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  1. Hi, I am ready to begin working out with a personal trainer. I would like to know if I should tell my trainer about my Gastric Sleeve surgery or not?? I'm asking because they will put together a nutrition plan ; yet I don't eat much as it is.
  2. OriginalGaPeach

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Hi...I had surgery October 17th weighing at 384pds. I'm now 325 pds.
  3. OriginalGaPeach

    1 MONTH [emoji173]

    [emoji255] So I'm 46pds. down and I am in shock but grateful!! Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  4. OriginalGaPeach

    Southern Sleevers

    Sorry for the late response..I had foot surgery. But I had an allergic reaction and broke out...thankfully I'm healed, just waiting for my skin to clear.[emoji255] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  5. OriginalGaPeach

    Nausea & Feeling Depleted

    I can't hold anything down. Doesn't matter if it's fluid first, but will see my Doctor again next week. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  6. Hi [emoji2], I am in my 4th week of Postop and I never dealt with nausea the first 2weeks after surgery. So this is frustrating...when I eat or drink something; it may come back up and it's frustrating because I can't truly enjoy solid foods..[emoji13] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  7. OriginalGaPeach

    Nausea & Feeling Depleted

    It has solid foods..but I'm still during puree. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  8. OriginalGaPeach

    Really need support help

    Tell him Thank you for showing his 'True Self' yet again. He has toldvyou before exactly wjat he thinks about you snd your weight...what are You waiting to hear from him??? There's nothing that you can do or try to do to make him acknowledge this decision of surgery. Focus on your surgery and then as you heal...make time to push him out of your life along with the carbs you don't need. He's not supporting you, so why keep him around?? He sounds like people who want to see you fail and that is no longer an option. Focus on yourself, stay Prayed up and stop worrying about him. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  9. Hi, today is my week 2 Post-op!! I'm still feeling light headed if I stand to long, I want to walk more but it's difficult when I have to lay down so quickly after being dizzy. I'm happy most of the time...yet I feel lonely a lot and tired of sitting around the house. Live...Love...Laugh
  10. OriginalGaPeach

    Feeling a bit Low and Alone!

    Thanks, I have my 2week post-op next week. I feel because I'm not taking in enough water maybe the issue. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  11. OriginalGaPeach

    Feeling a bit Low and Alone!

    Water intake is still a bit low. I've graduated from sipping to at least 2 gulps here and there. But then it feels like it's stuck in my chest all day... Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  12. OriginalGaPeach

    Sort of freaking out

    I thought about these things over and over. I enjoy a drink and shots here and there especially while Football is playing...but I can wait 6months or more to introduce those things back to my life. But just knowing that I'm doing this surgery in order to Live a Healthier Life; made these little thoughts go away. I call them little because the bigger scope is getting healthy and not worrying about food....especially because this is what got me here in the first place. You will be fine, I am literally 1week post op and excited about introducing shakes back to my life and etc. So believe me once surgery is over, you won't feel those cravings right away. Thank God and ask him for strength within everything![emoji18] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  13. OriginalGaPeach

    40 something sleevers?

    I'm 40 and had mines October 17th. I admit that I never thought about having surgery until earlier this year. After a horrific 2017, I put on so much weight and I'm happy that I made this decision for the betterment of my life! Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  14. OriginalGaPeach

    Southern Sleevers

    Good morning, I'm from Georgia and I had my sleeve done October 17th. So far I'm doing good, trying to get rid of a rash and starting to actually sip more water than before. Congratulations on your surgery[emoji255] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  15. OriginalGaPeach

    Bad breakup and weight loss

    I truly appreciate your Raw testimony. I am within my 1st week of Post Op, and I needed this.[emoji18] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  16. OriginalGaPeach

    Developed a rash after being sleeved

    Thanks for sharing...I recently had surgery and I'm dealing with the same issue. A different doctor told me the same..take Benadryl. I'll see how I look tomorrow. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  17. OriginalGaPeach

    1 Week Post Op - Rash

    Omg...I have been dealing with this since my surgery 5 days ago. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  18. OriginalGaPeach

    Rash all over my upper body !

    Omg...I'm going through this. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  19. Congratulations[emoji2] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  20. Hi...yes I had mine October 17th. Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  21. OriginalGaPeach

    Most important..

    Hi...I had my Sleeve done on October 17th and just recently I've endured gas pains that are quite annoying. What exactly does heating pads do and where do you put them? Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  22. OriginalGaPeach

    I'm New To This!!

    Oh wow the same day, yes....Gastric Sleeve Twins...lol! Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]
  23. OriginalGaPeach

    I'm New To This!!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post! I'm thrilled to have found this website; I just had my Sleeve done on October 17th. I am thankful that I truly have only had some soreness and gas pains these past few weeks. I am following my doctors rules along with listening to my body for a change.[emoji2] [emoji3] Live...Love...Laugh [emoji3]