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  1. All of mine are similar if not the same as everyone. But another one of mine was Weighting less than my husband (goal achieved 😁😁)
  2. Ginger-Snap

    Experiences with Phentermine?

    I took it prior to the surgery. Major major mood swings (made life with me difficult for others). It worked at first then its effectiveness decreased. Once you stop taking you have to adjust yourself and prepare for having your appetite and cravings come back with a vengeance. I am glad I went ahead with the surgery as it is a better tool in my opinion.
  3. Ginger-Snap

    Slow WL

    I am a slow loser as well. I have hypothyroidism so slow losing is pretty common with me. While I have been disappointed, I have to remember to keep on track. Have I gotten off track? Yes but as long as I correct and gain focus. I know that I (like everyone else) can do this. 😁
  4. Ginger-Snap

    Southern Sleevers

    I agree. I have to be inventive with exercise which is mostly outside. Bright side the trip to the mailbox is at least a good distance. I am lucky to have my kids (especially the two teenage boys) that are very active outside. They inspire me to play ball with them. It is equally good because I tend to be super competitive (can’t let them beat me 😁). But i admit it is easy to give up on a hot humid day, a sudden cold snap/hot snap combo day, or a the weeks worth of rain (like we are having now).
  5. Ginger-Snap

    Southern Sleevers

    Mississippi girl here (South MS). I had my surgery on 9/4. Started off great and slowly got off the path in December. Now having to re-center my focus back on making the right choices and more exercise. Comfort food and good home cooking is so hard to say no to. Another thing I find is if you are in rural areas (I am in a small town) it is hard to find/go to gyms or find fun activities that is not food centered.
  6. Ginger-Snap

    30 second elevator interview

    Hi! I am a 36 year old mother of 4 (3 boys and 1 girl). I have been married for 16 years. I am an accountant. When I get any spare time, I love to create (mostly painting but also up-cycling items). I am a tried and true sports mom (mostly soccer). I am a ginger who loves to have fun and laugh. I am very anti-drama so the only drama I like in my life is tv based. This was a great topic!
  7. Ginger-Snap

    5 things I've learned 5 yrs out

    Love this post!
  8. Ginger-Snap

    Body Temperature

    Is anyone experiencing major fluctuations in body temperature? I am a month post-op and have been noticing that I am always extremely cold. I have always had a bit of a cold intolerance (pre-surgery) as a symptom of my hypothyroidism. But now I find myself bundling up everywhere and it’s not even winter yet. I am thankful I do not live somewhere it snows or I don’t know what I would do. Has anyone experienced this and found a way to overcome?
  9. Ginger-Snap

    Feeling frustrated

    I am right there with you! My plan is 6 weeks post-op liquid diet. Then week 7 is puréed food and then week 8 is soft foods. It is difficult for sure! I am currently 4 week’s post-op. So 2 more weeks left for me at the liquid stage.
  10. Ginger-Snap

    Body Temperature

    @SleeveinIL thank you for the suggestion. I did previously search but apparently used the wrong search words. I was able to find more on the topic. 😁
  11. Ginger-Snap

    Body Temperature

    @SleeveinIL thank you for the suggestion. I did previously search but apparently used the wrong search words. I was able to find more on the topic. 😁
  12. Ginger-Snap

    Family eating your food!

    I am sorry this is happening for you. I experience this with one of my kids. My surgeon’s dietary guidelines has me on a liquid diet for 6 weeks after surgery (3 down 3 to go). My 13 year old got to where he was drinking my protein shakes at night. He was in major trouble and I am lucky my husband is supportive in that respect. I do have to cook different for the family especially right now. Apart from having a major discussion on why you want to save your prepped meals and how his actions are making you feel with your significant other, I am not sure what you could do. Again I am sorry and know that this would be very frustrating. Hopefully it will get better.
  13. Sending well wishes and good luck to all those who are scheduled in October. I am officially two weeks post-op myself. I am excited to read about everyone’s journey and experiences!
  14. I am almost two weeks post-op and today the mental hunger has really gotten to me. I started a pre-op liquid diet for two weeks and am on a liquid diet for six weeks after surgery. While I know that I can not physically tolerate any type of food, it doesn’t stop me from remembering the taste or wanting a bite. I have four kids (15 to 7) and a husband that I have to cook for. I will say my husband has stepped up to cooking and been very understanding, but I still help out. I am proud to say I haven’t cheated pre- or post-op and usually leave while they eat dinner. Does it get any better? What are some things that you do to overcome mental hunger?
  15. Ginger-Snap

    Secret sleevers?

    I can completely identify with everyone on this thread. I have told a few select people, but do not feel the need to broadcast my life to everyone. I know that I will tell people when they ask how I am losing the weight, but I didn’t want a preconceived expectation placed on me before I lose the weight. Being overweight has always been a very hard topic for me to talk about. While I have great respect for those that document their journey, I am very private and can’t imagine documenting my journey to individuals on my social media that are more acquaintances than personal friends. I am very thankful to have joined this group and have really enjoyed learning about everyone’s experiences. These topics have been very helpful and reassuring.
  16. Ginger-Snap

    New to the Forum

    Hey All! I just signed up today after viewing the topics for about a week. I just had my sleeve surgery Tuesday (9/4). I have had several surgeries in the past (C sections, gallbladder, hysterectomy...) so the pain and recovery is expected. I am just surprised at the difficultly I’m having with trying to drink liquids. But I am looking forward to the journey ahead.