super soon. Keep your head up!!
  12. DanieHall

    Rant: MIL is obsessed with people’s weight

    Lol thank you! I’m so sorry your mother is passed though. :(.
  13. DanieHall

    Rant: MIL is obsessed with people’s weight

    Thanks so much it’s bad to say but it makes me feel so much better to hear this from you!!
  14. Hi everyone! I am in the six month pre-op period and have a dr. Appointment this week. I have gained a couple of lbs since my last dr appointment and am curious if his happened to anyone else and what happened...does the six months start over? Do they give you a pass as long as you lose weight the remaining months of the initial six months? I’m so extremely disappointed in myself and have had a stressful month (not an excuse I know)...this is just stressing me out even more. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance! :)
  15. The insurance company I have requires a monitored 6 month period by your physician before they will perform the surgery. Not all insurance is the same so you may not have this requirement. :)
  16. Wow you look great!! How tall are you?
  17. DanieHall


    Oh my gosh lady you look amazing you should totally be excited and happy!!! Awesome!! :)

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